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xfxfCarlFK: what's your current recording setup equipment/software wise?  blackmagic pci-e card + hdmi2usb + voctomix?00:28
xfxfand if so, what ver of ubuntu (and are you running a custom gstreamer?)00:28
CarlFKxfxf: I have been using wily, but will rebuild and test using xenial in the next few days00:35
CarlFKon my wily box, I did have to use gst-master to run the blackmagic capture00:35
CarlFKand vocto did not run under that.. so fun making sure each was using the right gst libs00:36
CarlFKi 'think' everything I use is in
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xfxfright, so same as what we did at LCA then00:36
xfxfis your equipment as i describe above?00:37
xfxfi'm putting boxes together for pycon au00:37
xfxfproblem is i don't want to use a pci-e card if possible, i'd like to move back to laptops00:37
xfxfi've got some newer fast i7 laptops now that have usb3 + expresscard00:37
xfxfideally would use 2x HDMI2USB's but not sure if it'll work OK with my camera00:37
CarlFKyeah.. I am using the card, mainly because I want to use the camera's audio00:37
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xfxfyeah, nod, avoids sync issues00:38
xfxfso pycon au is local to me so using 4x desktops isn't a problem00:38
CarlFKand more complicated setup having audio on it's own hardware00:38
xfxfbut i do others interstate/overseas so i can't use desktops00:38
xfxfblackmagic unfortuantely not an option, their usb option doesn't work well under linux00:38
xfxfi wonder what expresscard options exist00:39
xfxfexpresscard > pci-e would be an option if they weren't so expensive00:39
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CarlFKI plan on getting one of those ...  maybe 2.  just because of what you say00:39
CarlFKer.. so I can do laptop00:39
CarlFKbut dam is that expensive.00:40
CarlFKreally hard to justify.00:40
xfxfyeah those cameras look good00:40
xfxfalso CCC said to use those, not me00:41
xfxfi never have :)  but they sound like a great idea00:41
xfxfi've already invested in a few canon prosumer HD's though, so buying new cameras not an option currently00:41
xfxfUSD$1600 is pretty decent for that camera though tbh00:41
xfxfthe canons i have are about the same00:41
CarlFKthat makes me feel better00:41
CarlFKand what you said about desktops00:41
xfxfstill need a solution that'll work on a laptop though00:44
xfxfmithro: when you get a sec can you ping me with your recommendations for pycon au?  i've poked you a few times, yet to hear back, assume you're busy but need some answers/help00:44
xfxfcurrent 'solution' is SD mixing using dvswitch again.  can't use firewire reliably with voctomix due to the gstreamer firewire stuff being a bit rubbish and falling out of sync00:45
CarlFKxfxf:  for pycon au can't you use desktops and bm pci cards?00:45
xfxfi have another conference in NZ a month after that.  i don't want to setup one thing that i can't use later00:46
xfxfalso i was still having sync issues with blackmagic+hdmi2usb with vocto at LCA00:47
xfxfassume you haven't had any problems?00:47
xfxfsomething must have been fixed upstream00:47
CarlFKor i haven't payed close enough attention00:47
xfxfif you've only been recording 1 hour things you probably won't notice00:48
xfxfit usually happens after 1-3 hours of recording00:48
xfxfaudio starts to drift wildly out of sync00:48
xfxfit usually happens within a 1 hour period too but it'll only be a few frames out, so you won't notice unless you're looking hard at lip sync00:48
xfxfit's inconsistent, too, haven't determined the exact parameters that cause it00:49
xfxfit'll indefinitely happen but how much and when is up in the air00:49
CarlFKfrom what inputs?00:49
xfxfsame as LCA.  remote laptop w/ hdmi2usb, local PC with vocto + blackmagic hdmi card feeding audio+camera00:50
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CarlFKxfxf: I'll start testing the hell out of things in about 12 hours01:16
xfxfcool, good luck!01:17
mithroxfxf: I said we should put together a doc for PyCon AU01:45
mithroFor testing, you should be using head unless I say otherwise01:46
mithroThat is problematic for Atlys boards at the moment01:46
xfxfi'd like to use the Opsis's, if it works for that, I'm happy to give that a go01:47
mithroCarlFK: was able to find when the Atlys stuff broke, so it shouldn't be too hard to solve01:47
mithroBut I was hoping the liteDRAM upgrade that _florent_ had been working on would be finished by now01:48
xfxfis your expectation that we can use the HDMI2USB's for both the camera and the presenter?01:49
xfxfbecause that would be my preferred option, we already own enough01:49
mithroAnd that should properly fix there Atlys problem01:49
mithroSure, if your camera supports 720p output01:50
xfxfyes, it does, but we had the issue with the input on the opsis's and requiring the redmere cable01:50
xfxfand i recall trying a gender changer so i could use a mini hdmi > hdmi + redmere and it didn't work01:50
mithro720p DVI output that is01:51
xfxfit works perfectly on the atlys01:51
xfxfso i assume that's what it does01:51
xfxfnote: i only have one atlys, so that won't work for 4x rooms01:51
mithroIf it works on the Atlys, then it should work on the Opsis01:51
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xfxfi should order some01:51
mithroxfxf: Sound like it01:54
mithroxfxf: I believe DebCamp starts tomorrow01:54
mithroxfxf: I believe they are also going to use vocto and hdmi2usb+blackmagic01:55
mithroxfxf: you should invest in getting an AXIOM sometime01:55
CarlFKmithro: whats AXIOM ?01:56
tpbTitle: AXIOM Overview | apertus° - open source cinema (at
CarlFKand yeah, DC starts 'now' and they are doing 2 rooms dvswitch one room bm card and vocto01:56
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xfxfoh good, more test data02:21
xfxfand yeah, an axiom is on the buy list once funds permit, for sure02:21
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CarlFKodroid c2 ($50 sbc) and  plus some apt-get gstreamer and git clone voctomix-outcasts and I have 2 720p streams going into vocto21:20
CarlFKone gst test pattern, one reading from atlys hdmi2usb21:20
CarlFKiftop shows 654Mb21:23
CarlFKHmm.. no flterm in the repo..21:26
tumbleweedCarlFK: nattie waves from over my shoulder21:28
CarlFKnattie!! /me waves from over the ocean21:29
tumbleweedshe just waved at my monitor21:29
CarlFKhow do I apt-get build-dep flter if it isn't in the repo?21:30
CarlFKor really, how do I get a serial connection from my arm based odroid to the atlys hdmi2usb21:31
CarlFKoh right.. I need vizzini driver thing.  hmm21:51
Neuron1kshenki: Hi, I didn't check IRC for some time21:56
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CarlFKtumbleweed: apt-get build-dep flterm; sudo apt-get build-dep flterm; cd flterm;   what should build me a deb?22:14
tumbleweeddebuild -B22:16
CarlFK-bash: debuild: command not found - I guess that falls outside the scope of build-dep ?22:17
tumbleweedit is, yes22:17
tumbleweeddpkg-buildpackage -B is equivalent22:17
CarlFKwhat package is debuild  in?22:18
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CarlFK[email protected]:~$ flterm --help23:07
CarlFKSerial boot program for MiSoC - v. 2.423:07
CarlFKlets see if this works for fizzy viz driver23:07
CarlFKtumbleweed: um... how do I "install the kernel source for this kernel"
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