Monday, 2016-02-29

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mithroxfxf: 1080p30 is possible in the inputs/outputs but not really via USB, I think you'd get about 1080p1502:44
mithroxfxf: but it hasn't been tested02:44
xfxfright, so for realistic purposes it's 720p capture02:46
xfxfalso that guy dropping in had me step through the website as a newbie and I think it's a little confusing at the moment02:46
xfxfwant me to look at reworking some of it?02:47
mithroxfxf: sure02:47
xfxfI assume finishing that basic control GUI would be good too02:47
mithroxfxf: yes02:47
xfxfhas anybody asked you questions regarding capture not working (the redmere thing)?02:48
xfxfcurious how that has gone02:48
mithroI have a feeling that most people have it still sitting in the box02:53
* shenki 02:54
mithroI assume that was meant as a "like me" shenki ?02:59
shenkisomething like that02:59
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mithroInteresting device ->
tpbTitle: minipciexpressmodules/avc8000nano – Gateworks (at
mithroxfxf: It would be good if you could try testing
tpbTitle: Make the debug command be more deterministic about debug state. by deeprave · Pull Request #214 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
xfxfi just noticed your comment, you don't have an opsis board?03:41
xfxfi have multiple, some of which i won't need until pycon - do you want me to ship you up one to borrow?03:41
mithroxfxf: I have the preproduction board and the first production board which has an issue I can't figure out03:44
mithroxfxf: We were discussing me purchasing two of your spare boards03:44
mithroxfxf: when you get a chance can you also take a look at
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB @ LCA2016 Issues - Google Docs (at
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mithroCongratulations! has been selected as a Google Summer of Code 2016 mentor organization.22:07
mithroFirst job is to go through the list of other orgs and see who we should reach out to.22:10
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CarlFKmithro: can you write up what is needed for the Opsis tofie board to output vga?22:39
CarlFKas a gsoc project22:39
mithroNope, I think that is better done by you, Rohit and seaLne22:40
mithroSee the template in the getting started tracker.22:40
CarlFKI have no idea22:42
CarlFKI'm a little surprised it wasn't built into the opsis22:42
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cr1901_modernVGA is an "end of life" technology that has no place on a modern FPGA board :D.* Nevermind it is an order of magnitude easier to get started with.23:16
cr1901_modern*I don't actually think this, but I'm aware of the sentiment.23:16
CarlFKI think legacy is a better term than EOL23:21
xfxfi'm perfectly happy with no integrated VGA on the HDMI2USB, personally23:21
xfxfi would be a happy man if I never had to touch VGA ever again23:21
CarlFKthe place I was at last week only had vga, plus a mac vga dongle23:22
CarlFKxfxf: do you think we should try to get someone to build a vga tofi board?23:24
xfxfya, having the option would definitely be useful23:24
xfxfand yeah i know those vga places exist, that's why i bought hdmi>vga scalers23:24
CarlFKget someone to describe the project and I'll promote it23:26

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