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xfxfCarlFK: whee, I just discovered the official conf json has some of the miniconf sessions in the wrong rooms08:16
xfxfi was looking at some of these recorded videos and wondering WTF had happened08:17
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jeayay for zookeeper10:09
jeathose talks were part of the room swaps that happened on tuesday10:24
jeai'm almost surprised we had a schedule at all10:25
xfxfyeah from what i hear rescheduling in zookeepr is a PITA10:27
xfxfminiconf's are always a headache10:27
xfxfas the data is never right inside the official schedule10:27
xfxfi've made noises to next years organiser that maybe possibly miniconfs should be using the same scheduling system and not a seperate one10:28
jeayeah, that makes a lot of sense to me10:28
jeaI don't see why they can't be done within the same place10:28
xfxfCarlFK: did you end up trying that dv pipeline?10:30
xfxfCarlFK: i can probably bang in a camera to a computer later tonight and tweak if it didn't10:30
jeaxfxf: did you need clarification about the CLS videos still? I can help with that10:30
xfxfyeah, shot Donna an email10:56
jeabasically there was the welcome and then some talks that were recorded and can be released, as well as the closing. I think I reviewed the videos for it and marked the sheet up11:01
xfxfoh right you were in the room, weren't you11:06
xfxfsome of them were moved to 'borked', was that you?11:07
jeayeah, i was in the room11:07
xfxfusually when things are moved there it's usually 'don't release these as we were told not to' or 'something is broken with the recording, so don't release it'11:07
xfxfdo you still have a veyepar login?11:08
jeai can't remember if i moved them or not. i did ask CarlFK about it at one point and he mentioned borked11:08
xfxfif so, you should be able to log in and move the recordings you think are right to 'edit'11:08
xfxfwould you mind doing that?11:08
xfxfi'm a little confused :)11:08
xfxfwell, either 'edit' if you want me to double check or 'encode' if you think the edits are right11:08
xfxfmy encode box here is running everything else so it'll grab them automatically11:09
jeathis one is in the wrong room -
tpbTitle: veyepar: Open information: Documenting data and methods (at
jeashould be in costa theatre, i think11:11
xfxfCarlFK: i have to admit i like the latest feature you've added of encoding all raw files to low quality webm + sticking them up on your rackspace box, makes doing this remotely actually a thing we can do11:11
xfxfnot surprised, found another earlier11:11
xfxfthat talk is a dup11:12
xfxfi think11:12
tpbTitle: veyepar - Show: lca 2016 (at
xfxfit's there twice11:13
xfxfnfi why11:13
jeaah ok. could have happened during the scheduling changes11:13
xfxfmy guess is they removed the old talk + added a new one11:13
xfxfso it has a new ID11:13
jeaof course11:13
xfxfi'd complain but i dealt with a conference once who refused to supply any data, i entered it by hand, then they ended up changing the scheduling completely during the day because of some speakers not rocking up11:14
xfxfin comparison, this is fine ;)11:14
jeathat would be horrible11:14
xfxfyeah, they didn't keep track of it either11:14
xfxfand the talk slots didn't even line up11:15
xfxfit's always fun trying to explain the complexities of scheduling data to somebody who only sees the end result, though11:15
xfxfi mean, how hard could it be?  you just hit record and upload to youtube, right?11:15
xfxfi think the wrong one got published11:16
xfxfthat's mostly blank11:16
xfxfi'll fix that talk now11:16
jeathat is rather black11:16
xfxfdone, gone11:18
xfxfyeah, there were two uploaded to youtube11:19
xfxffor the dup talks11:19
xfxfthat one was the wrong room one11:19
xfxfif you're dealing with the clsXlca ones11:19
xfxfif there's already a 'host' link on youtube and it looks OK, you can stick that one to 'richard'11:20
xfxfwe're using richard for the webm encodes11:20
xfxfotherwise, just stick it into 'edit' if you want me to double check or 'encode' if you're happy for it to go into the encode queue11:20
xfxfi'll review everything at the 'review 1' step later on anyway11:20
xfxfif rooms are wrong, let me know, i'll fix the data + reassociate files11:20
xfxf(unsure if you know but richard was the API part of pyvideo - the author likes naming his projects after real names for some reason)11:22
jeawhere is the host link? on the talk page in veyepar?11:22
jeaI had forgotten what richard was, but that makes sense now11:22
xfxftwo ways11:22
xfxfif you're looking at the general 'status' page11:22
jeaoh, i see a host link now11:23
xfxfand you click on one of the statuses11:23
tpbTitle: veyepar - Show: lca 2016 (at
xfxfthe host column where it shows 'Y'11:23
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xfxfor if you click on a talk, there's a link in there11:23
xfxfyeah, veyepar is very very functional but i'm not a huge fan of it's UI either11:23
xfxfbut i'm used to it11:23
jeaI might just start doing a UI for it11:23
xfxfi care more about workflow then pretty11:23
xfxfthe workflor works11:23
xfxfdon't you have your own?11:24
xfxfi was going to poke at it when i have some time11:24
xfxfi'm sure there's ideas from each which are good11:24
jeaI do have my own, but I don't really mind which is used. I just want something that is simple to use but has lots of functionality11:24
xfxfyeah, i wrote my own before Carl started veyepar11:24
xfxfbut Carl hacks on this almost every day11:24
xfxfi can't compete with that11:24
xfxfso i help Carl :)11:24
jeaI don't think I could keep up with that11:25
jeaI might keep mine going as a super simplified version for single talks or something11:25
xfxfbut yeah, definitely needs some front-end work if more people want to adopt it11:25
xfxfonce you're used to it though then you kinda get used to how it operates and it no longer becomes a major problem11:25
xfxfi've got some plans for another tool to be used by user groups11:26
xfxfwhich will be simplified11:26
xfxfbut, like we need a third tool :)11:26
jeauser groups is more what I think my tool would be alright for. veyepar is good for really big events I can tell11:27
xfxfyeah, it's designed for scale11:27
xfxfi tend not to use it for user groups ever as there's too much complexity11:28
xfxfcarl uses it for everything, though11:28
jeaPutting one or two videos through it would be a bit too much I think11:28
jeait would do it well, but it would be a lot of overhead11:28
xfxfhalf day single track events is where it starts to make sense imho11:29
xfxfthat said with some UI adjustments and an alternative/simplified workflow on top of what's there currently i think it could work well11:29
xfxfbut i've been talking about doing that for ages and i haven't yet so i'll shut up :)11:30
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jeaI'm going to start doing more work on the software side of things, so maybe I can incorporate some of your ideas into it11:32
xfxfya, i've got some plans involving that and the opsis's, will ping you when i get to the post-prod side11:33
jeaxfxf: is there a way to dig up some extra videos? There is about 30mins worth missing from
tpbTitle: veyepar: clsXlca Lightning Talks (at
jeaI know that there were more talks after the last video that is shown in the list11:43
xfxfclick the 'get this' button at the bottom and click save12:01
xfxfit'll add the next raw file it knows about after the selected ones12:01
xfxfrepeat to add more files12:01
jeaah, that does it12:03
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