Friday, 2016-02-26

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kfluxhi! i just recieved my opsis board. i am rather a video artist than a FPGA coder, so i am a bit lost with this piece of hardware in my hands right now...12:06
kfluxi plugged it in and my machine(s) detect the device. i get colorbars as an input12:07 do i actually control the board to switch inputs and outputs?12:07
kfluxand where do i start if i want to dig deeper, like play with different composition modes, crossfade or things like that?12:07
CarlFKkflux: I haven't plugged in my production board yet, so I am not sure how it is configured out of the box...13:32
CarlFKbut sounds like you will need to connect a serial terminal (what OS are you on?) and give it commands to connect an hdmi input to the encoder (mjpeg over usb)13:32
CarlFKcrossfade will require firmware hacking. (something I have not touched yet)13:33
kfluxhi CarlFK13:35
kfluxmy production environment is windows13:35
kfluxok, cool13:36
kfluxwhere do i find the set of serial commands i can use?13:36
xfxfi should really finish my GUI for this13:43
xfxfmost of us use linux, github holds a project (flterm) to talk to it13:43
xfxfwhich is pretty much connect to it and type 'help'13:43
xfxfand it'll give you help to tell you how to use the video matrix (to connect input's to output's, or the mjpeg encoder for usb capture)13:44
xfxfunder windows, it's possible just plugging the USB cable in, using putty to talk to the serial port with the right settings is sufficient13:44
xfxfmithro: i think some documentation on this will prob be good13:45
xfxfser = serial.Serial(SERIAL, 115200, timeout=3, rtscts = False, dsrdtr = False)13:46
xfxfmatching those settings in PuTTY may work13:46
tpbTitle: video-scripts/ at master · xfxf/video-scripts · GitHub (at
xfxfthat's a basic script i've used to talk to it13:46
xfxfbut that's a very early version13:46
xfxfmithro will be able to provide better answers, he's probably asleep at the moment (00:46 here)13:47
CarlFK(im running out the door)13:50
kfluxok, great. i'll try a serial terminal (mobaXterm)13:51
xfxfkflux: i was working on a GUI which is multiplatform which worked out of the box on windows/OS X/linux which would give you control over it, but most of us got busy with a recent conference13:52
CarlFKkflux: anything that gets you a HDMI2USB> promt, hit enter to see another (verifies you are really connected) then type "help" to see commands13:52
kfluxxfxf: sounds great! do you know when approximately there will be a usable version of that?13:54
xfxfi have a vague feeling there may be a bug with return characters and/or control flow on the shipping firmware though which prevents it from working with non-flterm terminals13:54
xfxfi remember having to work around it13:54
xfxfkflux: i'll hack on it more over the weekend13:54
kfluxit's great that it's serial. that way i could just make my own GUI for it once i figure out the commands. or script a tool so i could use a MIDI controller to switch the settings13:55
xfxfmithro will have good answers, he's the core dev - suggest keeping your IRC client idling in here if possible so he can respond when he's around13:55
xfxfoh, neat - MIDI would be nice13:55
xfxfdo you know python?13:55
kfluxyeah i have some basic python knowledge13:56
xfxfthis is all work in progress13:56
xfxfbut there's this13:56
tpbTitle: GitHub - timvideos/HDMI2USB-controlproxy-daemon: Simple serial to network proxy daemon suitable for use with HDMI2USB devices. (at
xfxfwhich contains a python library that will talk to the hdmi2usb13:56
xfxfi think13:56
xfxfah, hang on, not there13:56
tpbTitle: video-scripts/ at master · xfxf/video-scripts · GitHub (at
xfxfthat rather13:58
xfxfbut that looks like it's only for monitoring13:58
xfxfi'll hack on this over the weekend a bit more13:58
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xfxfmithro: ping me when you're around, i'm happy to help with some documentation stuff over the weekend13:59
kfluxi got mainly interested in backing this project after i heard that m-lab's mixxeo (hdmi video mixer) project is dead and that the opsis is kinda it's successor14:00
xfxfah, did you order a milkymist board?14:00
xfxfIIRC there's no firmware support for it *yet* but i ordered two so i'm very interested in getting that working14:00
xfxfi believe that's something _florent_ will be hacking on14:00
xfxfthe current firmware is very based around video capture for conferences14:01
kfluxbut technically it's possible to mix the video streams of both HDMI inputs together?14:02
xfxfhe'll know more but as far as i'm aware the hdmi2usb + that board is very similar to the mixxeo already14:02
xfxfthe existing firmware switches between inputs14:02
xfxfyou use the video matrix to tell the board what input(s) to connect to what output(s)14:02
xfxfwhich is controlled via USB serial14:03
kfluxyes i figured that. good enough for now :)14:03
xfxfwe just used it recently for recording 2016, that certainly works v well14:03
kfluxbut the signals going to the inputs need to be set to 720p right?14:04
xfxf720p or another resolution, you configure it via USB serial14:04
kfluxi remember reading something about a 720p limitation14:04
xfxfbut yeah, all same resolution14:04
xfxf1080p30 is the limitation iirc14:04
xfxfor 1080p60; 30 might just be the capture limitation due to USB2 bandwidth14:05
xfxfi've used them predominantly at 720p14:05
kfluxah, so is it possible to feed two 1080p30 signals in and switch between them to output via HDMI and at the same time USB capture the selected one as 720p via USB?14:06
xfxfit'll all be the same resolution14:07
xfxfincluding capture14:07
kflux1080p30 via USB2?14:07
xfxfiirc scaling features are planned14:07
xfxftbh i don't remember the limitation there14:07
xfxfi think so? 720p30 for sure14:07
kfluxok, so as i understand, the serial terminal is an interactive terminal, right?14:10
kfluxcan i also send something like AT commands to it? non-interactive14:10
xfxfah, "The firmware currently restricts the maximum resolution to 720p60"14:11
xfxf1080p30 is being hacked on according to that page14:11
xfxfand it's interactive yes, but you can throw them commands without reading input back, that works14:12
kfluxi see14:12
kfluxthanks a lot for your help, xfxf14:12
kfluxwill play around with it over the weekend14:13
xfxfnp - if you hang around you'll probably get better answers :)14:13
kfluxwill do :)14:13
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