Tuesday, 2016-06-28

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CarlFKmobydikc: git pull - there is now ./ingest.py --host cnt1 --video-source png --video-arg "location=sc1204a.png"00:52
cr1901_modernJust putting my thoughts out there: I wonder if a DCM could replace at least one of the PLLs... it doesn't look like ANY of them are being used to lock onto a signal of unknown frequency00:58
CarlFKmobydikc: warning.. we changed a bit.. like blackmagichdmi is now blackmagic and it auto detects hdmi/sdi and mode or you can force it with  --video-arg "mode=18"01:11
CarlFKgit commit -am "move all the gst attributes into -attribs."  And break everyone's scripts02:17
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CarlFKthaytan: hello!13:59
thaytanCarlFK, o/14:03
CarlFKthaytan: low priority, but we all like code to be better....14:04
CarlFKCan I get some help with my error handling?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/18002412/  Fatal Python error: PyImport_GetModuleDict: no module dictionary!  and other python error stuff.14:04
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)14:04
CarlFK know what the error is, but I suspect the way my code deals with it isn't right at all14:04
CarlFKhttps://github.com/CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts/blob/master/ingest.py#L261  def on_error(bus, message):14:04
tpbTitle: voctomix-outcasts/ingest.py at master · CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts · GitHub (at github.com)14:04
CarlFKer, wrong line number... https://github.com/CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts/blob/master/ingest.py#L23214:05
tpbTitle: voctomix-outcasts/ingest.py at master · CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts · GitHub (at github.com)14:05
thaytanCarlFK, I'm not sure there is anything you can do with that kind of error other than inform the user so they can file a bug14:07
thaytannot negotiated always means the pipeline is built wrong or needs improving to handle a new case14:07
CarlFKthaytan:  oh, I thought my python code could handle the error better14:08
CarlFKif that's expected/normal... then never mind.14:09
thaytanCarlFK, We've never really figured out a better way to tell apps / you guys where exactly in their pipeline it went wrong14:09
thaytanmostly because the link it failed to negotiate might not be anywhere near the place where the pipeline actually needs fixing14:10
thaytanso it needs an expert system /human to diagnose14:10
CarlFKthaytan: thanks for checking. I'll stop wondering if that can be better14:19
CarlFKthaytan: were you the one that was hacking on the declink plugin at LCA?  (or are you familiar with bugs fixed in the last 6 months?14:20
thaytanCarlFK, with slomo14:20
CarlFKyes.  how can I tell what version of that plugin is shipped with ubuntu xenial?14:21
CarlFK(or on my installed system.14:21
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ gst-inspect-1.0 decklinkvideosrc | grep Ver14:23
CarlFK  Version                  1.8.114:23
CarlFKdo you know if that has the fixes the sync problem that I think  was fixed at lca ?14:24
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