Monday, 2016-07-11

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mithrosab_123: Please go through all your code and make sure you have spaces after punctuation. This should be on your check list05:02
sab_123mithro, okay.05:03
mithrosab_123: and why am I still finding other formatting issues in your CLs?05:11
sab_123mithro, I really dont know. I ran them through the tool.05:12
sab_123mithro, maybe I have to reset the flags05:12
mithrosab_123: I want you to do the following05:13
mithrosab_123: write a check list of everything I have mentioned05:13
mithrosab_123: before you ask me to look at any pull request, go through the check list and make sure that everything passes05:13
mithrosab_123: and then you do it *again* every time you make a change to the pull request05:14
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CarlFK  Adam Dymitruk     ‏@adymitruk                     30m30 minutes ago                                                   Best part of #DotNetFringe is the video crew! @cfkarsten cc @jupitersignal @ChrisLAS @Kernellinux #runslinux20:12
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