Friday, 2016-03-18

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sab__is anyone here03:15
mithrosab__: roughly 36 people are in this channel03:24
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sabarishis anyone here07:28
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tpbTitle: Blackmagic HDMI to SDI Converter Teardown - apertusĀ° wiki (at
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xfxfmithro: i see a ram chip, a spartan, what's the NXD (?) chip?08:35
mithroNXD do graphics interfaces08:35
xfxfoh right08:35
xfxfwould that device roughly work the same as the hdmi2usb?08:35
xfxfwell, minus the encoder functionality08:35
mithroxfxf: I'm guessing in a very similar way08:37
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mithroHello sab08:53
mithroxfxf: Got some time to do things?08:56
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sab_123hi mithro09:23
sab_123So I am looking into the FX3 interface also current for USB 3.009:23
sab_123currently for doing USB 3.009:24
sab_123instead of implementing the complex stuff , why dont we use something like the FX3?09:24
mithroThe FX3 is not a part we are interested in using, it's very expensive, requires complicated firmware and doesn't actually enable full super speed transfers09:26
sab_123ah okay09:29
sab_123I agree with you on that I guess09:29
sab_123USB 2.0 on FX2 is supposed to be 480Mbps09:29
sab_123Even on my current project i find it hard to get 12MBps09:30
sab_123In fact I use only the Y in the YUV to display09:30
mithroWe can get round 35Megabytes/s09:39
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CarlFKtumbleweed: are you in the Boston yet?17:40
tumbleweedCarlFK: yep17:43
tumbleweedCarlFK: are you coming?17:43
CarlFKI am at SpinachCon (in boston, not MIT)17:44
tumbleweedah, cool17:45
CarlFKdid you see I am speaking on the Video panel?  which I think is same time as you.  last slot on Sun17:46
tumbleweedCarlFK: I'm not speaking at all17:47
CarlFKhmm.. wonder what I as thinking...17:48
tumbleweedI saw tim poke you about that panel, that was it17:48
CarlFKare you sure?  no one told me I was speaking :p17:48
tumbleweedCarlFK: that's zack, not me17:48
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CarlFKmithro: I have an opsis hooked to a TV's DVI input.19:06
CarlFKtest pattern only displays for about 1/2 second, then screen goes black for ~ 30 sec19:06
CarlFKhmm, 6am... I hope you are not awake19:07
CarlFKanyone know how to get the Opsis int the mode where I can upload new firmware ?19:12
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tumbleweedCarlFK: I'd come and join you, but as you can see, I'm very busy getting debconf open...19:38
tumbleweedI'll be at the thing, tonight19:38
CarlFKtumbleweed: no prob. do you know if any DCers even tried to update the opsis boards?19:41
tumbleweedCarlFK: nobody did, because they're still in a box in my apt :(19:44
tumbleweeddebconf video team is in limbo, hoping that someone else will run it19:44
CarlFKlol - for some reason I thought they had been used somewhere.  maybe that was just your Atlys19:44
tumbleweedyeah, just the atlys19:44
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CarlFKtumbleweed: what thing tonight ?21:07
tpbTitle: LibrePlanet Events (at
tumbleweedI'm still fighting wafer, though21:10
CarlFKwhere are you now?21:16
tumbleweedeast boston21:17
CarlFKspinach is over.  I yabbled about hdmi2usb most of the time21:22
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tpbTitle: Google Open Source Blog: Something different code up hardware in Google Summer of Code (at
CarlFKmithro: good morning23:24
mithroCarlFK: BTW the firmware is open source, you can go and look at the code23:24
mithroCarlFK: probably worth getting pdp7 to share that23:26
CarlFKmithro: not a bad idea23:27
CarlFKI did look at the code, that's how I figured out the reboot command23:27
CarlFKthe help and error message is pretty bad23:27
mithroPatches welcome, that is C code that I *know* you can edit23:29
jeamithro: nice post23:32
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mithroPlease share23:45

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