Friday, 2016-04-22

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nuecesHi, somebody know a guide or some resource to start programming for a FPGA? I finally get my opsis at home14:30
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nuecesI did some test with a samsung camera (HMX-Q20
tpbTitle: Specs - High Definition HMX-Q20BN | Samsung Digital Camcorders (at
nuecesbut I could not get the signal only a black image14:33
nuecesreading the news in the site I see a mention to some problem with the firmware and non powered hdmi cables, could be that the reason?14:35
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ssk1328Hi Everyone!21:52
ssk1328Congratulations to students selected in gsoc21:52
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nuecessomebody know this project?
tpbTitle: GitHub - danielkucera/Mixer-gui (at
nuecesmithro, I have a bit of time, and I like to get some mentoring in fpga, so if there is a place for a non student doing work in the context of gsoc o similar project count on me to23:47
nuecesi also have experience with python and some c knowledge23:48
mithronueces: there is plenty!23:48
mithroI'll be around in a couple of hours if you want to discuss things23:48
nuecesmithro, I only need that somebody give a ticket a some direction23:48
nuecescould be other day? I have to go dinner now23:49
nuecesI going to send a mail later to the list with this. o/23:51
mithroI'm around most days23:52
mithroEmail also works23:52
mithronueces: if you can include a little bit on what your want to learn, what your current skills are and how much time you want to spend, that would be good23:56

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