Saturday, 2016-05-28

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mithromorning people01:29
shenkihello mithro01:35
mithroshenki: I thought you were catching a flight?01:35
shenkimithro: monday :)01:35
mithrogoing to do some hacking then? :P01:36
shenkipacking, and then hacking, yep01:38
CarlFKmithro: ping - can we talk about tracking firmware versions?02:37
mithroCarlFK: sure02:37
CarlFKthe 699 version worked good enough over 2 days 20+ talks02:38
CarlFKon an Opsis02:38
mithroCarlFK: define "Good enough"02:39
CarlFKmithro:  there was one 4 year old mac that had 10k+ errors, or 0x0 no connection at all02:40
CarlFK10k error values on the WER lines02:40
CarlFKthere was one mac with 2 dp connectors, one on each side.   first side didn't work, they tried the other, it worked.02:41
CarlFKthere was one mac that had 10k error values, I power cycled the Opsis, then it worked just fine.02:42
CarlFKbut 20 talks + 10? lighting talks, no problem.02:43
CarlFKso if someone said "what build should I use?" I would say that one.02:43
CarlFKat a minimum, I would like to tag it wtd (Write the Docs, the name of the show.)  as a reminder or something of what it was used for.02:45
mithroCarlFK: If you think it is suitable enough to be considered what anyone should be using then promote the testing/stable symlinks02:56
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mithroaom: I still only see one snippet from you for last week09:05
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CarlFKmithro:  one of my laptops that normally just works is erroring:22:21
CarlFKdvisampler0: ph: -21  -20  -25 // charsync:111 [4 4 4] // WER:20978 2649934 514022:21
CarlFKI am noticing something.... um... like the Opsis gets confused and a reset / power cycle fixes it22:22
CarlFKI don't know how to reproduce getting it into that state.22:23
CarlFKif I switch from input0 to input1 , no errors22:25
CarlFKok, now getting some errors on input1.  no idea why.22:38

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