Thursday, 2016-03-24

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mithroCarlFK: you want to watch the FX2 reset line while the fx2_reboot command occurs02:03
mithroCarlFK: it should go low then high02:03
mithroCarlFK: I have test patterns at
tpbTitle: GitHub - timvideos/test-patterns: Test patterns for debugging video problems. (at
CarlFKmithro: k3 2 is high.   how long should it stay low when reset?02:22
mithroCarlFK: for the entire period that it says "turning FX2 off, turning it on"02:22
mithroCarlFK: obviously it isn't doing that, because otherwise you wouldn't see the turning it on bit02:23
CarlFKmithro: scope hooked to 2, we don't see anything on the scope when I do this:02:37
CarlFKHDMI2USB>debug fx2_reboot usbjtag02:37
CarlFKfx2: Turning off.02:37
CarlFKfx2: Turning on.02:37
mithroCarlFK: Did you keep the jumper connected?02:38
mithroCarlFK: the two pins still need to be connected02:38
CarlFKmithro:  I did see a short drop02:42
mithroCarlFK: picture?02:42
mithroHow much did it drop? Did it drop to zero?02:42
CarlFK"no"  "but this scope is really crappy so you have to...." fiddling...02:45
CarlFK"it gets to 2 v"02:47
CarlFK"the reset is close to 50 us"02:48
mithroCarlFK: It needs to get to under 1v02:49
mithroSo, I guess we aren't holding it low for long enough02:50
CarlFKpic coming...02:50
tpbTitle: Google+ (at
mithroThat scope actually has pretty good support for capturing under Linux02:52
mithroCarlFK: and you log a github issue about this with that picture attached?02:56
mithroCarlFK: although it would be better if you had 0V and 3.3V measured02:57
CarlFKmithro: better if I  what?02:57
mithroCarlFK: the oscilliscope picture02:58
CarlFKmithro: this is what I get when I hit the reset button03:01
tpbTitle: Google+ (at
CarlFKhmm, same url?03:01
CarlFKcorrect pic, so pft03:02
CarlFKwhere reset button is the white button on the board labeled sw103:03
mithroCarlFK: that looks right?03:04
CarlFKhitting the case button that is hooked to those headers... does not look right..03:05
CarlFKclick, posting...03:06
mithroCarlFK: What do you mean?03:06
tpbTitle: Google+ (at
mithroCarlFK: where have you connected the case button too?03:09
mithroCarlFK: and can you measure the resistance of the case button03:09
CarlFKcase switch is on 5,7 of P1403:12
mithroAre you with someone who can read schematics?03:15
mithroShow them the schematic03:15
mithroAlso try shorting the pins with a screw driver rather then the switch03:17
mithroAlso see what the voltage on them is when not shorted03:17
CarlFKcase switch is .4 ohm03:19
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mithroThat is good, what we expected03:25
mithroCarlFK: can you log the bug so I can link it in the fix?03:38
CarlFKmithro: 3v across the  5,7 of P14 (what I have the case switch hooked to)03:39
CarlFKmithro: what repo should I log the bug under?03:39
mithroCarlFK: The HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware repo03:42
mithroCarlFK: so....03:55
CarlFKmithro: entering now.. do I need a description?03:56
mithroCarlFK: yes03:56
CarlFKmithro: fx2: Turning on.   happens so fast the signal never drops low enough.03:57
CarlFKright ?03:57
mithroCarlFK: FX2 doesn't reboot during the fx2_reboot command, this appears to be because the reset line doesn't appear to drop low enough03:57
mithroor something like that03:57
mithroCarlFK: did you attach the picture?03:59
mithroCarlFK: thanks, fix incoming04:04
CarlFK11pm.  I need to get to the store, then home, then I can try to figure out how to flash04:06
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CarlFKmithro: I'm home, but need to get to bed soon.04:52
mithroCarlFK: btw, it's a 4 day weekend here in Australia (we get both Friday and Monday as public holidays)04:52
mithroCarlFK: so it is a good chance to get a bunch of HDMI2USB hacking done04:53
CarlFKmithro: the only time I have been able to flash my Opsis is by accidentally getting it into the mode by doing something on power up04:53
mithroCarlFK: oh, you can remove one of the jumpers near the FX2 to get it into "fallback mode" which is an easy way to replicate that04:53
CarlFKk - and I get a different usb id, right ?04:54
mithroCarlFK: or you could use the scripts I pointed out...04:54
CarlFKI tried your script (one)04:54
mithroCarlFK: this one ->
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-mode-switch/ at opsis-prod · mithro/HDMI2USB-mode-switch · GitHub (at
mithroCarlFK: you made sure you were on the opsis-prod branch right?04:55
CarlFKit wasn't that one.  it was a 600 line .py04:55
mithroCarlFK: no idea what you are talking about then? :P05:01
mithroCarlFK: you probably don't want the first two lines of that script (the eeprom programming bit)05:01
mithroCarlFK: deeprave and micolous also know how to flash an Opsis05:01
mithrobut they haven't really been around much lately....05:02
CarlFKmithro: might have been 200 lines.       looks familiar.05:02
sab_123mithro: have you seenSDCC giving worng line numbers05:09
sab_123mithro, I am using the triple spark05:09
sab_123mithro, there seems to be something funny05:09
mithrotriple spark?05:10
sab_123let me create github repo05:10
CarlFKmithro: for my box of stuff in a case I need a system to stream usb->gigE.  any suggestions on either pi sized things or a rack mount i7 ?05:14
mithroCarlFK: the C3VOC guys probably have some good suggestions05:15
mithroCarlFK: I'd recommend getting something which has USB3.0 and GigE05:15
CarlFKusb3, good idea.05:16
mithroI mean, it is hard not to get something which is USB 3.0 these days05:16
mithroUnless you go embedded hardware05:16
CarlFKmithro: I am leaning twards the higher end so that I have another box to do encoding, like for streaming05:16
mithroCarlFK: yeah, MaZderMind had some cool little things he called "minions"05:17
CarlFKthey are not rack mount05:17
CarlFKthey are like mac minis.05:17
CarlFKI'll do some shopping in the next week or so.05:20
mithroCarlFK: yeah, but I was wondering if they could come in rack-mount versions05:20
mithroCarlFK: They might be mini-itx boards inside the case?05:20
mithroCarlFK: dunno much about them05:20
CarlFKmithro: now I am off to bed.  See ya in 8 hours05:23
mithroCarlFK: okay05:23
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mithrohey rohitksingh05:47
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rohitksinghmithro: hi! :) I saw your comments on pull-request! fixing them06:00
mithrorohitksingh: Thanks!06:00
mithrorohitksingh: I saw that Carl had it working06:00
rohitksinghmithro: yeah, yesterday06:00
mithroBe back in an hour06:03
rohitksinghokay! I'll be here only06:03
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mithroI'm back now, but I might have to disappear at any time07:03
mithrohey tija and Bertl07:03
tijamithro: Hi!07:03
mithroBertl: We have a 4 day weekend here for easter, so I plan to finish off the TOFE<->AXIOM adapter07:03
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mithrorohitksingh: we should get your stuff merged ASAP07:14
mithrobtw - GSoC students - make sure you have submitted your PDF version before the deadline, otherwise you can't be accepted into GSoC at all07:15
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ssk1328_Will the selected GSoC students be provided with Opsis board after the results are announced.10:09
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ssk1328_Also I would like to inform that i am doing some final additions in the proposal and will notify you for a review once it is complete content wise.10:13
madarahello,I was going through the idea list of Timvideos and under that I found HDMI2USB interesting.I have a small doubt in that,should we propose hardware idea or software idea for the development ?10:15
mithrossk1328_: It is unclear at the moment, I think we might wait until after the mid-term evaluation10:17
mithromadara: There should be a large coding component of your project10:18
mithromadara: but it can include hardware development10:18
madaraokay thanks :)10:19
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ssk1328mithro: So before midterm I can develop on any FPGA of choice? I can get hold of Spartan3E or Virtex5, will that be Ok? Otherwise I can myself pay to get Spartan6 FPGA board.10:22
mithrossk1328: Depends on the project, most of the stuff can be done without hardware10:23
mithrossk1328: Where you the hardware mixing one?10:23
ssk1328Ok so if the code is synthesizable and works in simulation than we can safely assume it will work with hardware as well.10:24
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mithrossk1328: you can't assume that, but it is a good start10:29
ssk1328But the final demostration with HDMI in and out can be done only with Opsis board, as other board might not have so many HDMI interfaces.10:32
mithrossk1328: correct10:32
ssk1328Can I somehow purchase Opsis board right now? I mean is available for selling?10:34
ssk1328*is it10:34
mithrossk1328: yes, you can purchase from crowdsupply, but if you wait a couple of weeks it should be avaliable from the Numato website too10:39
tpbTitle: Numato Opsis: FPGA-based open video platform | Crowd Supply (at
mithro--> Students must submit a Final PDF proposal before the deadline or your org will not be able to select them as a student. Students without Final PDF proposals cannot be accepted, and there will be no exceptions.10:41
ssk1328mithro: Thats great. So I will myself purchase the board, when GSoC result are declared.10:41
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CarlFKmithro:     print("Programming...", end="")13:48
CarlFKguessing it needs py v313:48
mithroYou probably want to use a the setup script13:48
CarlFKbb in 10 min13:49
mithroAt least until you get it working once13:49
mithroIt is almost 1am here to13:49
CarlFKmithro:     import usb.core13:59
CarlFKImportError: No module named 'usb'13:59
CarlFKmithro: what do you mean: use a the setup script ?14:00
mithroDid you close the repo?14:13
mithroCarlFK: in the repo, is there something which might look like a setup script?14:15
CarlFKmithro: not that I can see.14:18
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mithrols *setup*14:20
CarlFKoh, I thought that was what I was trying to run...14:22
CarlFKyeah, I am not running this....14:22
CarlFK# Temporary hack for Anoop's broken machine14:22
CarlFKsudo rm -f /var/lib/apt/lists/*14:22
CarlFKsudo apt-get install inkscape  ?!14:23
CarlFKnot that I mind inkscape, but why is this installing it?14:23
mithroCarlFK: inkscape is used to generate the barcodes14:26
mithroCarlFK: as I mentioned that repo needs a huge clean up14:29
mithroCarlFK: I've already extracted the EEPROM stuff mostly into
tpbTitle: GitHub - timvideos/HDMI2USB-TOFE-eeprom-tools: Tools for generating and parsing the EEROM found on TOFE boards. (at
CarlFKmithro: any hints on what jumper will let me flash it?14:35
mithroCarlFK: no jumper will let you flash, there is a jumper which will prevent the HDMI2USB fx2 firmware from being loaded14:35
mithroCarlFK: the one marked something like SDA14:36
CarlFKmithro: I see 4 sets of jumper headers - none like SDA14:39
mithroCarlFK: look at the schematic, its the one which connects the I2C line to the Cypress from the FPGA14:39
mithroCarlFK: but if you want to replicate the way I've flashed and Opsis, you should go down the mode-switch route14:40
CarlFKmithro: Numato-Opsis-v3-prod-3-g83e7bd5.pdf - ^f find i2c "Not Found"14:44
mithroCarlFK: I2C has two signals, SDA and SCK (or something similar to that)14:45
CarlFKyour way i might run on a test box if I get desperate14:45
CarlFK11 SDA, 1 SCK but it is on micro_sd so I am guessing that isn't it14:47
CarlFKmithro: I found TCK under JTAG - is that it?15:03
mithroCarlFK: nope, are you looking at the USB sheet?15:03
CarlFKmithro: u1-sda - mac-sda ... next to SCL15:08
CarlFKconn_2 p1815:08
mithroThat will disconnect the FPGA / EEPROM from the Cypress so it will come up in the fail safe mode15:09
CarlFKmithro:  LOL -  Location of JFX2-RST / PXX Jumper XXXXXX15:11
CarlFKapparently it is a secret.15:12
mithroCarlFK: I didn't have the production board when that was written15:12
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mithroI need to head to bed15:15
CarlFKmithro: JFX2-RST lable is between two sets of pins15:15
CarlFKmithro: 3 pins that I had the scope hooked to, and 5 pins "usb or jtag"15:16
CarlFKmithro: oh wait.. is this it?  "JFX2-SDA1 / P18 is labelled on the board with both JFX2-SDA1 and P18. JFX2-SDA1 / P18 is a 2 pin header. It can be found just north-east from the Cypress FX2 IC. "15:18
CarlFKI see that15:18
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