Monday, 2016-05-09

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shenkiNeuron1k: ping11:06
Neuron1k@shenki, pong11:38
ssk1328mithro: ping11:41
ssk1328Does anyone on this channel know how to procure Opsis boards for GSoC students in India?11:42
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shenkiNeuron1k: hey12:17
shenkiNeuron1k: i think we just missed out first meeting :)12:18
Neuron1kshenki: it could be, but I have some time now, also I have time on Wednesday12:31
shenkiNeuron1k: im a bit tired12:47
shenkiNeuron1k: i just sent out three pull requests to the arm kernel mailing list with the wrong subject12:47
shenkiNeuron1k: lets do it on wednesday. same time?12:47
Neuron1kshenki: same time, maybe +/- 15 min, I will have my laptop with me at university12:53
shenkiNeuron1k: ok12:53
shenkiNeuron1k: you will be able to a videoconf?12:53
Neuron1kshenki: sure :)12:53
shenki(i'm not sure if we made the at clear - the intent of the meeting is to chat via google hangouts about what you've done, what you're doing, and the roadblocks)12:53
Neuron1kshenki: now we made that clear12:54
shenkiNeuron1k: great :)12:55
shenkiNeuron1k: good work getting the board working12:55
shenkiNeuron1k: what board do you have?12:55
Neuron1kshenki: well, that was easiest part ;) atlys digilent12:56
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mithroI'll be around tomorrow and chat up on things13:39
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shenkimithro: cool14:38
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