Monday, 2016-04-25

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mithroAfternoon people03:12
sab_123mithro, are you free03:41
sab_123I have some questions03:41
mithrosab_123: I may need to run away shortly03:43
sab_123mithro, no problems, I want to clarify a couple of things before I get started03:44
mithrosab_123: sure, you should have gotten an email from me about 20 minutes ago with a bunch of tasks you need to do03:44
sab_123got it03:44
mithroIf you are excited to get going, I recommend getting started on those items :)03:45
mithrosab_123: replied to your email04:38
sab_123mithro, got it05:17
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xfxfmithro: how does one buy an Opsis?  searching on numato's web store for 'opsis' finds nothing07:07
xfxfmithro: i'm trying to find the current replacement value for me to buy more opsis(s) as carlFK wants to buy some of my spares07:08
xfxf& crowdsupply doesn't let me purchase new ones, says 'not available'07:11
xfxfmithro: also i pinged you the other day regarding the 30 day update you promised to backers, we're now beyond that 30 days, can i help?  if there's any lesson i've learnt through business endeavors it's keeping promises of communication is ridiculously important07:13
xfxfeven if that's a 'no update yet re X, will update by Y'07:13
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rohitksingh_worksab_123: Hi!08:03
sab_123rohitksingh_work, hi08:04
sab_123Just curious08:05
sab_123Where are you located in Bangalore?08:05
rohitksingh_worksab_123: In Electronics City Phase 108:05
sab_123Ah , thats kind of far, I am at RT Nagar08:05
sab_123But I can still meet you08:06
rohitksingh_worksab_123: Yeah you are welcome to come & meet anytime you want! :)08:06
sab_123that would be good08:06
sab_123Are you at Numatos office?08:07
rohitksingh_worksab_123: yeah08:07
sab_123Free today?08:07
rohitksingh_workyeah. you wanted to discuss something?08:08
sab_123basically I have some question about what you would like to see at the end of this project08:09
sab_123I want to make sure mithro , you and me are on the same page08:09
rohitksingh_workYeah. we will need to have a proper discussion with mithro in-loop too.08:10
sab_123yes, I agree08:10
rohitksingh_workmithro: ping08:10
sab_123my place is quite a hike from yours08:11
sab_123do you stay at Electronics city too08:11
sab_123rohitksingh_work, can we have a call sometime today08:15
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rohitksingh_worklets check with mithro first, at what time is he available.08:16
rohitksingh_workIf you want to discuss anything else then yeah we can have a call today.08:16
sab_123sure, my only concern was have I understood the scope of the project correctly08:17
sab_123last time I spoke to mithro , I think he thought that I did not understand it completely08:18
sab_123so I just want to get upto speed and make sure I do what is required08:18
rohitksingh_workyeah. lets just wait for mithro's availability then.08:20
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mithroI won't have time to have the discussion today11:15
mithrorohitksingh_work: ^11:15
rohitksingh_workmithro: oh okay. you can inform anytime you would like to discuss on that.11:16
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