Monday, 2016-04-18

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mithroshenki: Did you get any further in the openocd / gdb thing?03:29
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shenkimithro: nope03:44
mithroshenki: because you didn't do any more, or because you couldn't get it to work?03:44
shenkimithro: i did a fraction more. not much tho, will resume tonight03:44
mithroshenki: BTW It is really awesome to have you working on this stuff again! Even if it means I do silly things like staying up till 3am trying to get debugging working :)03:45
mithroshenki: Now I just need to attract the rest of your coworkers and other kernel hackers :-P03:48
mithrowonder if I can figure out a way to make bitcoin related to video stuff in some way to get Rusty ;)03:48
CarlFKfpga mining ?03:49
CarlFKthat runs on those camera's that GChris uses03:49
shenkimithro: :)03:49
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mithroxfxf: I assume you didn't get any further?04:12
xfxfno, sorry04:13
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mithro_florent_: morning?06:09
_florent_mithro: hi06:13
_florent_I saw you got gdb working: nice!06:14
_florent_have you made others progress?06:14
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mithro_florent_: We have merged the minispartan6+ board support06:19
mithroshenki has been working on getting a Linux UART driver working06:19
mithro_florent_: We are getting weird lock ups on the or1k with our firmware06:20
_florent_ah, have you tried reducing fonctionnality to understand to see if it works correcty?06:21
_florent_with lm32 it's working fine?06:21
mithro_florent_: as far as my very limited testing shows06:21
mithro_florent_: the bios doesn't seem to lock up06:21
mithro_florent_: the memory interface also seems to randomly fail on gateware builds (memtest failing)06:22
mithrosorry that was a bit confusing06:23
mithroOur firmware works fine on the lm32, it fails randomly on the or1k - the bios seems to function correctly on both06:23
mithroIt could be because we not giving GCC the right flags on the or1k and it is generating invalid instructions, there is some other hardware issue, or something else06:25
_florent_ok, that could be worth trying with verilator06:25
_florent_that would be  probably easier to debug06:26
mithro_florent_: possibly, I have no idea how to drive verilator well enough to figure out what is going on06:26
mithro_florent_: I do understand gdb, so I went the route of trying to get that to work06:27
_florent_since you have the or1k toolchain, could you eventually try this06:27
tpbTitle: opsis-soc/ at master · enjoy-digital/opsis-soc · GitHub (at
_florent_./ --cpu-type or1k06:27
_florent_I'm also going to check that today (just have to reinstall or1k toolchain)06:28
_florent_yes for gdb that will be very useful06:28
mithroI needed to patch misoc to use our toolchain as m-labs use clang06:28
mithro The fact the bios doesn't seem to lock up could just be because it is so simple06:30
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mithro_florent_: on an unrelated note, the memory seems to be having issues - about 50% of the time I'm getting memtest failures when generating gateware on the Atlys06:33
_florent_what you are doing that, are you reloading the bistream or only rebooting the firmware?06:34
_florent_because when rebooting I'm wondering if errors can be  related to some DMA that are still active06:36
mithroyes, just rebooting has an issue with memtest - but this is a fresh boot after loading the gateware06:42
mithroand its stopping in the bios06:42
mithroI've also seen it on the base target06:43
mithrobut it comes and goes06:43
mithroI have no reliable way to reproduce it06:43
mithro_florent_: for opsis-soc I don't need migen/misoc?06:57
_florent_mithro: no06:59
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mithro_florent_: do I need liteeth?07:29
tpbTitle: Pastebin | IRCCloud (at
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_florent_yes you need liteeth07:40
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mithro_florent_: see that error above....11:36
_florent_mithro: I think you are using liteeth legacu11:45
_florent_you have to use upstream11:45
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mithro_florent_: hrm, I'm on master according to git?12:19
mithroheading to bed now, will try again tomorrow12:19
_florent_ok, I'll retry that12:22
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