Monday, 2016-05-16

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shenkimithro: ping13:57
mithrosemi pong13:57
shenkimithro: have you seen the gsoc videos?13:57
shenkiit looks like they make their students create a 10 minute video presentation explaining their projects13:58
shenkithis one is interesting to me as he's using the RPmsg framework13:58
shenkiwhich is the virtio-based code that google created for doing IPC with small processors on Android13:59
shenki(we want to do something simialr on the BMC - we have a m68k that shares the memory space with the ARM that we can use for bitbanging)13:59
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CarlFKinput1:  1024x76821:22
CarlFKoutput0: [email protected] from input121:22
CarlFKinput is coming from a $40 vga->hdmi dongle21:23
CarlFKwondering what it would take to stuff it into 72021:23
CarlFKI am fine just cropping 48 lines off the bottom and adding black bars to the side21:24
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