Wednesday, 2016-01-20

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mithroxfxf: we can switch to 25fps, but its not going to happen before the hackfest00:05
xfxfat hackfest is fine00:09
xfxfI'm having multiple issues with the opsis's btw00:10
xfxfbut we can look at it this weekend00:10
mithroxfxf: Can you please find repos and log bugs in the issue tracker?00:10
xfxfgiven its wed00:10
xfxfhaven't had time00:11
xfxfbut sure00:11
mithroxfxf: having stuff in the issue tracker ASAP would be really helpful if you can00:11
mithroysionneau: ping? Did you ever end up working on any miniSpartan6+ stuff?00:11
xfxfunderstand, but I'm at "nothing is working properly and I don't know why", not "here are a number of steps to follow to make X occur"00:11
xfxflatter requires more time investment00:12
xfxfwill do, just haven't had time yet00:12
mithroxfxf: thanks - It's expected there will be some bugs which need shaking out, the sooner we understand the problem the better00:13
xfxfnod, I'm going to guess you will have no time in the next two days00:13
mithroxfxf: maybe, maybe not00:14
xfxfwe can reproduce Fri night00:14
mithroxfxf: I've been working from about 6pm till about midnight on stuff, if I can see the problem is easily repoed and I know an easy fix - then it might get done before Friday00:16
CarlFKmithro: might help to have some targets, like 1) plug in power, 2) turn on (is there a switch?) 3) plug in usb to linux box 4) flterm...  5) hit enter  see HDMI2USB> prompt, 6) status, see the following: (expected status output for this case)01:55
mithroxfxf: can you make sure we actually have access to the podiums in the rooms?02:12
xfxfwe won't.  uni av always lock it down02:17
xfxfI suggest we ask in person on Monday rather than be difficult over email02:17
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mithroxfxf: so the backplates don't work if you don't use a standoff06:34
mithroxfxf: I have 50 standoffs here now, and I sent a further 50 to your place06:34
xfxfokay, cool06:34
xfxfyou may as well bring them with you instead of sending stuff06:34
xfxfgiven you're here in 2 days :)06:35
mithroxfxf: no - I had them sent from the US to you06:35
xfxfoh, right06:35
mithroxfxf: and the same to me06:35
mithroxfxf: just in case they didn't turn up here in time06:35
mithroxfxf: just working on getting a bunch of the faceplates now06:35
xfxfneat, ta06:37
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xfxfi don't mind adding the backplates but i'm 100% they're not actually needed06:37
xfxfer, the standoffs, rather06:37
xfxfi'll add them if they're the only way the backplates fit06:37
xfxfalso, can you bring that case i sent you up?06:38
xfxfi modified mine last night and it actually works fairly well06:38
xfxfas in, i'm using the PSU inside of it06:38
xfxfwhich is overkill but it means i have a barrel connector on the outside of the box06:38
xfxfinstead of a cable hanging out06:38
xfxfmight wire up a relay to the power button + ATX pins too so i can turn it on and off :)06:39
mithroxfxf: pic?07:02
xfxfcan't, not home07:02
xfxfnot really much to take a pic of07:02
xfxfit's the case i sent up to you with the hdmi2usb mounted inside of it with a few of the ATX cables modified to ensure it powers up + feeds power to the 6-pin pci-e connector07:02
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mithroxfxf: yeah, I want to put it on the cases page :)07:03
xfxfso you'll cringe at this07:03
xfxfbut i looked at the diagram for your 6-pin pci-e connector07:03
xfxfand the specs for ATX07:03
xfxfand discovered if you plug in a 4-pin ATX cable backwards into your connector it works07:03
xfxfi am not sure you want to recommend that :)07:03
xfxfsame voltage, pins are just reversed07:04
xfxfpretty much that + pulling out two of the pins on the ATX cable that comes with it to wire the power pin to ground07:04
xfxfi also noticed the rpi2 has gstreamer stuff for its hardware h.264 encoding07:07
xfxfi'm tempted to try mounting a rpi2 in the same case as there's room and seeing if i can do any automated encoding for LUG's07:07
xfxfeven if the encode takes half a day it'll probably be sufficient for an automated solution07:08
thaytanxfxf, the rpi can do full-hd h.264 encode in real time07:09
xfxfoh, neat, so there's legs in that style of solution then07:09
thaytanUSB bandwidth may suck - not sure if it can actually do the full 480Mbit/s USB207:09
xfxfI thought the rpi2 was better in that regard07:10
xfxfI know the rpi1 was poor from personal experience07:10
thaytanit has more CPU to service the USB interrupts07:10
thaytanbut the ethernet is still hanging on the same USB07:10
xfxfoh, they didn't move away from that, shame07:10
thaytanso it depends where you're putting your encoded results07:11
thaytanany useful destination is probably still on that USB07:11
xfxfwell, if not a rpi2, are there other similar boards that have gstreamer supported h.264 encoding?07:11
xfxfeven if they cost more07:11
thaytanfreescale boards can, or minnowboards can do it via VAAPI07:12
thaytanxfxf, I'm just making general observations - I'm not sure how much of the USB bandwidth the JPEG capture/encode wants to use07:12
xfxfoh, its v useful info, thank you07:13
xfxfand nod, valid points07:13
xfxfthese are ideas I'll explore after LCA i'm yet to attempt07:13
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mithrothaytan: that is using the hardware encoder right?08:11
thaytanmithro, what is?08:12
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thaytanlooks good08:14
thaytanmithro, can you speed up reality? that live feed is too slow08:15
mithrothaytan: ha - 3d printing is slow :(08:15
thaytansend M220 S200 ;)08:16
mithrothaytan: sadly I don't think you'll get your Opsis before LCA08:26
mithrothaytan: they are shipping out of the US now08:26
thaytangood job getting that far though!08:43
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travis-ci[mithro/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/opsis-shipping#76] (93ea9c8): The build is still failing. (
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travis-ci[mithro/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/opsis-shipping#77] (e90ea3b): The build has errored. (
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travis-ci[mithro/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/fx2-refactor#78] (9693f4e): The build has errored. (
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mithrostupid CI, finding bugs in my code09:14
xfxfjust disable CI then, no more bugs :P09:38
mithroxfxf: I wish :P09:44
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travis-ci[mithro/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/opsis-shipping#79] (cc41c8a): The build is still failing. (
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xfxfmithro: were you looking at the 15fps thing tonight, btw?09:47
xfxfi assume you need no more info from me to debug that - it appears to be 15fps always09:48
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travis-ci[mithro/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/opsis-shipping#80] (977e00a): The build passed. (
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mithroxfxf: It looks like the clk_freq on the Opsis is set to 50MHz rather then 75MHz - but I'm unsure if that is related or not10:00
mithroxfxf: I think this might be related to
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xfxfah, is there huge variance between the atlys and opsis firmware?10:02
xfxfi assumed they'd be mostly the same10:02
mithroxfxf: no, there is only a small variance - they are 90% the same10:02
mithroOne of the big differences in the memory controller though10:02
xfxfright, because the atlys firmware is working great - outside of it being locked to 30fps and the wierd issue with red + other minor things i reported10:02
mithroThe Atlys has DDR2, while the Opsis has DDR310:03
xfxfoh, neat10:03
xfxfdoes that mean we can do things like pass 1080p60 through but capture at 30?10:03
mithroxfxf: not really, the IO pins on the FPGA doesn't toggle fast enough for 1080p6010:05
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ysionneau01:07 <@mithro> ysionneau: ping? Did you ever end up working on any miniSpartan6+ stuff? < hi! nop, the port was not done last time I checked (few weeks ago in fact)12:16
mithroysionneau: Well, it boots the bios and I think shenki and I got the MiniSoC running12:16
mithrodunno if we ever got the HDMI input/output working?12:17
ysionneauah great :)12:17
ysionneaugood news!12:17
ysionneausorry for not being around much... my situation is evolving in the good direction12:17
mithroysionneau: good to hear12:24
mithroysionneau: that was back before you did you had a miniSpartan6+ - so was wondering if you had replicated it at all12:24
ysionneauah, no, I remember asking if I was supposed to work on the minispartan port and I think you preferred that I work on the github issues12:25
ysionneauso I didn't try12:25
mithroysionneau: wasn't sure if you ignored me or not :P12:25
ysionneauit could have happen :p12:25
ysionneau"aaah noo I really wanna tryyy"12:25
mithroxfxf: we never did sync up12:39
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mithroxfxf: I need to discuss with you tomorrow what I should be bringing.13:23
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seaLnetofe-vga is coming along, i've now got the components roughly grouped to work out where they are going
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xfxfmithro: sure, hit me up when you see this22:17
CarlFKwill the live stream be 720p?23:01
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xfxfCarlFK: no idea, that'll be up to mithro and micolous.  we have enough computational power + bandwidth + relays to do it, though23:21
xfxfCarlFK: i'd be happy enough with previous resolution for streaming though23:22
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