Monday, 2016-04-11

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mithroshenki: did you look at the linker script?00:37
shenkimithro: which linker script? when?00:38
mithroLast night you said, 12:49 AM <+shenki> but we stick all of the firwmare text in firmware_ram00:59
mithroIn the firmware/softcpu/ there is an old LD file which tells think linker were all the regions should end up01:01
mithroJust walking to work now01:03
shenkimithro: yep. that linker script is the source of the bug01:12
shenkimithro: it assumes we have a MEMORY region (in the gnu ld sense) called firmware_ram01:12
shenkimithro: but if we have chosen not to include the firmware in the bitsream, then we don't have that defined01:12
shenkiafaict there's no way to say "create this memory region" in the python without associating it with a binary01:13
mithroI'm pretty sure there is01:17
mithrobut that would probably run your minispartan out of memory again01:21
shenkino, i what i mean is we need a way to say "this is where text can go", without putting anything in the bitstream01:31
shenkiso that the linker scripts are created with firmware_ram pointing to the sdram01:32
mithroshenki: frmware_ram just needs to end up pointing at the sdram and the linker script will merge the two sections?01:32
mithrobblr meeting01:32
shenkimithro: there arent two sections. we just want to firmware_ram to exist in the linker scripts. currenty it doesnt01:34
mithroshenki: Opps, I left my minispartan6 at home04:00
shenkimithro: no worries04:25
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mithroWell, this simulator boots as far as the "Initializing SDRAM..." output05:03
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shenkijust like my u-boot at the moment05:22
mithroshenki: for work I assume?05:22
shenkiin this case it's because it's batshit crazy vendor bsp assembly attempting to callibrate the non-existant ddr05:22
shenkifor the aspeed05:22
shenkifor your mob ;)05:22
shenkias well as others05:22
mithroshenki: I would love to be able to friken control the fans on my computer :P05:22
shenkibuy openpower!05:23
mithroshenki: ha, I want a useful computer :P05:23
shenkithis this big internet company that claim they are useful05:23
shenkifoogle? boogle? yoogle? i forget05:24
mithroshenki: no comment05:24
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mithroat some point we should flip the default board from the Atlys to the Opsis05:58
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mithroshenki: my parent's have your Atlys now13:07
mithroand are back in Adelaide13:07
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shenkimithro: cool14:17
shenkimithro: i think they have my number?14:17
shenkias i recall your mum just showed up last time you had passed on something for me14:17
shenkimithro: what's the latest with verilator?14:18
mithroshenki: I didn't get any time to do any more work on it14:49
mithroCurrently tidying up my desk as the bosses, bosses, boss is coming into town tomorrow and I don't want to be remembered as the "messy desk" person :P14:52
mithroshenki: is there more bike races today?15:16
shenkimithro: heh ok15:35
shenkimithro: nah. just playing with device trees and stuff15:35
shenkigetting my aspeed patches ready for upstreaming15:35
shenkii keep breaking it15:35
mithroshenki: So, I think the minispartan6 fix is pretty easy15:36
shenkimithro: k?15:37
mithroshenki: just change firmware_ram to main_ram or sram in the linker script15:39
mithroshenki: Check that it works15:39
mithroshenki: then we can look at a more permanent fix15:39
shenkiyes, that's what i did last night15:40
mithroshenki: and it boots?15:40
mithroand works fine?15:40
shenkiit flakes out still15:40
shenkibut not reliably15:40
mithroon both the lm32 and the or1k?15:40
shenkiif i trim the firmware to be small, it works relaibly - i can boot the bios, run my fw, have it return to the bios and repeat15:41
shenkii would have to test again on both. i think i was using the lm3215:41
mithroshenki: were you loading into "main_ram" or "sram" ?15:41
mithroFrom looking at the length, it seems like main_ram is the SDRAM and sram is the fpga internal one15:42
shenkiok. so what is mapped at 0x40000000?15:43
shenkii forget why i chose that address15:43
mithroshenki: main_ram is at 0x4000000015:43
shenkiok, that's why i chose it i assume15:44
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mithroshenki: so, it would be good to test again with the lm32 and prove that you are getting that behavior15:47
mithroshenki: you should look at the pipistrello config for how to get the spi flash on the minispartan up and running too15:47
shenkii'll take a look during the week15:49
shenkisleep time now15:49
shenkigood night15:49
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