Friday, 2016-05-27

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mithrossk1328: so, you got your weekly report?03:14
ssk1328mithro: Not yet, I was planning to do it after today's work.03:45
mithrossk1328: you should write it before our meeting03:45
mithrossk1328: we can then discuss, go through it03:45
mithrossk1328: Google Hangouts03:46
mithrossk1328: or other WebRTC based system03:46
ssk1328mithro: just a minute03:47
mithrossk1328: our meeting isn't for another ~1 hour, so you got plenty of time to write up the progress report03:48
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_florent_hello aom13:29
_florent_aom: are you receiving my private messages?13:31
aomI just add _florent_ into my google calendar.13:31
aomwhich adress?13:32
_florent_on IRC13:32
aomi don't know . how do I know it?13:33
_florent_it probably depends of you IRC client13:34
_florent_can you send me a private message?13:34
_florent_or we can use google hangouts13:34
aomcan i use google hangouts?13:35
_florent_if you have a gmail account yes I think13:35
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