Wednesday, 2016-03-09

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xfxfmithro, _florent_: i'm curious what is needed to get milkymist ported over to the opsis w/ the milkymist TOFE card?01:46
xfxfi was talking to a couple of VJ's on the weekend about it, they're v interested01:46
xfxfand i'm interested too :)  (used to VJ about a decade ago)01:46
mithroxfxf: the amount of work needed is unclear. It should be as simple as taking the old Milkymist code (the stuff before MiSoC) adding support for DDR3 ram and then setting up the correct pin mapping file.02:04
mithroThe DDR3 part could be very hard, or it could be easy.02:04
mithroThe correct ping mapping bit should be pretty easy02:05
mithroThere might be other roadblocks that I don't know about too.02:05
xfxfi assume this stuff takes lower priority than hdmi2usb firmware hacking?02:17
xfxfmy strong suspicion is once that's ready, a whole bunch of new opsis users will appear02:18
mithroIt is kind of parallel to HDMI2USB hacking.02:38
mithroxfxf: The other option is to get the Milkymist software running on top of MiSoC, that is more closely related to doing stuff useful to the HDMI2USB02:39
mithroAnd a more useful long term thing to do, but a lot more work I think.02:40
xfxfi was under the impression that misoc/migen came from milkymist02:48
xfxfevidently not?02:48
mithroMiSoC/migen was developed by the same people who did the Milkymist for their second device, the mixxeo.02:50
mithroI think of it as a complete rewrite type scenario02:52
mithroFor that reason there is a bunch of stuff missing from MiSoC that was in their original firmware for the Milkymist One.02:53
mithroM-labs then pivoted to do physic experiment stuff (using MiSoC) and the mixxeo was never finished.02:54
CarlFKmithro:     I can type in v1.0.0 and tag the current version so that we have a handle on "this is what we used for LCA, it worked pretty good"03:16
tpbTitle: Sign in to GitHub ยท GitHub (at
CarlFKwhich seems like a better way of managing what versions should be used for what (important events vs testing in my living room)03:18
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mithroxfxf: Most of the work around that stuff is figuring out what needs to be done :)03:40
xfxfmithro: right, so are we porting milkymist, or mixxeo?03:41
xfxfi'm asking as some of the VJ's I spoke to have a FPGA background03:42
xfxfso i am trying to coax them towards the project03:42
mithroThe stuff you think of as "milkymist" is the code that original ran on the Milkymist One - it can be found at
tpbTitle: GitHub - m-labs/milkymist: SoC design for Milkymist One - LM32, DDR SDRAM, 2D TMU, PFPU (at
mithroxfxf: Improving that code is a long term dead end, but a short term way to get something useful quickly03:44
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mithroxfxf: Here is a summary of the information above -
tpbTitle: Milkymist One and Numato Opsis DJ Information - Google Docs (at
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xfxfta for documenting, will help05:00
mithroxfxf: Partly for GSoC05:02
CarlFKmithro: can we have a gsoc meeting soon?05:05
mithroCarlFK: what did you want to get out of that GSoC meeting again?05:08
CarlFKmithro: ideas for students, and scope what we should and shouldn't be considering05:10
mithroCarlFK: That is what the document at is suppose to be capturing05:23
tpbTitle: Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. (at
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CarlFKmithro: I just read over it.  I don't have either ideas or scope.05:43
mithroCarlFK: ?05:44
CarlFKand 11:42pm, I need to get food.   bb in 20 min05:44
_florent_xfxf, mithro: to port milkymist to the opsis, I think the easiest way is to generate a verilog core for the DDR3 controller from what we are using actually with MiSoC and just provide similar interfaces than the ones used in milkymist05:59
_florent_same for ethernet if we need it06:00
_florent_but after that, we should be able to reuse all the others parts06:00
mithro_florent_: I'm thinking it makes more sense to go in the other direction, wrap the TMU and PFPU so they can be used in MiSoC and then port RTEMS to run on the MiSoC stuff06:22
mithro_florent_: That would produce something more longer term viable I think?06:24
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_florent_mithro: yes that's also a solution07:42
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CarlFK wordpress?!!! :p22:25
tpbTitle: Vipers Video Quicktags WordPress Plugins (at
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