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mithroHey GChriss!00:22
mithroSo I got your email about LibrePlanet 201600:22
mithroFirst question, when is LibrePlanet?00:23
GChrisshi mithro (and channel)00:23
GChrissLibrePlanet is the weekend of March 19-20 at MIT; the full program and speaker bios are available at
tpbTitle: LibrePlanet 2016 (at
GChrissfor context I'm coordinating one of the panels (and as it stands, the only media-related panel for this year) and just sent mithro a speaking invitation to talk about #timvideos,  Numato Opsis, and 2016 resolutions00:25
* GChriss just discovered
mithroGChriss: So, I'm definitely not going to make it out to anywhere in the US for the next probably 6 months00:27
GChrissI will be at MIT in-person, Silvia Pfeiffer will be joining via video link, and Kat Walsh (mindspillage) will be a moderator at MIT00:27
GChrisswe will likely add another panelist @ MIT; Silvia is already based in Syndey00:27
GChriss...and it's an opportunity to connect with an extended audience both in-person and live-streamed online00:28
GChriss"Challenges and Future Growth in Libre Media and Conference Video Production" @
tpbTitle: LibrePlanet Sessions (at
* tumbleweed will be there00:30
GChrissit's intended to be designed as an open discussion about how the state of free video and media stands now and how it can be improved on both technically and from an organizational-adoption standpoint00:31
GChrisshi tumbleweed!00:32
GChrisswith community involvement00:32
mithrothe name Kat Walsh sounds very familiar00:34
mithroGChriss: it sounds like there are a couple of options00:34
GChrissshe is a former chair of the Wikimedia Foundation and recently-appointed FSF director00:34
GChriss...and a patent lawyer with a lot of exposure to #xiph00:35
mithroGChriss: One of the people here in the US could join in person00:35
mithroGChriss: or I could join remotely like Silvia (we could organise to join from the same location to make it easier)00:35
GChrissI'm not by any means opposed to both simultaneously00:36
GChrissLibreplanet is a coordinated but not highly structured conference00:36
GChrissthe schedule is still in an 'editing' state; I did request a time that would be AU-friendly00:37
CarlFKGChriss: how many days/tracks ?00:38
GChrissCarlFK: it's a two-day conference (Saturday+Sunday) with ~3 keynotes plus three breakout rooms00:39 has a number of photos and videos from years past00:39
GChrissin-person attendance last year was about 350 ppl (plus 300 online viewers, peak) but registration is running higher this year bolstered by a distinctive keynote00:40
GChrisswhich is to say a live video link w/ Edward Snowden00:41
CarlFKhow did you do the video last year ?00:42
GChrissI provided streaming assistance in 2013 and 201500:43
tpbTitle: Video streaming at LibrePlanet 2013 Free Software Foundation working together for free software (at
GChrissand detailed setup:00:43
GChrisslots of GStreamer and <video> elements00:44
mithroGChriss: I don't see any way to capture the presentation stream there?00:45
mithroGChriss: also, who are you more generally (rather then related to the conference)? :-P00:45
* mithro is terrible with names / people / remembering things in general00:46
GChrisswe had grabbed original slide decks, but yes, capture with an extended pipeline would have been a good idea.  had been somewhat rushed last year00:46
CarlFKGChriss: you and I have talked before about this right?  I'm a good friend of cwebber if that helps00:47
GChrisswe've chatted online, and I've met cwebber yes00:47
CarlFKif grabbed means "got a copy of the files"  .. thats  not what we mean.00:47
GChrissscroll down for 'George Chriss' ==>
tpbTitle: LibrePlanet Speakers (at
CarlFKGChriss: have you seen ?00:48
GChrissI have!  it's been a whille00:48
CarlFKwho does AV for the event ?00:49
mithroGChriss: are you associated with the Elphel stuff in any way?00:49
GChrissonly indirectly: I know the camera quite well as I've been using the 353L model for several years now00:50
GChrissand I've been prototyping a functional replacement00:50
GChrissCarlFK: re A/V: the FSF has tech sysadmins, so that would be Lisa Marie Maginnis @
tpbTitle: Staff and Board Free Software Foundation working together for free software (at
GChrissStephen Mahood (same page) was on the sysadmin team last year and was also involved, but has transitioned to another role in the organization00:53
GChrissbut may still be involved?  not sure00:53
GChrissI'm based in South Florida00:55
mithroHrm, no h01ger in this channel00:57
mithroapparently he is presenting at LibrePlanet00:57
GChrissalso, I expecting that Ring (see will be featured at the conference.  fully decentralized, cross-platform GPLv3, encrypted video chat + messaging00:57
GChrissyes, he is presenting on deterministic software builds00:58
GChrissand looking forward to meeting him (I've about debconf for a while now; they're scheduled for Quebec in 2017 so may be able to attend)00:59
mithroGChriss: any idea how was done?00:59
tpbTitle: JavaScript: if you love it, set it free GNU MediaGoblin (at
mithroGChriss: or
tpbTitle: Your Web apps should talk not just in English - Sucheta Ghoshal GNU MediaGoblin (at
GChrissyes, or at least for FOSDEM 2016.  it's largely dedicated hardware ($) + streaming software that's only partially free01:01
GChrissbut I also enjoyed watching the sessions01:02
tpbTitle: GitHub - FOSDEM/videobox: FOSDEM video gear box (at
GChrissand do an image search for 'FOSDEM videobox'01:03
mithroGChriss: A couple of quick questions01:04
mithro (a) Do you know the organizers of libreplanet well enough that you could put us in contact with them about getting you guys some better videos?01:05
GChrissyes, qualified with a note that they have special requirements (e.g., machines that use libreboot)01:06
mithroGChriss: maybe nothing will come from it, but it would be good to see if there is something we can do01:07
GChrissI agree!  it's part of the panel description actually: "novel discussions"01:08
mithro (b) What do we need to figure out around the panel and by when? Is it just if it makes sense for me to be on it? (and then if so, the logistics?)01:08
GChrissI'll copy-and-paste the entire description01:08
GChrissat this point I'd like to start a shared etherpad on prospective questions/idea mapping to have everyone more or less on the same page in terms of what to expect01:09
GChrissfor logistics it's possible but a bit unwieldy to have two remote participants but easier if you are indeed co-located with Silvia01:10
GChrissfor a single link01:10
mithroGChriss: Etherpad would work01:11
GChrissand I'm happy to see the timvideos community represented however you feel is best to do so (e.g., if there's two major projects/aspects to timvideos, collectively, then two panelists would be OK)01:11
GChriss"An 'intermediate' panel designed to provide a working overview of  diversified libre media communities blended with per-project technical  development updates, organizational adoption challenges,  community-centric user-experience goals and other novel discussions  regarding video production both generally and as it relates to  conference video production (e.g., session recording and  live-streaming)."01:12
mithroGChriss: why don't you start an Etherpad and dump the goals of the panel into that and share it with me01:12
GChrissyes, will start typing01:12
mithroGChriss: okay, can you also send an introduction email to the correct people to start a discussion around (a) with [email protected] (me, Tim 'mithro' Ansell) and [email protected] (Carl Karsten, carlfk here)?01:15
mithroGChriss: thanks for thinking of us!01:16
GChrisslooking forward to this!01:17
GChrissand I'll be online for any questions and further discussion01:17
mithroGChriss: We are use to dealing with conferences and groups which have "unique" requirements around A/V01:17
mithroGChriss: your 100% welcome to hang around and idle in this channel01:17
GChrissyes, will do so01:17
mithroGChriss: oh, and we got into GSoC this year - so that is exciting too01:17
mithroheading to lunch01:18
GChrissI can say that the Software Freedom Conservancy is highly integrated w/ the FSF and LibrePlanet so I'm curious to see where that discussion goes01:18
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CarlFKGChriss: I am looking at buying motherboards for a portable recording streaming box.  where is a good #chan to chat about what works with libreboot?01:28
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xfxfCarlFK: isn't there a wiki page detailing compatible chipsets/motherboards?01:46
xfxfi remember looking at it bunch of years back01:46
CarlFKI am looking for a #chan :p01:47
xfxfat a guess, #libreboot ? :)01:47
CarlFKthere is a wiki, and it leaves me with qestions01:47
xfxfthe channel is v full01:47
xfxf118 people01:48
xfxfthe motherboards it lists are pretty old :/01:48
xfxfage doesn't bother me more that they all seem core 2 duo era01:49
xfxfwhich is insufficient grunt01:49
GChrisshang on pulling up a link to a high-end system01:50
tpbTitle: Raptor Engineering::Talos™ Secure Workstation (at
GChrissand for what it's worth I have a coreboot Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H + Phenom II X4 95501:52
GChrisswhich is a quad-core 3.2GHz setup, a few years old but with backup BIOS.  there's a bug that I can only run slower CPUs w/ coreboot though01:53
tpbTitle: Raptor Engineering::Talos™ Secure Workstation (at
GChrissnote that coreboot is upstream from libreboot01:57
GChrissCarlFK: define portable?01:58
CarlFKGChriss: here or #coreboot ?01:58
GChrissyour choice?  libreboot maybe?01:58
CarlFKhere is fine02:00
CarlFKsomething that will fit in a rack mount ... something02:01
CarlFK  has lots of "NOTE: This board is unsupported in libreboot 20150518"02:03
tpbTitle: Hardware compatibility list (at
CarlFK"when I can pre-order a Talos"  so not shipping any time soon right ?02:06
GChriss"NOTE: This board is unsupported..." appears to be a temporary thing, libreboot can be built from source with limited fuss02:07
GChrissfor Talos I _think_ the GNU Guix team has a prototype?  it's kinda a software build farm on steroids02:08
GChrissor at least they are interested02:08
CarlFKcan you point me to an i7 board?02:09
CarlFKthat I can buy02:09
GChrissGIGABYTE ga-b75m-d3h is supported in coreboot02:14
GChrissnot sure about libreboot; it takes a lot of work per board to add support02:15
GChrissas there's typically very limited documentation02:15
CarlFK> they have special requirements (e.g., machines that use libreboot)02:16
GChrisson the laptop side the X201 is supported (i5) and is likely to be added to libreboot sometime soon02:16
CarlFKi'm trying to meet that requirement02:17
GChrissyup, an openly-acknowledged issue.  RMS was almost ready to call for liberated fab facilities02:17
CarlFKand knowing all the requirements would be handy ;)02:17
GChrissX200 is the current standard, personally I use X201 (almost libreboot-able, maybe last one that can be added in the thinpad line)02:18
GChrissemmm, sitting down?  it's a list02:18
CarlFKX200 is a laptop right ?02:18
GChrissno hyperthreading but it gets by02:19
CarlFKif it is similar to an i7 motheboard... I'll take 8 please ;)02:19
GChrissactually reminds me of that scene in Apollo 13 where the engineers duct-tape together an oxygen converter using like a box and old manual covers02:20
GChrissno binary blobs, only codec used by Xiph or VP8, open hardware to the extent possible, able to be generally replicated, three-room simultaneous streaming02:22
GChrissclosed-source compilers count too02:22
xfxfCarlFK: lenovo X200's are the i5 laptops that LCA own - i.e. not fast enough for voctomix02:23
xfxf1st gen i5 iirc02:23
GChrisssounds about right02:24
tpbTitle: Gigabyte GA-H170N-WIFI LGA 1151 mITX Intel Motherboard GA-H170N-WIFI - Micro Center (at
CarlFKis that ok?02:26
tumbleweedCarlFK: these are the only modern machines I know that run coreboot
CarlFKno desktops?02:35
tumbleweedoh, lists a bunch of other stuff02:36
tpbTitle: coreboot News from coreboot world (at
CarlFKGigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L02:41
CarlFKwow, it has din? mouse and keyboard ports02:41
CarlFKand no hdmi02:41
CarlFKIntel Core 2 ... oh.02:42
CarlFKsomething tells me there is no i7 board that will work?02:46
tumbleweedyeah, from a glance, the modern things where underpowered chrome boxes02:47
tumbleweedand purism laptops02:47
CarlFKyay, DVswitch lives on :p02:49
CarlFKoh wait.. coreboot is not libreboot right?02:51
tumbleweedthink of libreboot as a free fork of coreboot02:58
tumbleweed(which means more work)02:59
tumbleweedCarlFK: heh
tpbTitle: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about libreboot (at
CarlFKwhy does everyone want to talk to me about laptops?03:01
tumbleweedit's all everyone talks about these days03:03
mithrotumbleweed: what does "free fork" mean in this context? I thought the point of coreboot was to be "free"?03:05
tumbleweedsee the link I just pasted03:06
tumbleweedcoreboot doesn't try hard enough to be free, basically03:06
tumbleweedit includes non-free blobs03:06
tumbleweedlibreboot aims to be blob-free03:07
mithrotumbleweed: I'm probably missing where it mentions that in the FAQ03:09
tumbleweedthe last (ranty) paragraph of that section03:11
tumbleweed(and the whole intel section)03:11
mithroI think we should chat with the organisers a bit more first03:12
mithro seems to give a reasonable explaination03:14
tpbTitle: Libreboot project documentation (at
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shenkimithro: ping04:12
mithroshenki: pong04:12
shenkimithro: how do i add a new site to our letsencrypt setup?04:13
mithroshenki: add the apache config then run something in ~letsencrypt I think04:13
shenkihrm, didn't work04:22
shenkimithro: do you want to try runing it? you have a better idea of what these errors mean than i04:26
mithroWhat are you trying to run?04:26
mithroDid you look at what cron runs?04:26
shenkimithro: where do i find what cron runs?04:34
mithrosu to the letsencrypt user04:34
mithrothen crontab -e04:34
shenkisudo su letsencrypt -04:35
shenkimithro: i give up04:42
mithroshenki: sudo su letsencrypt -s /bin/bash04:42
shenkioh. no shell configured?04:43
shenkimithro: right, so cron runs the script that i ran04:43
mithroshenki: yeah04:44
shenkimithro: not sure what's going on. it looks like it's not asking for anything to be updated04:50
shenki2016-03-02 04:45:36,425:INFO:root:380: 1004:50
shenki2016-03-02 04:45:36,426:INFO:root:381: []04:50
shenki2016-03-02 04:45:36,426:INFO:root:383: [False, False, False, False, False, False, True, False, False, False, False, False, False, False, False, False, False, False, False, False]04:50
shenkiTraceback (most recent call last):04:50
shenki  File "/home/letsencrypt/simp_le/venv/bin/simp_le", line 9, in <module>04:50
shenki    load_entry_point('simp-le', 'console_scripts', 'simp_le')()04:50
shenki  File "/home/letsencrypt/simp_le/", line 874, in main04:50
shenki    raise SystemExit(_main(cli_args))04:50
shenki  File "/home/letsencrypt/simp_le/", line 867, in _main04:50
shenki    _new_data(args)04:50
shenki  File "/home/letsencrypt/simp_le/", line 812, in _new_data04:51
shenki    certr, _ = client.poll_and_request_issuance(csr, authorizations.values())04:51
shenki  File "/home/letsencrypt/simp_le/venv/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/acme/", line 387, in poll_and_request_issuance04:51
shenki    raise errors.PollError(waiting, updated)04:51
shenkiacme.errors.PollError: PollError04:51
shenkithat second log message is the list of things that need to be auth'd04:51
mithroshenki: Can you access the http version of the website which has the ACME verification request thingy04:51
shenkimithro: yeah04:59
shenkimithro: i will disable the 30204:59
mithroshenki: take a look at my ones04:59
mithroshenki: you just basically ignore that path04:59
shenkimithro: will they work for the case where the site never had a valid https cert?05:07
mithroshenki: what do you mean?05:08
shenkimithro: i set up this site by copy-pasting the config from another site we had, so it had an invalid cert05:10
shenkimithro: because it was serving up the exisitng cert, which isn't valid for that new domain05:10
mithroI think you'll need to comment out the SSL site for the first steps?05:11
shenkimithro: nvm, as i turnedoff the 301 rewrite that sends everything to https05:11
shenkiits' still blowing up05:11
mithroCan you paste the output somewhere?05:18
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shenkimithro: i emailed it to yoy05:54
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mithroshenki: I don't think I've seen "2016-03-02 05:51:36,408:DEBUG:acme.challenges:35: dns-01 was not recognized, full message: {u'status': u'pending', u'token': u'AL5FhDEttwGxXw6Qp5edRNxWheCopoNccPZCBPfZhGU', u'type': u'dns-01', u'uri': u''}" before06:02
mithroha - I just noticed the name of your new domain :P06:02
mithroshenki: and I can't see anything on the web about what "dns-01" message means06:06
mithroThe dns-01 challenge is an implementation of a DNS-only domain validation from the ACME spec. If you've ever added some bits to a domain's DNS records for another CA's domain validation, it works similarly.06:08
mithroactually, I think that is a red herring06:11
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mithroCarlFK / xfxf: See at all before?06:19
tpbTitle: vitrivr (at
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tpbTitle: Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. (at
mithroWell, I now have a list of other GSoC orgs we should be reaching out too
tpbTitle: TimVideos GSoC Organisations to Collaborate with - Google Sheets (at
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xfxfmithro: i already responded on that doc, note the Ryan: bits11:48
xfxfand re the vitrivr thing, no, haven't seen that13:08
xfxfseen similar products though13:08
xfxferk, Scala/Java13:09
xfxfi tried to like Scala but the stacktraces are frightening13:10
xfxfCarlFK: what yoga did you have?13:30
xfxfwas it an i3?13:30
tpbTitle: Lenovo Yoga 12 5`` FHD 1920x1080 Touch Intel® I3 4030U 4GB SSHD 500GB | eBay (at
xfxfsimilar to that?13:30
CarlFKI have an i7 Twist13:37
CarlFKxfxf: Sheila has a yoga13:38
xfxfhow much did you pick yours up for?13:39
xfxftrying to find a decent enough i5 or i7 laptop that'll work for recording single room events that'll double as a nice video hacking laptop13:39
xfxfi bought an asus laptop but the screen and keyboard are terrible13:40
xfxfso lenovo is an obvious choice13:40
xfxfthe asus keyboard doesn't properly register key presses sometimes so you end up with missing characters when writing code, grade a irritating13:40
CarlFKthe yoga is nice - 2 ssd slots, 8gig ram13:40
xfxfcheap keyboards for you i guess13:40
xfxfwhat res is yours? FHD?13:41
thaytanxfxf, you saw my (slightly damaged) HP Spectre at LCA13:41
thaytanit's a dual-core i713:41
xfxfthaytan: lol, is yours for sale? :P13:41
xfxfhow's the keyboard on that?13:41
thaytanlike it's been copied from a mac air13:42
*** Bertl is now known as Bertl_oO13:42
xfxfoh, nice. i like mac keyboards13:42
xfxfjust trying to do linux video related things inside of a virtualbox VM on OS X is slightly suboptimal :)13:42
thaytanxfxf, the main downside (with this model) is they put an 256GB M.2 SSD in13:42
xfxfpart of my criteria will be 3.5" SSD/HDD mount13:43
CarlFKmy flip  is 1366x76813:43
thaytanxfxf: in a laptop?13:43
xfxfi have a 2TB HDD i'd like to put into it13:43
xfxfoh, sorry, 2.5"13:43
xfxfha 3.5"13:43
thaytanoh, then no ultrabook for you13:43
xfxfyeah, happy with non-ultrabook13:43
xfxfneeds enough storage for video capture :)13:43
thaytantry a Dell XPS1513:44
xfxfmm, developers are happy with the keyboards on them?13:44
thaytanask __tim in #gstreamer :)13:44
CarlFKtwist has room for spinny, but it is thin: 7mm13:44
thaytanor you could have checked out Jaime's at LCA13:44
CarlFKand 500 g is the largests spinny I could find.  but $400 for a 1T ssd in the ssd slot wich is plenty for 1 room13:45
xfxfi bought a 2gb the other day13:45
xfxfand yeah a 1tb ssd was my next option, but they're a bit more over here13:46
xfxf2gb spinny disk for the usage is fine, the keyboard has meant i don't use the asus though13:46
CarlFKI'll trade you ssd for vegemite13:46
xfxfwhich is disencouraging me from hacking on hdmi2usb things currently, so it'd be good to fix :)13:46
xfxflol, deal13:46
CarlFKalso here something that took me by surprise:   usb3 + ssd = rsync from 4 spinny usb disks as fast as the spinnys can get the data off - no bottle neck at the target13:47
*** tija has quit IRC13:48
xfxfyeah usb3+ssd indeed pretty quick, i have a 160gb ssd in a usb3 enclosure for fast big data transfer13:48
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vinayb21i am good in python and have recently done projects on ipython and jupyter , so which kind of projects will be suitable for me?18:53
GChrissvinayb21: one of the projects I haven't found time for is transitioning from command-line gstreamer gst-launch commands (a rapid prototyping tool) to a user-friendly gui version of the same19:00
tpbTitle: GST cookbook - XiphWiki (at
vinayb21 /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER vinayb21 opxyquuvwgpr19:09
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CarlFK  I can't find physical stuff, like spacing between the mounting holes19:43
tpbTitle: Atlys Spartan-6 FPGA Trainer Board (LIMITED TIME) >> see Nexys Video - Digilent (at
CarlFKanyone know if such a thing exists?19:43
CarlFKDigilent "support" give me a cannded response: " the forum is the place for resolving technical questions such as this."19:43
GChrissCarlFK: do you mean cases or board interconnects?20:01
CarlFKGChriss: case - like the locations of the 4 holes in the board that have stand offs screwed into them20:03
GChrissyeah, no mention at all20:14
GChrissyou could probably get an accurate estimation by measuring the pixel distance and comparing to mounted usb header (a standard size)20:16
CarlFKI think I will use the board - put some chewing gum in about the right place, cover with plastic wrap,  push the stand offs into it and whack the dent  with a center punch20:35
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