Tuesday, 2016-05-17

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mithrorohitksingh: ping?07:38
mithrorohitksingh_work: ping?07:40
rohitksingh_workmithro: pong! actually i've my personal laptop also right now, that's why both nicks :p07:41
rohitksingh_workjust saw your mail! its very helpful!07:41
mithrorohitksingh_work: I just replied to your DisplayPort email07:41
mithrorohitksingh_work: Do you have a production Numato Opsis board with you and some time to do some debugging on it?07:42
rohitksingh_workmithro: yeah. I do have a opsis production board, but it has non-working ethernet, which shouldn't be problem for Displayport though07:43
mithrorohitksingh_work: Can you load the HDMI2USB firmware onto it and then probe the power supply voltages07:44
mithrotumbleweed was looking at the 3V3 voltage rail on his boards and it is much closer to a 3V0 voltage rail07:44
rohitksingh_workmithro: yeah sure! you just want to measure voltage through mutimeter or want to know of ripples etc on a scope.07:44
rohitksingh_workgot it. I'll measure it07:45
mithrorohitksingh_work: I think the issue is the voltage drop across diode D407:48
mithroIt should be 0.7V07:49
mithroThe other issue could be that the power supply is providing less than 4V07:49
rohitksingh_workyeah. nominal voltage drop across diode should be 0.7v07:49
rohitksingh_workI'll just check it...building the firmware right now07:50
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rohitksingh_workmithro: I'm getting 3.17V on 3V3 lines, 3.45V on 4V0 line and the diode voltage drop hence calculated comes out 0.28V08:24
mithrorohitksingh_work: so, that seems wrong08:25
mithrorohitksingh_work: Anoop was the person who made the changes to that part of the design08:26
rohitksingh_workmithro: yeah. it shouldn't be affected by my input supply which is 9V instead of 12V, right? Switched power supplies have quite large volotage ranges08:26
mithrorohitksingh_work: Shouldn't do, but would be worth checking by supply a proper 12V08:27
rohitksingh_workmithro: Ok. I'll check with that also...08:27
rohitksingh_workmithro: with 12V supply, still 3.18V on 3V3 lines, 3.46V on 4V0 lines, and diode voltage drop again comes out to be 0.28V08:32
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mithrorohitksingh_work: Can you have a chat with Anoop and see if this is expected or not?08:32
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rohitksingh_workmithro: actually he is out on leave since yesterday. will be coming back on 22nd. I'll mail him on this matter though.08:33
mithrorohitksingh_work: you should check what is coming out the DisplayPort supply too08:34
mithrorohitksingh_work: have you got the schematic there?08:35
mithrorohitksingh_work: be back in an hour, dinner08:35
rohitksingh_workmithro:  yeah. I've got the schematic.08:36
rohitksingh_workmithro: Displayport TX is showing 3.35 after diode dropout...and RX is showing 3.29 after Diode dropout...diodes are definitely quite inaccurate here, because same power supply rail is going to all diodes...08:40
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tumbleweedmithro: IIRC the 4V rail was a bit lower than 4V too10:23
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mithro 3.35 and 3.29 are close enough, 3.18V isn't really11:11
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