Tuesday, 2016-05-10

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shenkiNeuron1k: many open source mailing lists frown on the use of non-plaintext email00:06
shenkiNeuron1k: i think we're a bit special, but my preference is for plain text unless there's a good reason not to00:06
shenki(we're a bit special in the sense that mithro likes sending pretty html mail full of links and large headings)00:07
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sab_123mithro, ping07:01
mithrosab_123: I don't really have time to respond at the moment07:02
sab_123mithro, okay no problems07:02
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shenkimithro: hello11:42
mithrostill trying to catch up on things11:45
tpbTitle: LibreCores (at librecores.org)11:48
shenkiwhenever i see libre in that context i read it as lib-re-11:57
shenkisomeone is reverse engineering office?!11:57
shenkimithro: did you see the ESA (space agency) has a summer of code?!11:57
tpbTitle: SOCIS 2016 | ESA Summer of Code in Space 2016 (at sophia.estec.esa.int)11:58
shenkirad-hardened hdmi2usb for recording martian video, kgo11:58
mithroI think that is a bit of a stretch.....11:58
mithroEven for me :P11:58
shenkimithro: i think i'll be in sydney for the day on the 13th of July11:59
shenkimithro: will you be around?12:00
mithroI'm not planning on going anywhere12:00
shenkii might even fly over on the sunday night12:00
shenkihave to decide12:00
mithroshenki: well, happy to have you around whenever. Are you planning on doing something or?12:35
shenkimithro: i'm in brisbane from the friday before for a wedding12:36
shenkimithro: my family are flying home on the monday morning12:36
shenkimithro: and im going to spend the working week in canberra12:36
mithro13th of July looks to be a Wednesday?12:37
mithroDid you mean 13th June?12:37
mithro13th is the Queen's Birthday apparently?12:38
shenkiwe should... do whatever one does on the queens birthday12:38
shenkinot work?12:38
shenkimithro: im an arm soc maintainer! arnd just pulled my patches12:39
mithroIt's apparently a public holiday...12:41
mithrowell, the TimVideos project has finally made it, we are getting spam on the mailing list :P12:47
shenkimithro: are you moderating it? i didn't recieve any12:50
mithroyes, I am12:50
mithroGoogle groups detects them as spam and sends it to the moderation queue12:50
shenkiwow, google groups does something useful!?12:51
shenkimithro: so summer of code12:51
shenkimithro: are we still bonding? or has it started for reals?12:52
mithroshenki: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=gsoc+timeline12:53
tpbTitle: Let me google that for you (at lmgtfy.com)12:53
mithro23 May - Students begin coding for their Google Summer of Code projects; Google begins issuing initial student payments provided tax forms are on file and students are in good standing with their communities.12:54
shenkiwow. the bonding period is a long time12:56
shenkiwhat should our goals be during this time?12:56
shenkiaside from get them set up with all the stuff from the intro emial12:56
mithroshenki: Take a read of the GSoC email I sent and the one Google sent12:57
mithroolasd: do you still have an Opsis board with you?12:58
olasdI wouldn't have had time to do stuff with it before DebCamp anyway12:59
mithroWell, I need to head home12:59
mithrobe back tomorrow12:59
shenkimithro: yeah, we've done those things13:01
mithroshenki: great! So your student has a calendar with milestones and stuff in it?13:02
shenkimithro: yeah13:03
shenkimithro: he's got his board running the firmware13:03
shenkimithro: made a blog post, etc13:03
mithroSo what does his timeline say he should be doing? :P13:04
shenki"bonding period"13:05
shenkimithro: ok, so there's nothing im missing then. that's good13:06
CarlFKthe guy that is looking at porting Rohit's vga to Opsis asked "can I make an adapter to plug the exiting vga board into the pci slot" ?13:07
mithroHis timeline should have something more detailed than just bonding period13:08
mithroCarlFK: sure, doing that is on my "things we want to do" list13:09
shenkimithro: i guess that's what im asking13:09
shenkimithro: what are we supposed to be doing now?13:09
shenkimithro: should we start the project?13:09
mithroThe VHDCI connectors are reasonably expensive13:10
shenkimithro: the offical line is "no". but in practice, what do we do?13:10
mithroDid you see the "Community Bonding Period Update* email from the gsoc admins?13:11
shenkinup. html mail > /dev/null13:12
shenkireading it now13:12
CarlFKmithro: even better.  any tips for him, like should all the lines the kept the same length, or are some (like power?) doesn't matter?13:12
mithroYou should be reading all the emails they send you. Part of the job with being a mentor.13:13
mithroI'm pretty sure I sent through the details of what they needed to be?13:14
mithroThis is the same person that emailed me right?13:14
* shenki assumes you're talking to CarlFK now13:14
mithroshenki: the last two messages, yes13:15
mithroI'm currently walking home13:15
mithroCarlFK: I can send through the details again if you want.13:17
mithroCarlFK: it's the Andrew guy right?13:38
CarlFKmithro: yes13:39
mithroCarlFK: sent13:45
mithroNow I really must head to bed13:45
CarlFKmithro: perfect!  thanks.  good night!13:47
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tumbleweedmithro: gonna need some help some time with debugging that opsis21:16
tumbleweedolasd: did we figure out if JTAG programming the FX2 via another board's FX2 should be feasable?21:16
olasdI don't know whether the fx2 is jtag-programmable; I got confused in the middle of things21:17
tumbleweedif it isn't jtag-programmable, then presumably we're up shit-creek, right?21:17
olasdit must be programmable out of band somehow21:19
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