Saturday, 2016-04-23

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CarlFKhi sab_12303:22
sab_123hi CarlFK03:22
sab_123My  mentor seems to be rohitksingh03:23
sab_123I was just wondering how to contact him03:23
mithroHi sab_12303:37
sab_123Hello mithro03:37
mithrosab_123: rohitksingh will be your "primary" mentor, obviously I'll be heavily involved with the project too and it's expected that you'll be talking / interacting with the community quite a bit too03:37
sab_123mithro, ah okay03:38
mithroCarlFK: back in Chicago yet?03:38
sab_123mithro, I think Rohit is in the same place that I am located at03:38
CarlFKmithro: not yet.  in about 24 hours03:38
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* nueces come back03:51
mithrohey nueces04:21
mithroI'm just heading out for a bit to grab lunch04:21
nuecesthe say is stating here in the past, GMT-304:24
* mithro is UTC+1004:25
nuecesthe day*, sorry04:53
nuecesmithro, I send the email, now I going to sleep, I hope the email have some sense :)04:54
nuecesis the issue with the non powered hdmi cables fixed?04:55
nuecesI build the the firmware and gateware, but not loaded it to the board04:56
nuecesjust use the serial console to set the settings for the video matrix04:58
nuecesbut then only get a black image, when previously get the patter video04:59
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mithronueces: replying to your email now05:48
mithroxfxf: ping?06:12
mithro_florent_: ping?06:12
mithroshenki: So, you going to have any time to work on the UART stuff this weekend?06:13
mithrocr1901_modern: ping?06:14
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mithroHey tija06:32
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cr1901_modernmithro: pong09:47
mithroDid you see we merged the minispartan stuff?09:48
cr1901_modernNo I did not, that's great :D! I'll get onto purchasing a small HDMI monitor09:48
cr1901_moderni saw that the issue was closed09:48
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mithrocr1901_modern: we don't have both input and output working yet. It requires a bunch of fiddling because the FPGA only has 2 PLLs09:49
cr1901_modernWell, you need one PLL for the clock multiplier, one for input clock recovery, and one for output clock recovery09:50
cr1901_modernif worst comes to worst, could you do an ADPLL?09:50
cr1901_modern(there should be a "?" on that preceding sentene)09:51
mithroYou only really need on for HDMI in and one for generating the other clocks09:53
cr1901_modernSo why does it require so much fiddling then?09:54
mithroBut making a single PLL (and some slave DCMs) generate all the clocks for the system, RAM and HDMI out is semi-painful.09:55
mithroLuckily _florent_ has already made the HDMI output accept external clocking.09:56
cr1901_modernmithro: I haven't done that many projects where FPGA resources were at a premium. I'm guessing that needing to route everything via one PLL and BUFG is reducing the system speed?09:56
mithroNah, it's just figuring out all the multiples and correct values09:57
mithroProbably an afternoons work at most09:58
mithroBut still a pain in the butt :-)09:59
cr1901_modernI theorize that any time PLLs are involved, it'll be a pain in the butt :).09:59
mithroI guess you could put it all into the clocking generator that ISE has and the just use the values it outputs.10:00
cr1901_modernFor systems with more than 2 PLLs... you simply feed the output of one PLL into the input of another to generate a clock multiple?10:01
mithroPretty much10:02
mithroThe PLLs in the Spartan 6 can generate 5 different output frequencies at once10:03
mithroBe back in 15 minutes10:03
cr1901_modernAhhh, (I kinda glazed over the parameters in MiSoC :P)10:03
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cr1901_modernmithro: Do you have a timetable for going to the new MiSoC API?11:01
mithroback now11:16
mithrocr1901_modern: next month or so I think11:16
mithro_florent_ would know how far along he is :)11:16
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cr1901_modernmithro: Looking forward to it! Building SoC's w/ MiSoC has gotten a lot easier since then :D11:43
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