Tuesday, 2016-03-29

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mithrotumbleweed: Did you prove that our setup scripts work on Debian? If so which version?03:04
tumbleweedmithro: you mean carl's preseed setup?03:44
mithrotumbleweed: no, the firmware development stuff?03:45
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/README.md at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at github.com)03:45
tumbleweedoh, no I avoided your scripts :)03:45
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mithro_florent_: I'm using https://github.com/mithro/opsis-soc to see if I can convince ISE to produce identical output from the same input12:36
tpbTitle: GitHub - mithro/opsis-soc: Opsis SoC based on LiteX (at github.com)12:36
_florent_ok, I'm working on it now12:38
mithro_florent_: I was wondering about when you choose to use a LiteX component rather then a misoc one?12:43
_florent_in fact LiteX ihas all the components from Migen/MiSoC (it's a remplacement) + others , so here I'm only using LiteX components12:45
mithro_florent_: so LiteX doesn't depend on Migen/MiSoC at all?12:46
_florent_(If you are wondering why I'm doing that: I often don't have time to add features to Migen/MiSoC with the expected code quality so I prefer using LiteX)12:47
mithro_florent_: Added a couple of a small comments12:49
_florent_ok thanks, I'll take care of that12:52
mithro_florent_: we should have a "ns_to_hz" helper function for things like https://github.com/enjoy-digital/opsis-soc/blob/master/gateware/opsis_base.py#L5312:56
tpbTitle: opsis-soc/opsis_base.py at master · enjoy-digital/opsis-soc · GitHub (at github.com)12:56
mithro_florent_: at the moment, that SoC doesn't have any DDR right? So it use uses the onboard FPGA memory?12:57
mithro_florent_: Does that improve the "speed" it can run at?12:59
mithro_florent_: I was pondering the correct way to do "nested IO connectors" - IE the TOFE LowSpeedIO can have either have multiple Pmod or an Arduino Shields plugged into it....13:02
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_florent_mithro: I tried something to ease getting IOs in my platform, it should also work for Arduino shields (but I only added the Pmod I was using)14:30
_florent_if you have others ideas can you suggest in the repo?14:31
_florent_btw I just added DDR14:32
mithro_florent_: I can think of a couple of better ways of doing it - but I should have been in bed a couple of hours ago14:40
_florent_ok then we'll see that later14:41
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CarlFKmithro: did you see my new atly's case: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/photo/101817321389198875733/626748460396049309015:00
tpbTitle: Google+ (at plus.google.com)15:00
mithroCarlFK: how do you make things look so dodgy?15:19
mithroCarlFK: and purchase some higher stand offs rather than bend that connector15:19
mithroCarlFK: (to the VGA board)15:19
mithroAnyway, really heading home now15:20
CarlFKmithro: it is only bent a little ;)15:22
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