Saturday, 2016-02-13

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CarlFK  $200.  hmm, not sure I want it that bad.03:12
tumbleweednot bad03:17
tumbleweedwhat do you want in it?03:18
CarlFK2 mic receivers, 1 opsis, 1 mother board, 1 hard disk03:19
CarlFKmaybe jamm a 8 port switch in there too.03:20
tumbleweedprobably need a baby mixer then too03:21
CarlFKwell, I have 6 or so of these:  (except the USB was an external usb sound dongle that was included in the box.  very strange.03:28
tpbTitle: Behringer XENYX 1204USB USB Mixer | Guitar Center (at
CarlFKmaybe I should just give up on making things I can carry03:28
tumbleweedoh, yeah, I remember those03:29
CarlFKand have one big ol box that splits into two parts, one gets dropped by the lectern.. hmm.. I need the audio mixer and the video mixer UI to be at the right hight03:31
CarlFKOh, lets add in some  high grade  vga -> hdmi and hdmi-> vga converters03:34
CarlFKI knew I could overflow it03:34
tumbleweedI know rattusrattus would love similar things fro debconf03:34
CarlFKThe VGA stuff should be built into the Opsis ...  so I guess an add on card03:35
tpbTitle: Buy Products Online from China Wholesalers at (at
CarlFKI have a 12U? verson of that04:09
CarlFKgood stuff.  but too big?04:09
* tumbleweed wonders if a 1U (half-depth?) rack-mount machine with a SDI capture card would be sensible for voctomix04:17
tumbleweedthat doesn't mean a 3U case is sensible, though :/04:39
CarlFKpacking the monitor is going to be the bigger hurdle04:40
tumbleweedwhen are they going to roll up already...04:41
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CarlFKhmm..    32 Lumens, 80000:1 Contrast,   0.4 lbs, Laser Projector       $34905:00
tpbTitle: Celluon Projectors: Celluon PicoPro Laser projector (at
CarlFKI wonder how it would be using that for the mixer ?05:01
tumbleweedlight pollution can be a problem in conference talks05:02
CarlFKyou don't need 1:105:02
tumbleweedprobably better than a 9" LCD :)05:02
CarlFKhmm.. I am starting to like the idea of a little projector and a small projector screen...05:08
CarlFKexcept I can't see how it would be arranged05:08
CarlFKoh, a little projector that is mounted in the box.05:09
tumbleweedthat makes it hard to fit in a corner at the back of the room05:09
tumbleweedif the box has to have a screen in front of it, in a place that will be convenient for the operator05:10
tumbleweedif only these things were cheap
tpbTitle: Rackmount Monitor (at
CarlFKah - I was thinking the box was in the corner, like stored against the wall.  Yeah, convenient for the operator is screwing things up.05:12
CarlFKand yeah, rack mount storable bla bla monitor would be great.05:13
CarlFKlol - point it at the ceiling, operator lays on his back.  bring a pillow.05:14
CarlFKnot sure if that is better than: hang the box from the ceiling, project on the table05:15
CarlFKover the operator05:15
tumbleweedI guess you're going to end up with a flightcase full of fairly thin monitors05:15
CarlFKbring a hard hat05:15
CarlFKlol - tie a pillow to the top of your head.05:16
tumbleweeddoesn't vocto have a remote UI option? so continue with laptops...05:16
xfxfCarlFK: how much have you used Shotcut?  i'm finding it massively unstable, crashes galore05:17
CarlFKxfxf: lots05:18
xfxfany issues?05:18
CarlFKI would call it less than rock solid.  but not massively unstable.05:18
xfxfit's crashing on me every 3 mins05:18
xfxfall i'm doing is trying to re-edit a video with a new audio source05:18
CarlFKwhat os?05:19
CarlFKI used it on  all 50 Nodevember vids on my laptop with usb drives for the content05:20
CarlFKtumbleweed: remote UI  - yes.  laptops are more things to hook up.05:21
tumbleweedCarlFK: laptop is easier to set up than a monitor, keyboard, mouse. But more likely to vanish :P05:22
tumbleweed(also, smaller)05:22
CarlFKI wonder if a tablet would work05:23
CarlFKand yes, pondering using a phone05:23
tumbleweedthat was the plan, wasn't it?05:23
CarlFKwhat plan?05:23
tumbleweedCCC people's plan05:24
tumbleweedpeoples, even05:24
tumbleweedoh, apparently my opses arrived on thursday \o/05:24
CarlFKCCC plan is to use tablets?   hadn't hear that, but it seems reasonable05:26
tumbleweedI seem to remember that. But I wouldn't trust my memory...05:26
xfxfCarlFK: this is on the encoder server we used @ LCA05:27
xfxfCarlFK: I figured out the issue with post_yt btw05:29
xfxf        meta['title'] =[:100]05:30
xfxfspot the fix05:30
xfxfi more elegantly solved this in the past05:30
xfxfby only chopping at edges of words05:30
xfxfi don't think you accepted the patch :P05:30
CarlFKI thought I was doing that05:31
CarlFKsomewhere I quote the docs saying what the max length is05:31
CarlFKxfxf: are you running ~/local/Shotcut/
CarlFKwhich is a script that sets a bunch of vars05:32
xfxfah, no, just the bin directly05:32
CarlFKrun that script05:32
xfxfwill do05:33
* tumbleweed likes appending … when truncating things. (and if they support unicode, it usually has the advantage of only using 1 char)05:33
xfxffixing a/v sync in one keynote was fun05:33
tumbleweedxfxf: did you have to fix all the a/v sync by hand?05:33
xfxfi ponder how hard it'd be to write an a/v sync  preview tool using gst05:33
xfxfyeah, i did05:33
xfxfexport wav05:33
xfxfadjust audio05:34
xfxfpull back in05:34
xfxftry and line it up05:34
xfxfrepeat process05:34
tumbleweeddoing that for LUG talks was what got me to stop videoing them05:34
xfxfif it was for more than 1 video i'd have written something05:34
xfxfi did that for pretty much all the LCA2004 videos05:34
xfxfnever again05:34
xfxfevery night05:34
xfxffor 3 months05:34
CarlFKwhat is the "adjust audio" step ?05:34
xfxfCarlFK: stretch or shrink it with a ladspa filter05:34
xfxfin this case tempo05:35
xfxfthat said it looks like voctomix or something in the chain started dropping way more frames towards the end of the talk05:35
xfxfso the end result ended up removing some video frames every few minutes by hand for the last 1/3'rd05:36
xfxfi love shotcut's errors05:37
tumbleweedare they not timestamped enough to be able to repeat frames whenever one is missing?05:37
xfxf[Warning] <MLT> [producer avformat] "/home/videoteam/Videos/veyepar/lca/lca2016/dv/r1mix/2016-02-04/09_48_51.ts"  WILD TIMESTAMP!05:37
xfxfi wonder if that's a pokemon reference05:37
xfxftumbleweed: this was an issue with the decklink sources before they were fixed05:37
xfxfi think the timestamps were all screwed up05:37
xfxfCarlFK: what do I need to do to get emails working?  your scripts reference settings.EMAIL_SENDER, I assume there are parameters I need to shove into veyepar.cfg which aren't there already05:44
CarlFKxfxf: djangos local_settings.py05:44
xfxfoh, right, that settings05:44
xfxfoh so you just use the normal django mail stuff05:44
xfxfthat's easy, i can figure that out05:44
xfxfi seem to recall a thing for it but i'm evidently recalling incorrectly05:46
xfxfbtw, considered using something like mandrill?05:46
xfxfit's free for the volume of emails you're sending and is useful for seeing if people are actually looking at the email you're sending / following the links05:46
xfxfinstallation on django is like a package plus changing the email backend setting05:47
CarlFKmeh.  I don't see a problem I want to solve05:52
xfxfpython not working for me btw05:55
xfxf django.db.utils.DataError: value too long for type character varying(35)05:55
xfxfCarlFK: poke, any idea? can give you remote access06:16
xfxfemail is the one thing i don't want to experiment on given it's visible06:17
CarlFKxfxf: sorry, missed the nick...  um...06:44
CarlFKsure - access06:45
CarlFKmy keys are on it, so just fwd a port06:45
CarlFKthis may help: python --test06:48
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xfxfsame issue06:57
xfxfi reckon it's a data issue06:57
xfxfwant to run it on your end?06:57
xfxfdoesn't really matter who sends the email06:57
xfxfthi sis for the 1 video in 'email'06:57
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xfxfalso CarlFK07:19
tpbTitle: veyepar: Sysadmins: present, past and future (at
xfxflook at the recording sheets and the recorded files07:20
xfxfthey don't match and i'm confused as to why07:20
CarlFKxfxf: email_url 10700 Improving thread synchronization ... done.07:21
CarlFK10771 ... hmm...07:22
CarlFKits vocto07:22
CarlFKfiles start at random times07:22
CarlFKwell, they start every 10 min after some random time that someone started everything07:23
xfxfright, but the guy in the video isn't what the metadata says07:25
xfxfassuming metadata issue07:26
CarlFKdid you play starting at 93 sec?07:26
CarlFKthe guy says "I only asked Paul tod do this talk this morining..."07:27
CarlFKso yeah, last min07:27
CarlFKideally the [x]title gets Xed for correct titles07:28
CarlFKbut trying to get people to do that and the other 100 things ... is hard.07:28
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xfxfokay, i shall encode it then07:58
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CarlFKwhy can't I find an amazon link to the case for the opsis?20:14
CarlFKmini ITX, I hope.20:44
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CarlFK  $5021:21
CarlFK  $25 grumble21:22
CarlFKthe rack mount I think I can make21:22
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