Wednesday, 2016-05-11

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mithrotumbleweed: you need a JTAG programmer03:19
mithroshenki: ping?03:38
mithroshenki: How do I write pure C code unit tests? I assume I want something from ccan?03:39
shenkimithro: yeah. there are no good answers to this question03:40
shenkimithro: well, you just write code :) there's no libraires that are the obvious go to solution03:40
mithrodamn, I was hoping ccan had something like gtest - I just want something where I can do a bunch of asserts and it collects  prints nice output03:41
mithroshenki: Just asked the question in #ccan03:41
shenkii've known people to use gtest when testing c03:42
shenkibut i wouldn't suggest it03:42
mithroLooks like the "tap" module in CCAN might be good enough....03:42
shenkii was going to suggest tap
shenkimithro: what are you working on?03:44
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ssk1328mithro: ping?05:33
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mithrossk1328: pong09:51
ssk1328mithro, We have things to discuss09:51
ssk1328Are you free right now?09:52
mithroYes, I've been meaning to reply to your email09:53
ssk1328I am looking forward to it, I had mentioned most of my queries in that mail itself09:54
ssk1328mithro: We also need to find a slot for weekly meetings?10:12
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mithrossk1328: I've replied to your emails10:24
ssk1328mithro: Got it10:26
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tijashenki: catchup?11:11
mithrossk1328: any further questions?11:26
shenkitija: thanks for joining11:32
shenkiNeuron1k: nice to meet you11:32
Neuron1kshenki: nice to meet you too :)11:33
Neuron1ktija: and you :)11:33
tijaSame here11:33
shenkitija: have you written much migen?11:34
tijashenki: Not much.11:35
shenkiwe will all learn together11:35
tijaWhat about the session florent was going to take?11:37
shenkigood question11:53
Neuron1kshenki: I was searching how is student carnival week in english, because I heard that you called it organisation week, and suddenly I got the joke11:53
shenkiNeuron1k: haha, sorry. i said "Orientation Week"11:54
shenkithat would be a funny name for it tho11:54
shenkiNeuron1k: o-week is the abbreviation commonly used11:55
Neuron1kshenki: ok, orientation week seems legit, I will remember now11:57
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mithro_florent_ / shenki:
tpbTitle: GitHub - mithro/tmds_encoding: TMDS encoding tools (at
mithro_florent_: That code could form the basis of HDMI input / output for the verilator simulation13:01
tumbleweedolasd: did we find a version that should work13:10
tumbleweedmithro: do you know what version was flashed before shipping?13:11
mithrotumbleweed: yes, olasd was able to flash that13:11
* tumbleweed is in an electrical engineering deperartment, seeing if anyone has the right JTAG programmer13:11
olasdI don't think I have flashed an fx2 actually13:12
tumbleweedapparently we have a cypress dev kit with a programmer13:12
tumbleweedso, which build was the good one?13:12
olasdin the prebuilt firmware repo I have git bisect good c4646dd6ad5ac3be4edb05f08d5f72aa2fcba8d513:12
tumbleweedwhich image is the fx2 one?13:14
mithrotumbleweed: the problem you were having is that the FX2 didn't enumerate on a board, right?13:15
tumbleweedwell, didn't accept addresses13:15
tumbleweedso, how do we flash the fx2?13:17
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mithroYou don't13:17
tumbleweedso what should we be doing?13:17
mithroThe only thing you flash on an Opsis is the FPGA13:18
mithroThe fx2 firmware is stored in the FPGA firmware13:19
tumbleweedso, the problem could be on the fpga13:19
mithrotumbleweed: so the computer sees a device but it doesn't seem to respond correctly?13:20
olasdmithro: yes13:20
tumbleweedso, we should try re-flashing the ROM13:20
tumbleweedso, I have a digilent HS1 here13:21
mithroAnd you move the reset and SDA jumpers and then power cycled and it still didn't accept an address?13:22
mithroSo you want to program the FPGA with a blank firmware and all the pins in high impedance mode13:23
mithroThe fx2 should then come up in unconfigured13:24
tumbleweedwhere do I find such a thing?13:24
* tumbleweed shall borrow the progremmer then13:28
tumbleweedbut I'll need help with making a blank fimware13:28
mithroBut I don't know why the fx2 isn't coming up without having to do that13:32
mithroBtw I assume you tried a different USB cable and power supply?13:34
olasdyes :)13:36
mithrotumbleweed: can you get me the current jumper configuration you have?13:43
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tumbleweedmithro: sorry, was driving14:05
* tumbleweed looks14:05
* tumbleweed hopes mithro is awake14:05
mithroI need to head to bed14:05
tumbleweedthis timezone is particularly difficult for talking to you14:06
tumbleweedK3 2-314:06
tumbleweedK2 1-214:07
tumbleweedK1 ADDR2-VCC14:07
tumbleweedP18 closed14:07
CarlFKtumbleweed: mithro  hello... jumpers?14:07
CarlFKlet me get mine and I'll compare14:08
CarlFKalso I think xfxf has one still in the box, un opened, so no fiddeling14:08
tumbleweedI think this state is the state they came in14:10
tumbleweedwe put it back to this, before leaving vienna14:10
CarlFKoh, you have 3 of them, right ?14:14
mithrotumbleweed: so, remove P18 and put K3 on 1-214:20
mithrotumbleweed: power the board off for 30 seconds (all the LEDs should go off) then power it on, then connect the USB14:21
tumbleweedit's powered off right now14:22
tumbleweedI mean, made those jumper changes while it was unpowered14:23
mithrotumbleweed: okay14:24
tumbleweed[13392.503414] usb 2-2: device not accepting address 20, error -7114:25
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mithrotumbleweed: can you check the voltage level on pin 3 of k3?14:29
tumbleweedmithro: not right now. So, you can go to bed :)14:30
CarlFKrohitksingh: I am going to have 3 of your Atlys boards made  (I am buying 3 Atlys)14:34
CarlFKeverything on your git repo is up to date?14:35
rohitksinghCarlFK: Atlys?14:35
CarlFKrohitksingh: the Diligent dev board14:35
rohitksinghdidn't understand the part "your Atlys boards" :/14:35
CarlFKoh.. right.. the VGA add on board that attaches to the Atlys connector14:36
rohitksinghCarlFK: great, when are you planning on have them made? any expected dates...I'll try to put up some useful firmware by then14:37
CarlFKI need to use them July 14, so I am going to get started this week14:38
rohitksinghok...fabrication will take around 20 days I guess if you start today14:38
rohitksinghCarlFK: you want VGA to HDMI & USB with 720p right?14:39
rohitksinghgot it14:40
tumbleweedCarlFK: how much per board?14:40
CarlFK$50ish (including parts)14:41
tumbleweedand it'll work with current firmware?14:42
CarlFKrohitksingh:  ^^14:43
CarlFKsome time in the near future I hope ;)14:43
rohitksinghtumbleweed: No, slightly modified firmware.14:44
tumbleweedCarlFK: one for me too?14:44
CarlFKtumbleweed: sure - boards some in sets of 3, I wouldn't mind having 4..14:45
CarlFKlocal guy is working on making a Atlys connector to tofe adapter so we can plug it into the Opsis too14:46
tumbleweedin that case, I bet debconf wants 3 :P14:46
tumbleweedbut timelines...14:46
CarlFKI think it is doable14:46
CarlFKrohitksingh: do you have any more of your boards?  (even blank, I'll get the parts and fill them in)14:48
CarlFKtumbleweed: really you/DC want 4 VGA boards and 3 adapters, right?14:49
rohitksinghCarlFK: I have 2 incorrectly-working ones, but not here in Bangalore. They are in my home in Delhi14:49
tumbleweedCarlFK: yeah14:49
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CarlFKtumbleweed: good, that means 9 vga :p14:50
CarlFKtumbleweed: I don't mind covering $200 - it will make up for me making you listen to 2 days of node conf :D14:52
CarlFKrohitksingh: should I use or  ?14:54
tpbTitle: GitHub - rohit91/HDMI2USB-vmodvga: VGA capture expansion board for HDMI2USB (or Digilent Atlys prototype board). (at
rohitksinghboth are almost can use the timvideos one14:56
CarlFKrohitksingh: this is what I send to have a board made right?
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-vmodvga/vgaExp.kicad_pcb at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-vmodvga · GitHub (at
rohitksinghyou need to send the gerbers to the fab house/assembly house15:17
rohitksinghthe file you linked is a kicad pcb can create gerbers from it, or you can use the gerbers from the repo itself15:17
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-vmodvga/board/gerber at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-vmodvga · GitHub (at
rohitksinghyep these ones...complete folder15:18
CarlFKI am using (because a friend work there) I think they can take kicad files15:19
rohitksinghdrew fustini iirc15:22
rohitksinghyou can use oshpark15:23
CarlFKrohitksingh: what's your email?  I'll cc you15:24
olasdah, batchpcb merged into this, interesting15:25
rohitksinghits [email protected]15:25
CarlFKtumbleweed: are you doing anything with the Opsis now?  or should I unplug and put mine away before I step in it15:46
tumbleweedCarlFK: I am not right now15:50
tumbleweed(I'm at a friend's, drinking beer)15:50
tumbleweed(which is why I had no multimeter)15:50
CarlFKtumbleweed: no worries - enjoy the beer, and friends!16:05
tumbleweeddid I take you to my friend Mark's brewery?16:06
tumbleweedprobably not16:06
tumbleweedanyway, this is his trippel16:06
tumbleweedit's not for lightweights :P16:06
CarlFKI don't think so.16:08
CarlFKjust ordered 9 boards.  kinda.  told Drew I wanted help ordering 9 boards.16:08
tumbleweedit's over an hour's drive away, we probably thought it was too much of a mission16:09
tumbleweed(I'm not there now, just drinking the output)16:09
CarlFK      US $7.2516:11
tpbTitle: HDMI Over 30M RJ45 Cat5e Cat6 (at
CarlFKDC doesn't need it.. just fyi16:12
tumbleweedwe may want some of those16:15
tumbleweednot now16:15
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xfxfCarlFK: so you don't want my Opsis's, going Atlys's instead?23:31
CarlFKxfxf: I think so - I haven't quite pulled that trigger yet23:31
xfxfokay, cool.  i've still got 2 in boxes unopened, but i'll be unavailable from tomorrow until end of month23:32
xfxfthey won't be going anywhere if you change your mind23:33
xfxfafaik the Atlys's have less grunt than the Opsis's?  i remember the Opsis's supporting something the Atlys couldn't do23:33
xfxfoh, that's right, isn't the Atlys restricted with the number of inputs+outputs+encoder you can run at the same time?23:33
xfxfi recall not being able to run 2 inputs + encoder + 2 outputs23:34
CarlFKI do that23:34
CarlFKmayb not at 1080 or something, but 720 is all I want23:34
xfxfi definitely recall it flaking out on me and mithro telling me it wasn't supported, and the Opsis having a higher clock23:34
xfxfyeah everything i do is 720p5023:34
xfxfgood work on recording all your stuff now in HD btw with vocto, are you having any issues, or all is working well?23:35
CarlFKI was using my atlys, encoder, lcd and projector.23:35
xfxfseen watching your chipy videos23:35
xfxfokay, maybe firmware improvement or something?  it def didn't work at one stage23:35
CarlFKthe atlys was flipping out 5 min before the show started23:35
CarlFKlike the projector feed was flashing and not syncing and complete bad.23:36
xfxfi've been using one opsis here with a later firmware for testing at venues23:36
CarlFKI was this close to removing the Atlys and zooming out the camear23:36
CarlFKsuddenly it started working23:36
xfxfwith the redmere cable it has worked consistently first time every time23:36
CarlFKso I didnt' touch it for 8 hours.23:36
CarlFKoh wait..I got distracted..23:37
xfxfCarlFK: ah wait, with your setup, you're only running one input, right, not two?23:37
xfxfbecause that probably explains why the atlys works fine23:37
CarlFKI have a i5 motherboard, hdmi out, into the atlys23:38
CarlFKplus the presenter laptop into the atlys23:38
xfxfright, but are you enabling that first input if you're using vocto?23:38
CarlFKgood q23:38
CarlFKthat might have been my problem23:38
CarlFKI was flipping between them.  at first just the i5 because there was no presenter laptop23:39
xfxfwith vocto/hdmi2usb in its current incarnations you won't ever really want to use two inputs in that sort of setup currently anyway23:39
CarlFKthat didn't always work23:39
xfxfi was hitting it because i was trying to do my ghetto mixing thing with the camera + laptop with HDMI extender plugged into it23:39
CarlFKhere is what to watch out for:23:40
xfxfright.  yeah, that's the issue i hit - it only sort of work and the atlys started flaking out23:40
xfxfdisable one of the inputs or outputs and it works perfectly23:40
CarlFKsome sort of atlys config causes the mpeg stream to mess up vocto such that the client that is saving data stops saving data after like 140 frames23:41
CarlFKthat was scary23:41
CarlFKI hope I can recreate that soon23:43
CarlFKI also hope we can get some sort of release procedure for the firmware - I was using some random revision because a tumbleweed said the current one didn't work and someone else did some git bisec and found one that did23:44

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