Saturday, 2016-07-30

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xfxfmithro: i'm getting absolutely nowhere with flashing the boards again.  i don't know what's different about now than what i did last week.02:34
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xfxfi gig for a couple of hours, have something to do with my son (had intended on letting this record for a few hours while i was out).  if i am doing something wrong above, please let me know.02:35
mithroI don't see any mode switch commands there02:37
mithroDid you look at the wip updated instructions?02:38
xfxfyes. the mode switch commands have *never* worked for me02:40
xfxfcan you point me to exactly what i should do?02:40
xfxfthere are lots of different instructions now02:40
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/ at docs-scripts-update · mithro/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
mithrohdmi2usb-mode-switch --mode=jtag02:43
mithroIf you get an ID which starts with 0x18 when programming02:44
mithroSwitch to serial mode and then back to JTAG and try again02:45
mithroNone of that has changed since LCA02:46
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xfxfmithro: still having issues, but hdmi2usb-mode-switch actually seems to be doing things now.  it wasn't at all the other day and i haven't reinstalled it07:59
xfxfi'll try a few other things now07:59
xfxfright now it's complaining about missing files, i'll try building the gateware again08:00
mithroxfxf: When you say things like that, I really worry about what you are doing08:00
xfxfthis is why i have pasted you exactly what i have done, so you can verify that i'm doing the right thing08:00
xfxfin all fairness, when the official instructions are full of 'FIXME's', it's hard to know what i am meant to do :)08:00
xfxfbut i'm repeating all steps now, but ensuring the opsis is in jtag mode before flashing08:01
mithroxfxf: It will leave JTAG mode after flashing08:01
xfxfyeah i realise, then i use the tool to stick it back into another mode08:01
xfxflike i said the other day, with two boards, that tool did absolutely nothing08:01
xfxfi have no idea why it is now08:01
xfxfi'll go back and install another laptop from scratch later tonight because 'i don't know why this didn't work' concerns me08:02
xfxfhmm, that README mentions jumpers on the opsis, but that they're set properly from factory08:21
xfxfi'm just wondering, maybe some of these opsis's jumpers were messed with @ LCA?08:21
xfxfdo you know what the default positions should be?08:21
xfxfthe issue i was having the other day is all of them were booting up in jtag mode by default, no serial port appeared, and the mode switch tool wasn't working08:22
xfxfi assumed it was a firmware/gateware thing but maybe it's a jumper?08:22
xfxfand it'd be good to know what they should be anyway - even if they're meant to be set properly from factory, i assume the manafacturer still had a human fit the jumpers08:23
xfxfmithro: i'm getting nowhere08:35
mithroxfxf: That doesn't tell me anything that I can help you with08:37
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mithroxfxf: run hdmi2usb-mode-switch with -v08:41
mithroxfxf: You should also setup hdmi2usb-mode-switch so you don't need to run it as root08:42
mithroxfxf: also, type "which openocd"08:43
mithroxfxf: Also - check that your git tree is actually clean08:44
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xfxfgit is clean, this is a completely new clone09:16
xfxf(H2U B=opsis) [email protected]:~/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware$ sudo hdmi2usb-mode-switch -v09:17
xfxfWARNING:root:unbind-helper not found, will have to run as root!09:17
xfxfTraceback (most recent call last):09:17
xfxf  File "/usr/local/bin/hdmi2usb-mode-switch", line 9, in <module>09:17
xfxf    load_entry_point('hdmi2usb.modeswitch==0.0.0+93.gd0eb917', 'console_scripts', 'hdmi2usb-mode-switch')()09:17
xfxf  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/hdmi2usb.modeswitch-0.0.0+93.gd0eb917-py3.5.egg/hdmi2usb/modeswitch/", line 183, in main09:17
xfxf    assert len(found_boards) == 1, found_boards09:17
xfxfAssertionError: []09:17
xfxfugh, sorry, that should have been a pastebin09:17
xfxfthat's after the commands pasted above.  resetting the board, it then doesn't error + tells me it's in jtag mode09:18
xfxfhave no idea what i am doing wrong09:18
xfxfwait, nm, now i flashed it and i'm on on the console09:21
xfxfi literally did the exact same things again on a fresh reset09:21
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mithroxfxf: I mean use "-v" on the commands it will tell you want the tool is trying to do09:34
xfxfyeah, something super funky is going on.  the opsis just hard locked on me again09:34
mithroxfxf: Explain "hard locked"09:35
xfxfand i can't connect to its serial port anymore09:35
xfxfthe video on my HDMI monitor has frozen09:35
xfxfsticking on the last frame09:35
mithroxfxf: What is showing on lsub and the LEDs?09:35
xfxfsingle red led09:35
xfxfBus 002 Device 050: ID 1d50:60b7 OpenMoko, Inc.09:36
xfxfno errors in dmesg09:36
xfxfthis was after 5 minutes of the opsis being on09:36
mithroxfxf: and dmesg09:36
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mithroxfxf: So, if you try and connect to the lm32 it doesn't work?09:37
xfxfjust hangs09:37
xfxf[FLTERM] starting09:37
xfxfif i hit enter, nothing09:37
mithroxfxf: okay, Can you switch the board into serial mode and try connecting again09:38
xfxfdoesn't work09:48
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xfxfi can reset the board, i assume you meant try to do that while it's 'locked up'09:48
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mithroxfxf: for some reason it thinks you have an Atlys board, which might means the wrong fx2 firmware is being loaded09:57
xfxfi don't see how - i've exported the right env variable09:57
xfxfand i have literally reset the device, re-ran the commands, and they worked fine09:57
mithroxfxf: Did you build the fx2 firmware without the env set and then set it?09:58
xfxfthe error may be misleading, will it say that if the device is detected but not responding?09:58
xfxfno, rebuilt everything with the env set09:58
mithroI'm just verifying now09:58
xfxfin any case, i'm using the fx2 firmware right now fine after i reset it and re-flashed09:59
xfxfactually, is the fx2 the serial, the UVC, or both?10:00
xfxfor are one of those the lm32?10:00
mithroxfxf: The fact the FX2 is coming up at 1D50 60B7 means it is confused - an Opsis should come up as a 2A19 544210:00
xfxfhmm okay10:00
mithroxfxf: The fx2 is UVC+Serial10:00
mithroxfxf: The lm32 is not a real device, it is inside the FPGA10:00
xfxfah, right, makes sense10:01
xfxfokay, i'll make clean and rebuild everything10:01
xfxfoh wait10:01
xfxfhdmi2usb-mode-switch is trying to flash its own fx2 firmware when changing the mode to serial10:01
xfxfmaybe that's where it's going wrong?10:01
mithro"flash" and "load" are two different things10:02
xfxfright.  sorry, i mean load10:02
mithro"flash" means to write permanently onto the board10:02
xfxfhow does that tool know which fx2 firmware to flash?  the existing usb id's?10:02
xfxfit appears to flash its own seperate to the one i built10:02
xfxfi'm also going to make clean the built misoc stuff & build again but ensure that env variable is 100% set10:04
mithroxfxf: Yes10:04
xfxfBOARD=opsis make all10:06
xfxfthat should work, yes?10:06
xfxfso i should do what?10:07
mithroxfxf: you need to "export BOARD=opsis" *before* you source setup-env.sh10:07
mithroWell, actually you don't if you are careful, but at the moment we want to be exact and that is the most exact way10:07
xfxfokay, sure10:07
xfxfnew shell, export BOARD=opsis, source'd, then did make clean && make all10:08
xfxfre the hdmi2usb-mode-switch tool, i assume if i want to force it to use a fx2 firmware i've built i just feed it as the appropriate parameter?10:08
mithroxfxf: While it is doing that check what the contents of your "firmware/fx2/"10:08
mithroxfxf: Yes10:09
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mithroxfxf: Great, that is what you want10:09
xfxfokay, will let it build and then will try again10:09
xfxfso to recap, the steps after i have a firmware built, and a brand new reset opsis, is the following:10:10
xfxfhdmi2usb-mode-switch --mode=jtag (if not already in jtag mode), make load-gateware, make load-fx2, make load-lm32, make connect-lm32?10:11
xfxfwith a possible hdmi2usb-mode-switch --mode=serial in there if loading the gateware doesn't switch to that mode (but it should by itself IIRC?)10:12
xfxfi seem to keep doing it in the order where i have serial but no UVC, but i think the above is right10:12
mithroYou don't need the "make load-lm32"10:14
mithroIf the "make load-gateware" fails, then do a "hdmi2usb-mode-switch --mode=serial; sleep 5; hdmi2usb-mode-switch --mode=jtag" and try the "make load-gateware" again10:15
mithroActually - on the Opsis you shouldn't need the "make load-fx2" either10:16
mithroAfter the "make load-gateware" the FPGA should reset the FX2 and make it read the FX2 firmware out of the FPGA10:17
xfxfthat step has never gotten me to a working console (iirc it tries to connect and fails) or with a /dev/videoX device appearing, hence why i do the others10:17
mithro"make flash-gateware" will burn stuff into the FPGA flash permanently (it'll survive a power cycle)10:17
xfxfack, i'll do that after i've confirmed a firmware we want to use10:17
xfxfso from your POV what is required after 'make load-gateware' to get a fully working device?  or that's it?10:19
mithroxfxf: On an Opsis - nothing10:19
mithroxfxf: On an Atlys - "make load-fx2"10:19
mithroxfxf: the "make connect-lm32" is just so you can fiddle with settings and stuff10:20
xfxfright.  i haven't had that happen yet on the opsis.  i'll paste you the output after this builds + i run it if it does the same thing10:20
mithroxfxf: It'll take about 10 seconds for the Opsis to come up after doing a "make load-gateware"10:24
xfxfokay, maybe i'm not being patient enough.  will try10:24
mithroxfxf: Also, you probably want to make sure you don't have ixo-usb-jtag installed anymore10:26
mithroxfxf: As that will install udev rules which makes your opsis go into jtag mode straight away rather then working normally10:27
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xfxfmithro: see above, load-gateware definitely doesn't give me serial or video on its own10:28
mithroxfxf: see my comment about ixo-usb-jtag above - also, I need dmesg before and after make load-gateware - I have no idea when those messages came in compared to the commands you run10:29
xfxfah, right, i installed the udev rules that came with the hdmi2usb-mode-switch tool.  what should i be using?10:29
mithroxfxf: "sudo apt-get remove ixo-usb-jtag; sudo dpkg --purge ixo-usb-jtag"10:30
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mithroThose two lines are the first stage of the FX2 on an Opsis renumerating after the FPGA told it to reboot10:31
xfxfokay.  yes that package was installed10:32
mithroA couple of sends later the 2a19 5440 device should disappear and a 2a19 544210:32
mithroxfxf: It's needed for the Atlys, but we should disable it for the Opsis now the mode-switch tool works okay10:33
mithroactually we could probably remove it now that mode-switch tool works okay....10:33
mithrobut you know, not enough time10:33
mithroI'm going to go get some dinner10:33
xfxfooohhh right10:33
mithrobe back at a computer in 30 minutes but should be on my phone for questions I can answer that way10:34
xfxfokay, now the board doesn't boot up in jtag mode automatically now10:35
xfxfright, this confused the crap out of me, is that package installed during the mode-switch-tool stuff?10:35
xfxfbecause i installed ubuntu on a brand new laptop and then just the mode-switch tool, and every board i plugged in was booting up in jtag by default10:36
xfxfand i never recalled the opsis doing that by default so i wasn't sure what was happening10:36
xfxfah, yes, wonderful - now setting board to jtag, make load-gateware, then make connect-lm32 works out of the box10:37
mithroI'm assuming you didn't set "export BOARD=opsis" before and hence it assumed you wanted it10:39
mithroCarlFK and tumbleweed probably haven't seen it becuase they have mostly been using the pre-built stuff10:40
mithroBtw you can flash/load an opsis/atlys *just* using the hdmi2usb-mode-switch tool10:41
mithroOh, CarlFK mainly uses Atlys boards too...10:41
xfxfack at both of above10:43
xfxfokay, the issue i'm having now is i'm getting nothing from /dev/video110:43
xfxfencoder: 1280x720 @ 0fps (0Mbps) from input0 (q: 85)10:43
xfxfencoder is on10:43
mithroThere is a bug that you get nothing on the video output if you have the serial console connected10:44
mithroBut only the first time10:44
xfxfah, maybe that's it, i had it connected, but i did try connecting multiple times10:44
xfxfunplugged usb, put back in again, now getting video10:44
mithroThat is not what I expected you to do10:45
mithroYou should just close the "make connect-lm32" and then try10:45
mithroOnce video is going you can connect again10:46
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xfxfokay.  i'm capturing video now so i'm going to leave it for a bit and see what happens10:47
xfxfthe 'crash' i seemed to trigger before by trying to connect to the serial port while i was trying to view video10:47
xfxfi'll not do that, but then try that in a hour or two and see what happens10:47
xfxfalso may have been coincidence10:47
xfxfeither way, thankyou, i think i'm far enough now that i can properly start testing10:47
xfxfbah, only if i knew that package was installed / did that10:48
xfxfthat was 90% of what was confusing me10:48
xfxfnow the board is behaving as i expect10:48
mithroback now11:04
xfxfokay, capturing fine still, opsis hasn't locked up11:40
xfxfconnected/disconnected several times to serial port, is fine11:40
xfxfis it possible that package being installed was causing problems?11:41
xfxfa redmere cable connected to another HDMI cable (in this case, the little HDMI box for my Vive) causes a ton of noise, i assume as expected due to longer cable length?11:50
xfxfactually, ick, i get exactly the same lines of noise from my XA20 using a 0.6m redmere cable :/11:51
xfxfi'll record a vid and upload11:58
xfxfokay, mithro, this is concerning12:09
xfxfthat noise i mentioned12:09
xfxfis not there at all12:09
xfxfuntil i connect something to the encoder/video device12:09
xfxfand then it appears12:09
xfxfand then it goes away when i disconnect it again12:09
xfxf(comparing to output0, that is)12:09
mithroxfxf: I don't understand what you are explaining - please tell me exactly what is connected and the settings you are using and what "noise" means - preferrable with screenshots12:11
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xfxfthis noise only starts occurring as soon as something is connected to the encoder.12:20
xfxfit's almost like the opsis is running out of grunt12:20
xfxfi took a video from my phone, uploading to YT now, will be up soon12:20
mithroxfxf: Does that appear on the video output too?12:20
mithroxfxf: Or just the encoder output?12:21
xfxfit shows on both output and the encoder12:21
xfxfvideo i'm uploading now will demonstrate12:21
mithroxfxf: okay12:22
mithroxfxf: If you turn off one output, does the problem go away?12:23
xfxfexpect dodgy mobile phone quality but it should be sufficient to demonstrate12:23
xfxfwill test that12:23
xfxfi recall something like this with the atlys but thought the opsis was more powerful12:23
mithroxfxf: The Opsis is - and its complicated12:24
mithroxfxf: I'm pretty sure those are underflows caused by too much memory contention12:25
mithroxfxf: So....12:26
xfxfit's still there with output1 turned off, but only about half as bad12:27
mithroxfxf: And if you turn off an input?12:27
xfxfless again but still there12:28
xfxfbiggest difference is when i don't have anything connected to encoder or turn it off12:28
mithroxfxf: What is status showing?12:28
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mithroxfxf: Can you restart with just one input, one output and the encoder?12:29
xfxfsure, by restart, you mean power cycle the device?12:29
xfxfbtw this is with two super short redmere cables12:30
xfxfthey're like 0.4m or something, shortest i could buy12:30
xfxfyup, still there12:34
xfxfalthough with just input0/output0/encoder and everything else off it's only slight12:35
xfxfbut still definitely noticable, just not the snowfest in that video12:35
mithroxfxf: Are you sure you aren't seeing two different things?12:35
xfxfdefinitely not, they're the exact same black lines12:35
xfxfif i disconnect the encoder those lines immediately dissapear12:35
mithroxfxf: Okay12:36
mithroxfxf: Well if you have a reproducible test case you can go try and figure out when it started12:36
xfxfokay, any firmware revisions that would be likely to step back to?12:36
mithroxfxf: Do a bisect12:37
xfxfsure, but it's not like i know the internals of this thing well :P12:37
xfxfi'd only be guessing based off variable names / code comments / commit comments12:37
mithroxfxf: A bisect means you choose the oldest version and see if it works -- If it does then you know it was introduced somewhere between those two12:38
mithroxfxf: Then you pick the middle version12:38
mithroxfxf: If the problem is there, then it happened before this version, if the problem isn't, then it started after this version12:38
xfxfack, i get how it's used, it's more what versions i should strategically pick given rebuilding/testing isn't rapid12:39
xfxfbut i'll just step back in ~1 month increments i think12:39
mithroxfxf: you can use the prebuilt firmware12:39
xfxfoh, right, of course12:39
mithroxfxf: Doing a bisect is quicker then stepping randomly, it removes half the possibilities every test12:39
mithroxfxf: assuming that the bug is something which always occurs / always doesn't occur12:42
xfxfwell, it's definitely reproducible right now12:46
xfxfi'm going to try this on the firmware we used at LCA12:46
xfxfi think the board i'm using has that flashed on it already12:46
xfxfyup, it's on there too.12:50
xfxfwe just didn't notice because it's only slight when only input0/output0/encoder, and the encoder on this firmware seems to be set to 75, not 8512:51
xfxfhmm - and according to my gstreamer pipeline which shows fps, with the encoder set to 25, i was only getting ~22fps from input0 until i unplugged input112:52
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xfxfso this looks like the bug has always been there :/12:53
xfxfthen it went back to ~25fps12:53
xfxfirccloud is being screwy, refreshing page12:54
xfxfokay, 'then it went back to ~25fps` should appear below my 'hmm - and' line.  i don't know why that got re-ordered.12:54
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xfxf2mithro: sorry, using a local client, irccloud seems broken12:55
xfxf2did you get the above or was it confusing (it seems to be re-ordering what i'm writing)12:55
xfxf2this seems like a genuine bug that's been there for at least 6-7 months12:56
xfxf2i vaguely recall you pulling back the opsis clock speed or something at the LCA hackfest?12:57
mithroWe were not getting video artifacts on the Opsis at LCA12:58
xfxf2i actually suspect we were, they're just subtle13:01
xfxf2let me go look at a video13:01
xfxf2herm, what room did we use the opsis in again?13:01
mithroxfxf2: There are white underflow errors in the encoding of the video13:02
mithroxfxf2: but we never got them in the video output13:02
xfxf2okay, because i'm staring at them on my monitor right now13:05
xfxf2it may be that they're not as noticable on a projector?13:05
xfxf2that video i uploaded, it's perhaps only 20% as bad as it is in that13:05
xfxf2but still there13:05
xfxf2realistically it sounds like i have to put up with this, although it's suboptimal, and i was intending on using two input's on one of them but i'll can that13:06
xfxf2how can we fix this though, it seems like a genuine bug?13:07
xfxf2is there anything i can test?  again, vaguely recall you changing timing or something during the hackfest13:07
mithroxfxf2: you can try increasing the fifo depth
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/ at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
xfxf2also, should 'flash-gateware' work?  because i get a 'Unknown flash device (ID 0x00818181)'13:10
mithroxfxf2: That is the one you need to mode into serial mode then back to jtag mode13:10
xfxf2also, fifo depth, try 1024 for both inputs?13:10
mithroxfxf2: Also check if you can see them on the Atlys would be a useful test too13:11
xfxf2my atlys is mostly garbage, won't attempt13:11
xfxf2the HDMI ports got damaged during LCA13:13
xfxf2will see if i can get them repaired at some point13:13
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xfxfmithro: nope, with fifo increased to 1024, same issue13:32
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xfxfalso i'm having serious issues reliably getting UVC video13:32
xfxfuntil i unplug and plug back in the USB13:33
xfxfor repeatedly do connect-lm32 and ctrl-c and re-do it again13:33
xfxfand yes, more than once, usually 4-5 times13:33
xfxfunplugging USB and plugging back in works first time tho13:33
mithroxfxf: My guess is that you have modem manager opening the device13:41
xfxf2this is UVC, not the serial port13:42
xfxf2serial connects reliably13:42
mithroxfxf: The video won't start when anything is connected to the serial13:42
xfxf2yes, this is with me ctrl-c'ing the flterm process that opens13:43
xfxf2unless that still keeps open a handle or something13:43
mithroxfxf2: Why is the flterm process opening at all?13:43
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tumbleweedmithro: do we know how to flash atlys boards?15:02
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mithrotumbleweed: Kinda15:03
mithrotumbleweed: we can flash the FPGA15:03
tumbleweedthat'll do15:03
mithrotumbleweed: but flashing the FX2 is a bit dangerous15:03
tumbleweedhow do I do that?15:03
tumbleweedthe FPGA bit15:03
mithrotumbleweed: make flash-gateware or use the hdmi2usb-mode-switch --flash-gateware15:04
tumbleweedthat sounds easy15:04
* tumbleweed tries15:04
tumbleweed(carlfk's odroids don't have a working openocd, so pre-flashed atlys boards will make our lives easier)15:04
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tumbleweedmithro: bin or bit?15:07
mithrotumbleweed: flash .bin, load .bit15:07
mithrotumbleweed: The hdmi2usb-mode-switch tool should stop you doing the wrong thing now15:08
mithrotumbleweed: Have you seen the things that xfxf reported?15:10
xfxfCarlFK: i assume you're using your ingest script for capture?15:11
tumbleweedmithro: what things?15:12
xfxfbecause i recall you talking about a 1 second delay the other day, i think that's in your gstreamer pipeline if you're muxing alsa + hdmi2usb, i'm seeing the same here15:12
tumbleweednot those reliability problems, no15:12
xfxfCarlFK: i also remember thaytan strongly recommending to use pulsesrc, as alsa is just talking to pulse pretending to be alsa15:14
xfxfer, s/as alsa is/as using alsasrc on ubuntu is/15:14
mithrowell bed time for me15:15
xfxftumbleweed: are you using atlys's or opsis's though?  i assume atlys's15:15
xfxfmithro: night, thanks for your help. i'm leaving a machine capturing from input0 overnight15:15
xfxfmithro: i'd like to solve the noise issue if possible before pycon, but with just input0/output0/encoder enabled it's not overly bad.  i strongly suspect that was actually present at LCA, we just didn't look hard enough15:16
mithroYour not going to solve it with 2 weeks out15:18
mithroUnless you have fpga programmers hidden somewhere15:19
mithroIt's probably solved with _florent_ new dram controller15:20
mithroBut that has a week's more work needed before it's even ready for testing15:21
mithroYou should give the heartbeat a go15:25
mithroAnyway, I'm home now, so actually going to sleep15:26
xfxfif we lived with it without noticing for LCA, we can live with it for now15:29
xfxfi guess my only concern is seeing the framerate drop when enabling both inputs - that perhaps might explain some of the sync issues we saw15:29
xfxfi imagine i can work around that with the appropriate gstreamer pipeline, though15:29
xfxfmaybe dropped frames from the hdmi2usb was causing the alsa/pulse muxing to get all whacky15:30
tumbleweedxfxf: atlys15:32
xfxftumbleweed: ah, figures15:32
tumbleweedand yes CarlFK reported something about 1s lag15:32
xfxfis this carlfk's kit or debconf bought a bunch?15:32
xfxfCarlFK: ping me when you're around, i might refactor the ingest script a bit for my use15:33
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tumbleweedmithro: so, one of the atlys boards won't flash17:49
tumbleweedit has Info : JTAG tap: xc6s.tap tap/device found: 0x34008093 (mfg: 0x049 (Xilinx), part: 0x4008, ver: 0x3)17:49
tumbleweedwhere a successful one has Info : JTAG tap: xc6s.tap tap/device found: 0x44008093 (mfg: 0x049 (Xilinx), part: 0x4008, ver: 0x4)17:50
tumbleweedthe next line on the failed one is Error: Unknown flash device (ID 0x00ffffff)17:50
tumbleweed(when you wake up...)17:50
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