Friday, 2016-04-01

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mithro_florent_: Have you seen at all?00:50
tpbTitle: GitHub - chiggs/oc_jpegencode: Fork of OpenCores jpegencode with Cocotb testbench (at
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mithrossk1328: So, how is getting set up going?05:25
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_florent_mithro: no, I'll look at that (btw what can be done with cocotb is very similar to Migen simulations)06:10
mithro_florent_: At a quick glance I thought it was pretty similar to Migen simulations with adding the verilog stuff from the old simulations back in?06:10
_florent_yes you are right06:14
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ssk1328mithro: I had a busy academic week (quizzes and presentations). I will do the setup and bug fixing things over the weekend. I had looked over the issue tracker though, I will be trying to fix the "pixel heartbeat" functionality patch.07:52
ssk1328I had some issues with my setup which I had talked about earlier. I will have to reinstall the Xilinx ISE.07:54
se6astianafter long development we have now finished a new product, the RELAXIOM:
tpbTitle: Introducing RELAXiom - UHD and better than LSD | apertusĀ° - open source cinema (at
mithrose6astian: April's fools is already finished over hear :P07:56
se6astiandamn timezones :)08:04
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mithrose6astian: yeah :)08:35
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