Sunday, 2016-07-10

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sab_123mithro, ping04:04
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xfxfmithro: what's the advised way now to flash firmware / use the serial console on an opsis?  your modeswitch tool/repo?11:11
xfxfi've pulled it down and installed it but fuzzy on how to use it11:12
xfxfthe official site has broken links btw, i.e. when i click on that tool11:14
xfxfmithro: actually could we tee up a couple of hours some night this week for me to go through + setup everything with you?  things look like they've changed a bit, i don't want to be making silly misassumptions11:24
xfxfinstalling both mode-switch and misoc-firmware11:25
xfxfNumato Opsis in 'jtag' mode at /dev/bus/usb/002/03112:40
xfxfi assume they're supposed to boot up in 'serial'?  (don't have any serial device showing, this is 2x opsis's)12:40
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xfxftrying to use tool to change state or load gateware/fx2 firmware is doing nothing12:59
xfxfi'll give up tonight, ping me when around13:00
jeai'm interested to know that as well13:16
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