Saturday, 2016-06-11

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sab_123mithro, HI04:14
mithrosab_123: can't really talk now04:19
tpbTitle: fx2-ftdi-emulation/bitbang at master · mithro/fx2-ftdi-emulation · GitHub (at
mithroThat is my attempt at writing a bunch of very fast bit banging algorithms04:21
sab_123oh, I dont use algorithms, I use something like this04:22
tpbTitle: fx2lib_serial_uart/soft_uart.c at i2c_interrupts · RacingTornado/fx2lib_serial_uart · GitHub (at
sab_123Thats my first attempt04:23
mithroNote that every instruction counts04:23
sab_123optimized highly04:24
sab_123it is 12 total cycles04:24
sab_123which is about 1us04:24
sab_123for every bit04:24
sab_123right now, still debugging some timing issues, but there is another concern that I have, please let me know when you are free04:25
mithroI think for sending you can get it down to 6 cycles but I might be misremembering04:28
mithroHow fast in kilobits is this by the way?04:30
sab_123mithro, i have introduced 27 cycles of delay04:30
sab_123to get it compatible with 11520004:30
sab_123thats the djnz which you see there04:31
mithroBtw I'm currently walking somewhere, so might disappear any time04:31
sab_123i have another important concern04:31
sab_123the sdcc is generating firmware with __xdata directive which causes the whole program to crash04:31
sab_123without __xdata I run out of DSEG04:32
sab_123and cant write a program04:32
sab_123Have you faced something like this?04:32
mithroYour doing something wrong then04:32
mithroSdcc needs a bunch of extra settings to understand the fx204:32
sab_123ah okay04:33
sab_123I though fx2lib took care of that04:33
sab_123But I will go through the FX2 manual04:33
sab_123and the SDCC manual04:33
mithroYes it does in the make file04:33
sab_123I will debug some more04:33
mithroThere are some settings you can tweak there04:33
mithroTurn on the memory listing stuff04:34
mithroAnd you can see where it is putting everything04:34
mithroYou can also force sdcc to put things in the different segments04:35
sab_123yep, I am reading up on SDCC04:35
mithroBtw what version of sdcc are you using?04:35
mithro3.5 is recommended04:36
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mithroCarlFK: ping?04:36
sab_123I will try to use 3.5 then04:36
mithroMight be worth trying the 3.6 release candidate to04:37
CarlFKmithro: pong04:37
mithroCan you try the new mode switch and the udev rules04:38
mithroI haven't tested on an Atlys recently04:39
mithroI was going to this weekend but it's not looking likely04:39
mithroIt should give you /dev/hdmi2usb/... nodes04:40
mithrosab_123: can you make an example firmware which I can load onto an fx2 and just send "hello world" continually (suitable to be merged into my fx2lib)04:42
CarlFKmithro: sure, I can do that now04:42
mithroI merged the cleanup bench l branch04:47
CarlFKmithro: on the Atlys, do you know which usb port I need for testing?04:50
CarlFKI only have 1 cable handy04:50
CarlFKmithro: and do I keep using the opsis-prod branch?05:03
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sab_123mithro, sorry i was away05:14
sab_123mithro, You want to send Hello World from the FX205:15
sab_123mithro, or to the FX2 from the computer05:15
sab_123or via serial05:15
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Joelwmithro: You've probably seen this already, but just in case you hadn't:
JoelwLive streaming directly to YouTube with one ffmpeg command is pretty nifty.06:07
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mithroJoelw: no, I hadn't see that10:34
mithrosab_123: Out the FX2 pins, no computer or USB involved10:34
sab_123sure mithro10:40
sab_123you can take a look at the latest branch10:41
sab_123it does this right now10:41
tpbTitle: fx2lib_serial_uart/examples/i2c_mpsse at i2c_interrupts · RacingTornado/fx2lib_serial_uart · GitHub (at
sab_123This is the latest one10:41
sab_123Still being developed so please ignore the indenting10:42
mithrosab_123: As I mentioned, I want a pull request which is mergable into my fx2lib10:42
sab_123I will clean everything up10:42
sab_123then submit a pull request10:42
sab_123mithro, is tomorrow okay10:44
mithrosab_123: sure10:44
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Joelwmithro: You should totally check that out, then.13:10
mithroJoelw: I saw the previous one13:10
mithroWill have to buy some and pull apart13:10
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aravind_Hello Mithro19:39
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