Sunday, 2016-06-26

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CarlFKim off - bb in 2 hours00:29
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sab_123mithro, Hi01:44
CarlFKmobydikc: im home.  hi sab_12303:10
sab_123Hi CarlFK03:11
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mobydikcCarlFK: I still only get bouncy ball. no hdmi monitor to test06:53
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CarlFKmobydikc:  then you didn't do: --video-source blackmagichdm07:09
CarlFKxfxf: I have
tpbTitle: Blackmagic Design (at
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CarlFKon ubuntu xenial (16.04)  ...  decklink depends on libmng1; however:   Package libmng1 is not installed.07:38
CarlFKxfxf: any idea how to install decklink?07:39
ssk1328mithro: ping! I have pushed changes in all the five things I am working on currently.08:20
ssk1328mithro: Please review them.08:20
ssk1328mithro: After incorporating suggestions from _florent_, and some more changes heartbeat works perfectly without any glitch.08:21
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mithrossk1328: great!10:30
mithrossk1328: record a little video and post it10:30
mithroI'll look at merging tomorrow or later tonight10:30
ssk1328Video here! The camera is pointing at bottom right corner of my screen.
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CarlFKxfxf: nevermind - I was trying to install the wrong thing.15:33
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mobydikcCarlFK: Ok, I'm gonna figure this thing out today18:46
CarlFKmobydikc: good timing... did I give you that little camera too?18:46
mobydikcMaybe it's in the box of cables18:46
CarlFKmobydikc: take a quick look - I thought I had it here, I need a camera source to test the box I am making right now18:48
mobydikcI don't have it18:50
CarlFKk.  I didn't think so.  I think my couch ate it.  or maybe it is in wess's van18:50
mobydikcI did a git pull in vocto-outcasts18:53
mobydikcit errored, saying there are local changes in ingest.py18:53
mobydikcI'll make a copy of it18:53
CarlFKgit checkout ingest.py18:54
CarlFKthat will blow away the local changes18:54
mobydikcnow it says something about would be overwritten by merge18:56
mobydikcIsn't there like a force, or maybe I should just get a clean clone18:57
mobydikcok, I just moved that file and it worked18:58
CarlFKthat works18:58
mobydikcso here's what I've tried so far18:58
mobydikccd dvsmon18:59
mobydikcclick voctocore, then voctogui18:59
mobydikcnow go to shell, gst-master19:00
mobydikccd ~/vocto-outcasts19:00
mobydikc./ --video-source blackmagichdmi19:01
mobydikcthat says starting pipeline, playing19:01
mobydikcI think it was erroring on that yesterday19:01
mobydikcbut the camera feed doesn't show up in voctogui yet19:01
CarlFKmy camera?19:02
CarlFKcamera's lcd showing something ?19:02
mobydikcIt says "P-PAUSE" in the display19:02
mobydikcYes, the LCD is showing what the camera sees (IE, the lens cap is not on)19:03
mobydikcif I click ingest in dvsmon, the previous ./ errors with a broken pipe, and I get the bouncy ball19:04
CarlFKsec.. let me go out to my garrage and get a tripod so I can setup a similar camera19:04
mobydikcalthough this time the bouncy ball window has text in it19:04
mobydikcif I run blackmagichdmi again the bouncy ball goes away, but still just a black screen19:06  --video-source blackmagichdmi works whether the camera is plugged into the hdmi capture port or not19:08
CarlFKtext is new - I just added that last night19:13
CarlFKI have a camera setup. now to find an hdmi cable...19:13
mobydikcI have a 15" VgA monitor. is there a chance it's just not displaying on my screen?19:23
CarlFKno, if the ball displays in vocto, the whatever you feed it should also display19:26
CarlFK for some fun: ./   --video-source ximage19:26
CarlFKthat will capture the screen you are running it on.  so make a video of making a video.... forever.19:27
CarlFKI now have a camera hooked up19:27
CarlFKconfirmed it is outputting 720p19:29
mobydikcthe ximage thing works for me19:33
CarlFKneat isn't it? :P19:34
CarlFKthere are 3 720 ... choices...19:35
CarlFK[email protected]:~/voctomix-outcasts$ gst-inspect-1.0 decklinkvideosrc19:35
CarlFKBOOM!! tons of stuff...19:35
CarlFK                           (17): 720p50           - HD720 50p19:36
CarlFK                           (18): 720p5994         - HD720 59.94p19:36
CarlFK                           (19): 720p60           - HD720 60p19:36
CarlFKthose are the interesting ones19:36
CarlFKthis cam seems to want 1819:36
CarlFKyour's may too19:36
CarlFKum.. hang on.. I boke my ... someting19:38
CarlFK[email protected]:~/voctomix-outcasts$ ./ingest.py19:38
CarlFK    from . import _gi_gst19:38
CarlFKImportError: cannot import name '_gi_gst'19:38
CarlFKnew box, just setup gst-master.. I think I need another step or two to hook it up to my python libs...19:39
mobydikcWhere is the 17, 18 or 19 set?19:41
mobydikcon the upside, I see that the audio is working19:42
CarlFK  --video-arg VIDEO_ARG19:42
CarlFK                        misc video arg for gst whatever19:42
CarlFKtry  --video-arg 1819:43
mobydikcin the command?19:43
CarlFKthat's my "um.. maybe I need to tweek this thing that i hard coded before.. what to call it..19:43
mobydikcthat did it19:44
CarlFKgreat.. now fix my box :p19:45
mobydikcCan I use a dv camera with this ?19:54
mobydikcthis box appears to have firewire ports19:56
CarlFKA) we did hook it up.. and used some hacky gst code... that I cut/pasted into the
CarlFKb) xfxf said something about sync issues19:56
CarlFKbut start with A.. use --help and figure it out.19:57
CarlFKfixed it!!!20:31
CarlFKand maybe I don't need gst-master any more (new version of ubuntu.  maybe...20:32
mobydikcthere's a little lag in the small window and a couple seconds of lag in the large window. Is that normal?20:34
CarlFKcouple seconds  ?  no.20:42
CarlFKin dvsmon, kill the gui, run it again20:43
CarlFKif that fixes the lag, then the problem is in the gui, not the streams/mixer/output to disk20:43
mobydikccool, fixed it20:44
CarlFK"cool" :/20:44
CarlFKbut yeah, nice to isolate that problem to something we can ignore20:45
CarlFK oh hey, this means I can run it from dvsmon...20:52
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