Saturday, 2016-01-30

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CarlFKtumbleweed: ping when are you planing on being around in geelong?01:28
CarlFKwe may need that us usb power thing that has the removable plug that fits the atlys power supply01:29
xfxfmithro: they are ready for us now in Costa hall01:38
xfxfand the AV guy wants to talk to us because apparently what we had organised with Don isn't actually possible01:38
tumbleweedCarlFK: I'm staying in geelong02:32
tumbleweeda bit wrecked today (sick), so I haven't ventured out02:32
CarlFKtumbleweed: :(02:32
CarlFKI am still fighting my sick.02:32
tumbleweednot too bad here, but tired, so rolling with that02:33
CarlFKwhere are you staying ?02:33
tumbleweedother side of the railway station02:33
CarlFKmicolous: were are we staying02:33
CarlFKtumbleweed: oh right, you got your own .. so it is sane.  good idea02:34
micolousCarlFK: something ponds campus, student residences02:39
micolousit's about 15 min drive between it and the waterfront campus, which is a bit suck02:39
micolousThe organisers put on a bus service which is good, but it's not early enough for us :P02:39
micolousAt least there is Uber here. I was really surprised02:40
CarlFKmicolous: make this work please:03:10
CarlFK(veyepar)[email protected]:~/pxe/html/lc/nm$ ./ 203:11
CarlFKsudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified03:11
CarlFKssh r${1}mix "sudo rm /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/Wired\ connection\ 1"03:11
CarlFKmicolous: ssh -t ...03:37
CarlFKmicolous: how to I restart networkmanager?03:38
micolousinvoke-rc.d network-manager restart ?03:38
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mithroWe are going to dinner. Be back in a couple of hours07:19
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thaytanthe hardware they're using to stream fosdem11:37
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