Thursday, 2016-07-14

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rohitksingh_workmithro: ping08:21
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danielkinoob here. we received our shiny new Numato Opsis board yesterday15:24
shenkidanielki: cool!15:25
shenkidanielki: have you got it running?15:25
danielkiwell sort of. :) it appears as usb device alright, and hdmi edid seems to work as well15:25
danielkican't see anything being streamed though15:25
danielkiso now I wanted to get going flashing new firmware etc15:26
danielkiand that's where I'm stuck, and I'm a bit confused by the documentation :)15:26
danielkiwhat is the "normal" way to get the fpga bitstream flashed? jtag via fx2 it seems, but the documentation doesn't spell out exactly how (ixo? or altera blaster?)15:27
shenkithat's a good question. i've only ever flashed it as a developer, which involves building the bitstream, the firmware, etc15:28
danielkisure, but I wanted to try with the ready-made bitstreams first15:29
shenkii think these days we use openocd to have the fx2 program the fpga15:29
shenkiyeah. that's a good idea15:29
danielkiok, so that means I need to load openocd firmware into the fx2 first?15:29
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danielkithe getting started docs mention USB-JTAG device ids, but don't tell how to get to that mode :)15:31
shenkisorry, i've not flashed the hardware in a little while. you might be better off waiting until mithro wakes up in about 8 hours15:31
danielkialright, no prob15:31
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danielkiwe are planning to use the opsis for network streaming of hdmi, and it looks like that is part of the firmware still in development, right?15:33
shenkistreaming without a pc? yeah, i think that is still in development15:34
danielkiyeah, ideally without a pc15:34
shenkiagain, that's not my area - mithro or _florent_ will be able to help you out :)15:34
danielkik :)15:34
danielkiI have some fpga experience, not sure though if it will be enough to be of help :)15:36
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shenkigood to hear! we're always happy to have more people contributing15:37
shenkicurrently we're participating in the google summer of code, so a bunch of stduents are hacking on various parts of the system15:38
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shenkiim working with Neuron1k rework the jpeg encoding that happens in the fpga15:38
danielkioh nice15:38
danielkiI'm working at KDAB, a Qt consultancy (i.e. mainly software development). Hardware work is somewhat unusual for us, but I have a bit of a hardware background, sort of.15:41
danielkianyway, calling it a day. I'll be around later, thanks for the welcome, and greetings from Berlin!15:45
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