Thursday, 2016-05-12

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mithrossk1328: ping?07:59
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tumbleweedmithro: so, where do I find such a gateware?10:03
tumbleweedor, can I get a board swapped out...10:03
mithrotumbleweed: Still don't quite know what is wrong with the board yet10:04
tumbleweedI know10:04
mithrotumbleweed: do you have a multimeter?10:04
tumbleweednot on me10:05
tumbleweedI can get at one tonight, if I remember10:05
mithroWell, you'll probably need one for any further debugging10:05
mithrotumbleweed: You can try loading some gateware, but I don't think we'll get very far unless we can figure out what is going on10:06
tumbleweedyou were saying I should load a gateware that puts the pins in quiescent mode10:07
mithrotumbleweed: you can try loading the SPI flash proxy gateware10:07
tumbleweedthat's the gateware I'm asking about10:07
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-mode-switch/bscan_spi_xc6slx45t.bit at opsis-prod · mithro/HDMI2USB-mode-switch · GitHub (at
mithroYou could try loading that and see what happens10:07
mithrotumbleweed: it would be also good to see if you can even just talk to the FPGA via the JTAG interface10:08
tumbleweedprobably can't get to it today, but thanks :)10:09
mithrotumbleweed: first thing to test would be to check that all the power supplies are outputting the right voltages10:09
mithrotumbleweed: You could also try looking at what is happening on the USB bus using wireshark10:11
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mithrossk1328: ping?10:13
mithrotumbleweed: you should attach your jtag cable and check you can read the FPGA's DNA information11:41
mithrotumbleweed: oh, what is the MAC / DNA on the sticker for the board?11:42
mithrotumbleweed: I can look it up in our internal DB and check there wasn't any notes11:42
tumbleweedbefore I can do any of this, I'll have to figure out how to drive the jtag cable...11:42
tumbleweedbut yes, DNA I can give you11:42
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mithro_florent_: ping?12:22
_florent_mithro: wanted to see something?12:28
mithro_florent_: I wanted to chat about liteDRAM12:28
mithro_florent_: but I got distracted by liteVideo :P12:30
tpbTitle: Supported boards / interfaces - Google Sheets (at
_florent_for liteDRAM, idea is to simplify some things, get the DRAM controller working on more board (ie Artix7 has been added), and also provides ports that can have arbitraty width and be asynchronous12:33
_florent_this will simplify the others parts of the design12:33
_florent_and CDC, bus width conversion will be done by the DRAM controller12:33
_florent_also I want to add more tests12:34
mithro_florent_: I ordered an Arty12:34
_florent_ok good12:34
mithro_florent_: yeah, I'm interested in how to test liteDRAM12:34
_florent_I got LiteDRAM working on Arty and Nexys video12:34
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tpbTitle: Create memory performance and error testing solution · Issue #153 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
mithro_florent_: yeah, I saw12:35
_florent_yes I want to work on that12:35
_florent_because on the opsis it was difficult to understand why we got artifacts on the video12:35
mithro_florent_: So, I started thinking about all the hardware I have and was trying to quantify the memory interfaces12:36
_florent_so we first need to stress the dram controller with random generator/checkers12:36
_florent_what do you mean by "quantify the memory interfaces"?12:36
mithro_florent_: understand which boards have what type of DDR, in what sizes, etc12:37
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mithro_florent_: we are still getting random failures of memtest on the Atlys boards12:51
mithro_florent_: on the topic of liteVideo - would having this board -> be useful at all?12:58
tpbTitle: FMC-HDMI: Dual HDMI Input Expansion Card - Digilent (at
mithro_florent_: you also mentioned something about "vga output" ?12:59
mithrobkp: ping?13:12
bkpmithro: pong13:13
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mithrobkp: I didn't actually expect you to respond :P13:16
bkpThanks for reaching out!13:16
mithrobkp: welcome to the IRC channel :)13:16
bkpThanks! Yeah, sorry I have not rolled in with questions yet. The video project is not at the top of this week's priority list.13:17
bkpmithro: Did my earlier email clarify OSAS's goals somewhat?13:18
mithrobkp: let me re-read that email :P13:18
mithrobkp: we can chat any time in the future if you prefer13:19
mithrobkp: the longer you wait, the more my answer to your stuff is going to be "here take this, it does what you want" :)13:20
bkpmithro: Thanks. I guess what I am not sure about is the scope of what *you* are doing/planning.13:20
mithrobkp: long term, I want a (cheap) device I can give to anyone and they are able to record and livestream a user group without any A/V knowledge13:21
bkpmithro: Well, that would certainly do it.13:22
mithrobkp: and get high quality output from that, while also helping to solve many of the major A/V problems user groups always seem to suffer from13:22
mithrobkp: this is our "holy grail" - we are still a long way from that13:22
bkpmithro: In the interim, do you have standard op procedures/documentation to do the same thing with existing equipment?13:23
mithrobkp: kinda13:23
mithrobkp: Every venue is a unique little snow flake, which frequently means what works in many locations won't work in the one you are trying to use it in13:24
bkpmithro: Right13:25
mithrobkp: that is generally solved by having a person who's run into these problems before and knows if you "just do XYZ and the planet's align, it'll work"13:25
bkpmithro: This is why I wanted to take the SOP approach.13:25
mithrobtw what is SOP?13:26
bkpStandard operating procedure.13:26
mithrobkp: The direction we are currently moving towards is trying to "isolate" the venue's equipment from the presenter13:28
bkpmithro: I see13:28
mithrobkp: so we have "presenter ---> our equipment --> venue equipment"13:28
bkpThe hardware replaces the knowledge part of the chain13:28
bkpGot it13:29
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mithrobkp: opps sorry, got distracted replying to a GSoC student14:12
bkpNo worries, been there! :)14:12
mithrobkp: this means we provide a consistent, well tested interface to the presenter's laptop and "we the A/V team" worry about getting the signal into the format needed by what ever the venue needs14:13
bkpmithro: Is this a streaming solution? Recording? Or both?14:15
mithrobkp: The best way I've found to get good recordings is to have a live stream with people watching, that way they complain about things like the audio not working14:16
mithrobkp: free QA team :)14:16
mithrobkp: it's really easy to do something simple like forget to connect the audio14:16
mithrobkp: and your recording is pretty useless then14:17
mithrobkp: eventually I'd hope that the software would detect the lack of audio and provide a huge warning going "no audio signal" - but that has yet to happen14:21
bkpI like the crowdsources approach14:23
mithrobkp: We have also been trying to make the hardware provide the software with more information about what is going on14:23
mithrobkp: IE "Has the presenter sent the wrong size video signal" etc14:24
mithrobkp: to make fixing problems quicker / easier14:25
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mithrobkp: We also do things like only offer a single resolution to the presenter's laptop14:26
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bkpmithro: All of this sounds great. Is there a repo for this somewhere?14:29
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mithrobkp: I'm afraid it's not that simple :)14:29
mithrobkp: Have you been to ?14:30
bkpI have now.14:30
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mithrobkp: See the diagram on that page?14:32
bkpmithro: Yep14:32
mithrobkp: that is roughly how you build a capture / streaming system14:33
mithrobkp: and that is kind of ignoring the "audio" side of things14:35
mithrobkp: have you visited ?14:35
bkpmithro: Not recently.14:37
bkpmithro: But I know I have seen this before.14:37
mithrobkp: there is a picture on the side of that page which shows a bit how you might connect one of the devices up14:37
mithrobkp: this one ->
bkpI see it14:38
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mithrobkp: We have mainly be concentrating on using those boards at conferences for the moment because CarlFK  and DebConf crew14:39
mithroCarlFK does a whole bunch of conference recordings as NextDayVideo14:41
mithroxfxf is hoping to install some of our gear in a venue in Melbourne, Australia to do recordings I believe14:43
FooBarWe're also planning to use them for the dutch NLUUG conferences14:52
FooBarthough I still need to get newer firmware in the boards we have14:52
mithroFooBar: You have Opsis boards?14:52
FooBaryup... from the crowdsupply14:53
FooBar1 for myself, and 3 for nluug :)14:53
FooBarbut we'd like more ;)14:53
mithroFooBar: cool!14:55
mithroFooBar: so, have you gotten yourself some Redmere cables?14:55
FooBarnope... what are those ?14:55
FooBarah... nope... only used short cables so far... and let the venue handle the long stretches to the overhead projectors14:57
FooBarat the office this is done over cat6 utp afaik14:57
mithroFooBar: this is for using with the Opsis?14:59
FooBarnope... only used the regular short cables on the opsis so far..15:00
FooBarhaven't done a 'production' conference yet... only played around with the hardware/software stack a bit15:00
FooBarbut still had some compatiblity issues with our gear15:01
FooBarshould be fixed in current firmware I guess... but we're still running an old firmware on them15:01
FooBarhad some issues upgrading/flashing.... documentation could be better ;P15:02
FooBarbut I have used a 20M hdmi cable (no redmere or whatever, just regular fat hdmi) which worked fine between my laptop and a projector (not yet through an opsis board) ... i'll test that sometime soon ;)15:06
CarlFKFooBar: Redmere cables:
tumbleweedFooBar: the input to the opsis seems to need redmere cables15:06
tumbleweed(or the error-rate on the input signal is non-zero)15:07
CarlFKeven fro a short run from your laptop to the Opsis input15:07
CarlFKmorning tumbleweed15:07
FooBarhmm... I did see some glitches yeah...15:09
FooBarmight order them soonish then ;)15:09
CarlFKFooBar: order them now.  you will want them eventually15:10
CarlFKif you need some distance, I have used this ... kinda - I tested with 10' cables and it worked fine
* tumbleweed bought 10' cables15:11
mithroFooBar: I've been working on understanding the TMDS protocol so I can better understand the errors we are seeing15:12
tpbTitle: Understanding TMDS Encoding - Google Docs (at
CarlFKtumbleweed: your hdmi to the projector at PyConZA inspired me15:14
tumbleweedCarlFK: :)15:14
FooBarnext conference will still be done without opsis though... it's in 2 weeks ;)15:16
CarlFKFooBar: 2 weeks is plenty of time15:17
FooBarNope... as I haven't gotten my camera to get image on the opsis yet...15:18
CarlFKassuming you order the cable now15:18
FooBaronly my laptop mini-dp output so far15:18
FooBarand there is no local supplier here15:18
CarlFKwhere are you located ?15:18
tumbleweedwe found the cameras we had all had interlaced output15:18
tumbleweedwhich the opsis wasn't handling, yet15:18
FooBartumbleweed: that might be it yeah15:18
tumbleweed(also, no audio)15:18
CarlFKoh yeah, cameras may not do 720p like you hope / need15:18
tumbleweed(IIRC from mucking around befre LCA)15:19
tumbleweedthe camera also only did 1080i, not 720p15:19
FooBarso far we've been doing all the recordings just analog ;)15:19
FooBarfirewire / dv-video15:19
CarlFKget cables, swap the twinpact for the opsis - it will be better15:20
mithroFooBar: you use DV switch?15:21
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mithrorohitksingh: Did that email make sense?15:30
rohitksinghmithro: I skimmed it while walking back from definitely made the targets much clearer. Re-reading it in few minutes15:34
mithrorohitksingh: okay15:45
mithro_florent_: well, I got as much detail into that spreadsheet as possible, now I'm heading to bed15:47
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FooBarmithro: I tried... but couldn't get it running without crashing in debian 7 or 817:13
mithroFooBar: so what are you using?17:13
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FooBarmithro: just dvgrab, single camera... and some postprocessing in kdenlive17:31
FooBarplan with de hdmi2usb stuff is doing 2 feeds, cam and projector-output17:32
FooBarsimple, but effective... results: and https://hackerhotel.sigio.nl17:33
tpbTitle: Index of / (at
CarlFKdvgrab was crashing?17:51
CarlFKi have to run, but I suggest you try this:17:52
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts (at
CarlFK"You should see the gui with 2 bouncing ball test feeds. It is also saving to foo.ts"17:53
CarlFK if yo ucan get that going, I think I can help you get the camera and twinpact / opsis working17:53
CarlFKbut later.  I have to run/17:53
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