Saturday, 2016-04-30

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olasdmithro: on the opsis board, would there be a way to program the fx2 without going through USB?07:35
mithroolasd: what do you mean?07:36
olasdwell, on one of our boards, the USB just doesn't enumerate; I guess it could either be software (fx2 firmware broken) or hardware (fx2 broken)07:38
mithroSo, on boot the FX2 reads the program from the EEPROM07:40
mithrothe EEPROM has a microboot loader which reads the full program from the FPGA07:40
mithroIf it can't load anything from the EEPROM, then it should enumerate as an unconfigured Cypress FX2 device07:41
mithroyou should be able to force this by disconnecting the FX2 from the EEPROM via removing the SDA jumper07:42
olasdso: fx2 loads micro-bootloader from eeprom; which then loads full firmware from fpga07:43
mithroolasd: yes07:43
mithrosome of that page needs to be updated07:44
mithrobecause if turns out the stupid eeprom doesn't actually read the address lines07:45
mithroso we ended up having to write a second stage boot loader and put it in the eeprom07:45
mithrohad to fit it in like 64 bytes too07:46
tpbTitle: GitHub - mithro/fx2-microload: A tiny (less then 80 bytes) boot loader for the Cypress FX2 chip (at
mithroolasd: I was confused at why removing the RST and SDA jumpers didn't cause the FX2 to enumerate as unconfigured07:48
mithroolasd: there is a small chance the FX2 is getting "overpowered" via the FPGA driving all the connected IO pins to zero or something07:49
mithroolasd: you can program the FPGA via the JTAG header07:49
mithroolasd: using a JTAG programmer07:50
olasdokay, yeah07:53
mithroolasd: so is the minidebconf on today/tomorrow?07:53
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tumbleweedanyone have experience getting a raspberry pi to talk to an opsis?08:13
tumbleweedwe got one to boot up in 720p, but the opsis sees 0x008:13
tumbleweedmithro: it is today + tomorrow, yes08:14
tumbleweedand we're videoing some unrelated talks in our room, now08:14
mithrotumbleweed: You have to force the RPi to the right resolution IIRC08:55
mithroI'm hoping to add some code to give you the pixel clock speed (even when out of range)08:56
mithroshould be able to detect pretty much any pixel clock speed08:59
mithrocr1901_modern1: so, about that :P09:01
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tumbleweedanyone feeling gstreamer guru-ish?12:47
* olasd segfaults on tumbleweed12:49
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cr1901_modernmithro: Working on it now. Am currently dealing with PYTHONPATH woes (what else is new?)13:59
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cr1901_modernshenki: ping when you get the chance14:17
cr1901_modernshenki: Nevermind, sorry. Needed to prune branches lol- problem disappeared14:28
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cr1901_modernmithro: Who do you know is currently building HDMI2USB on Windows (besides me)?15:59
cr1901_modernIf nobody, then I definitely found what's probably a logic error of the "Windows does play by POSIX rules" kind15:59
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cr1901_modern_florent_: Does flterm work with recent versions of pyserial on Windows? Getting a "cannot import name console" error17:57
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