Wednesday, 2016-03-16

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rduplaingot my opsis board!01:59
rduplainthe getting started page is a bunch of TODOs. completely understandable.02:00
rduplainif there's a walkthrough to get started, please point me to it02:00
rduplain is "Not Found"02:01
mithrorduplain: what OS are you on? You should be able to just plug it in and start capturing video / controlling it via the serial console02:12
CarlFKim back02:13
rduplainmithro: I just hooked it up and am trying to get an image out of it. I'll report back if I have any issues. Running Ubuntu 14.04.02:18
mithroI'll be around in 30ish minutes02:19
CarlFKrduplain: mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:device=/dev/video002:21
CarlFKyou should see color bars test pattern02:21
rduplainI was able to get color bars on first run (I just opened up `cheese`). Now I'm trying vlc and mplayer ...02:22
CarlFKrduplain: next up, connect a serial console02:42
rduplainJUSB1 or 2?02:45
CarlFKon the Opsis, it is the same one02:46
rduplainwhat are the connection settings? baud etc? sorry, I cannot find a doc02:47
CarlFKflterm --port /dev/ttyACM0 --speed 11520002:49
CarlFKI use flterm because it somehow works better with the usb chips on the Atlys board that I have been working with02:50
CarlFKand it also works with the Opsis02:50
CarlFKHmm.. something odd is going on.  2nd time I have seen this today.   lsusb shows: Bus 004 Device 020: ID 16c0:06ad Van Ooijen Technische Informatica02:53
CarlFKI think it happens when I start with nothing plugged in, then plug in usb, then plug in power02:54
CarlFKrduplain: when you connect, hit enter.  the device should then send back HDMI2USB>02:57
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mithroCarlFK: That is explained on one of the pages I linked too02:57
mithroactually 16c0:06ad is JTAG mode02:58
tpbTitle: Photos - NERP - Not Exclusively Raspberry Pi (Chicago, IL) - Meetup (at
mithroCarlFK: but the Opsis will come up in "fail safe mode" while it boots up, then switch to the Video+Serial port mode03:02
CarlFKmithro: it seems to be stuck in this mode.  10 min now.03:03
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mithroCarlFK: that is the JTAG mode - not the fail safe mode03:03
CarlFKmithro: I want this to upgrade the firmware, right ?03:05
mithroCarlFK: yes03:05
rduplainCarlFK: thanks, I have a serial console up. what shall I check?03:16
CarlFKrduplain: type: status03:16
mithrorduplain: I would try typing "help" and hitting enter first03:16
rduplainhelp works03:17
rduplainstatus looks interesting03:17
CarlFKstatus on - that will keep displaying it every second until you hit enter to stop it.03:18
rduplainokay, got it to show disconnect and reconnect of input003:19
rduplainwhen I use mplayer, I see all black03:19
mithrorduplain: What does status show at the moment?03:20
rduplainwant the full paste?03:20
rduplain(is it small enough to paste in IRC?)03:20
mithrorduplain: pastebin would probably be better03:21
tpbTitle: unboxed opsis board, getting black screen in mplayer ยท GitHub (at
mithroYou should be seeing the pattern on your video output - do you have a webcam in your computer that might be on video0 (and thus the HDMI2USB is video1)?03:24
rduplainyes indeed03:24
rduplainUsing `mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:device=/dev/video1` as suggested here.03:25
mithrorduplain: are you getting the test pattern?03:29
rduplainI must be running into an issue with mplayer, too.03:30
rduplainI can get the test pattern on cheese (a simple program for webcam which ships with Ubuntu).03:30
rduplainI cannot get the video to display in vlc either, using it's capture feature (Ctrl-C).03:31
mithroWell, lets use cheese for now?03:34
rduplainsure, np. I'm exploring the serial console commands.03:35
mithrorduplain: once you have the test pattern displayed, you should be able to use something like "video_matrix connect input0 encoder" to get the capture input on the USB stream03:35
rduplainI was just playing with that command. Hooray for `help` command~03:37
rduplainthat works03:37
mithrorduplain: you can use that command to control the what is displayed on the outputs too03:38
mithrorduplain: We added short cut keys in the latest firmware03:38
rduplaingreat, I'm happy to get it unboxed!03:46
rduplainthanks for the help03:46
mithrorduplain: no worries03:46
mithrorduplain: I'd recommend hanging around here if you are planning on using it more03:46
rduplaingetting late here, so I'll come back to it another day03:47
mithrorduplain: Most of us "idle" here.03:47
rduplainyep, I'll idle, too03:47
rduplainthanks again! excited for the opsis + hdmi2usb.03:51
mithrorduplain: great! Good to hear you managed to get it working03:53
CarlFKmithro: I have the Opsis updated.  what is the command to show errors?04:39
mithrodebug input004:39
mithroI think04:39
mithroor maybe04:39
mithrodebug input 004:39
mithroit's not in the help04:39
CarlFKHDMI2USB>debug input004:39
CarlFKHDMI Input 0 debug on04:39
mithroCarlFK: it'll start spewing stuff when an input is detected04:46
CarlFKmithro: it is.  testing the extender now04:47
mithroCarlFK: so, the extender has a little adjustable gain control thingy04:48
mithroCarlFK: Watch the error rate and play with that nob04:48
CarlFKdvisampler0: ph:   6    7    5 // charsync:111 [8 8 8] // WER:35507 42762 30615 // chansync:1 // res:0x004:48
mithroWER should be 0 0 004:49
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mithroCarlFK: in theory, turning the amplification up should cause the WER to go down05:01
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mithroHello ssk132805:08
mithrossk1328: you had questions about the USB3.0 and TOFE the other day right?05:09
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CarlFKmithro: the adjustment seems to be a rotary switch with 8 positions.   I've been clicking though each position and watching the report for a few seconds ...05:11
CarlFKit sometimes seems to make a difference, like flipping between 5 and 6 flipped errors between 40k and 20k05:12
ssk1328Should I repeat them again? Can we discuss them now?05:13
mithrossk1328: Yes to both05:13
CarlFKthere is an led next to the nob that shines in my eye when I try to look at the nob, so I unplugged it to see what number I was on05:13
CarlFKwhen I plugged it back in, I could not reproduce the 40k/20k ... and don't see any other patterns05:14
mithroCarlFK: what does the device look like without the "amplifier" plugged in?05:15
CarlFKmithro: better.   dvisampler0: ph:   1    1   -3 // charsync:111 [4 4 4] // WER:48528   0   0 // chansync:1 // res:0x0 dvisampler0: ph:   2    2   -2 // charsync:111 [4 4 4] // WER: 84   0   0 // chansync:1 // res:1280x72005:17
CarlFK  24 lines05:18
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
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CarlFKWER just went up by 10x05:45
CarlFKdvisampler0: ph:   8    6    5 // charsync:111 [2 2 2] // WER:735852 868024 950187 // chansync:0 // res:0x005:45
mithroWhat changed?05:45
xfxfthe WER05:51
xfxfclearly :P05:51
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CarlFKmagic cable, rock solid05:56
CarlFKdvisampler0: ph: -19  -14  -16 // charsync:111 [4 4 4] // WER:  0   0   0 // chansync:1 // res:1280x72005:56
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CarlFKnormal cable .. watching it.. WER jumps around from 5 to 50005:59
CarlFKdvisampler0: ph:  -6  -11  -11 // charsync:111 [4 4 4] // WER: 47   0  19 // chansync:1 // res:1280x72005:59
CarlFKmithro: this box only seems to make things worse, and if I fiddle with it I can maybe make it a little more or less worse06:07
CarlFK19k, or maybe 12K is the lowest I have seen any WER stats06:08
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CarlFKI am heading to bed.  bye all06:34
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mithroxfxf: can you send Carl one of the spare back-plates?09:01
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nuecesmithro, today i finally get my numato opsis and all the tofe extension boards, thanks!!!!19:01
nuecesnow I have a lot to read...19:01
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