Monday, 2016-01-18

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mithroxfxf: I'm back now - just going through the backlog of things04:18
mithroxfxf: BTW Did I forget to mention that I would be away (and mostly uncontactable) Thursday->Today?04:32
mithrocr1901_modern: ping?04:32
xfxfmithro: neg, but not a big deal, we've still progressed on stuff04:32
mithroxfxf: great04:33
xfxfmithro: i assume you'll be busy until this weekend given you'll be off from work for ~2 weeks04:33
xfxfoh, there's a public holiday next week too, so i can make it to at least one day04:33
xfxfoutside of after hours04:33
mithroxfxf: yeah04:37
mithroxfxf: one thing I need to organise is wireless internet04:37
mithroxfxf: the place doesn't have any good options04:38
mithroxfxf: any suggestions?04:39
xfxfi'd probably check what vodafone coverage is like04:39
xfxfif they have 4g, load up a sim with credit04:39
xfxfif you get a telstra sim i have a dongle that works on linux04:40
xfxfso iptables etc04:40
xfxfi can lend a box to use as a router04:40
xfxffark, mobile data isn't cheap04:41
tpbTitle: Mobile Broadband Recharge | Vodafone Australia (at
xfxf$200 for 22gb04:41
xfxfassuming not shit coverage04:41
tpbTitle: Telstra Broadband - Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband (at
xfxf$140 for 16gb with telstra04:43
xfxfi'd prob go with telstra04:43
xfxfi thought they'd be more expensive04:43
xfxfi'd probably lock the router down like anything too to ensure people don't accidentally use up data04:43
mithroxfxf: Yeah - I was sure it had gotten cheaper then that...04:53
xfxfmithro: poked you in #lca-av, need to respond to an email05:14
cr1901_modernmithro: pong05:18
cr1901_modernHDMI cables are in05:18
cr1901_modernHowever, trying to actually BUILD a SoC isn't going all that swell lol05:19
cr1901_modernmithro: "BTW Did I forget to mention that I would be away (and mostly uncontactable) Thursday->Today?" Not that I am aware of :P05:43
mithrocr1901_modern: were are we at?05:44
cr1901_modernmithro: Got my cables. Trying to get a SoC working05:46
cr1901_modernI got the exact cable you pointed me to05:47
cr1901_modernmithro: You said shenki had minispartan6 firmware for HDMI2USB?06:33
shenkicr1901_modern: yep07:07
tpbTitle: Commits · shenki/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
cr1901_modernOh, THAT's why I couldn't find it. Had the wrong branch checked out07:13
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xfxfmithro: ^^07:35
xfxfpackaged well07:37
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mithroHe had the MiniSoC working07:43
cr1901_modern*** No rule to make target 'divsi3.o', needed by 'libcompiler-rt.a'.  Stop.07:56
cr1901_modernOf course, this is most likely because of a migen version conflict; I seem to be the only person actively targeting the new version07:57
cr1901_modernEven worse, " develop" ensures that my copies of migen/misoc are seen before yours. Guess I have no choice but to create a conda environment07:58
cr1901_modernoh wait, nevermind for now. Looks like submodules didn't initialize07:59
mithroxfxf: Can you send a picture of the other side?08:04
mithroxfxf: So, I'm currently planning on crashing at your place on Friday night08:06
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cr1901_modernshenki: is the 32MHz clock default for you?08:11
cr1901_modernOh yea, Xilinx ISE is having a field day trying to optimize this lol08:12
cr1901_modernshenki: Ignore prev q, got my answer08:14
shenkicr1901_modern: :)08:14
cr1901_modernYou appear to use a PLL to halve the freq and then multiply by 508:16
cr1901_modernAaaand, done:
tpbTitle: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet (at
cr1901_modernI'd love to know why newlines aren't working properly, but I can deal with that later08:21
_florent_cr1901_modern: you need to configure your terminal with: "implicit CR in every LF"08:43
xfxfmithro: the sheet says 12v2a, I bought a mix of 1a and 2a adapters as understood a minimum of 1a. did the specs change / is this an issue?09:00
xfxfmithro: also i've plugged in a board, gone to the URL on the instructions, can't find any instructions for getting firmware onto this. just shows a test pattern with hdmi2usb written on it when plugged in09:26
xfxflsusb shows a device with no information09:26
xfxfBus 001 Device 012: ID 2a19:544209:26
xfxfmithro: i'm going to wait a hour then just starting figuring it out from what i see up on github.  i'm intentionally pausing here as i assume you want to simulate somebody else getting this + having very clear repeatable instructions09:59
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xfxfwhat should they come up as?11:27
xfxfbecause i get a test screen and lsusb shows nothing11:27
xfxfas in, blank11:27
xfxfsee above11:27
xfxfno device name11:27
xfxfhang on11:28
xfxfmaybe you're right11:28
mithroThey won't have a device name as we arn't in USB.ids11:28
xfxfoh dear11:28
xfxfi've been waiting the last 2 hours haha11:28
xfxfi can see the test pattern in vocto, so good11:30
xfxfit turns out i'm an idiot, big surprise11:30
xfxfshould i have a serial port?11:30
xfxfmy script doesn't appear to work11:32
xfxfwill try minicom11:32
xfxfnope - need help11:33
xfxfalso it sounds like i should probably finish my switcher GUI so you have something for people to use11:33
xfxfconsidering it's set to a test pattern out of the box11:33
xfxfsegfault in the uvcvideo driver when i unplugged it just then11:38
xfxfi plug it back into the laptop where i've been running the test board + have those drivers installed11:38
xfxfthe device is not detected + dmesg is full of 'device descriptor read error' messages11:39
mithroYou mean kernel oops?11:39
xfxfsorry, yes11:39
xfxfassume ttyACM0 is the device i should be talking to, what are the serial options?11:40
xfxfand do i need a special driver?11:40
mithroYes, and no driver needed11:40
mithroJust connect and hit enter11:40
xfxfconnect how?11:40
mithroI use flterm11:41
seaLnemithro: what do you think the chances of happening is? considering getting one11:41
tpbTitle: Support video capture from Canon HV30 cameras · Issue #132 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
xfxfsure, but the machine where i have all of that stuff built is having those issues described above11:41
mithroseaLne: very high11:41
xfxfand i dont' want to install all of the firmware build stuff on this pc - it's what i'll be making an image from11:42
mithroMinicom should work11:42
seaLnemithro: thanks11:42
mithroSo should pyserial11:42
xfxfneither are11:43
xfxfif you think they'll work i'll assume there's an issue, will debug11:43
xfxfnow i'm getting those usb errors on both machines11:43
xfxfthis is after a hdmi2usb power cycle too11:43
tpbTitle: Pastebin | IRCCloud (at
xfxfi'm going to reboot11:44
xfxfthe board worked fine 5 mins ago11:44
xfxfoh, neat, faulty new USB cable11:46
mithroxfxf: the device will start out at 2a19:5440 and then switch to 2a19:5442 after a second or two11:55
xfxfinput1 is working11:58
xfxfinput0 is not11:58
xfxfinput0:  0x011:58
xfxfsame cable works fine on input111:58
xfxfand yes, doing video_matrix etc11:58
mithroxfxf: what is the computer showing?11:59
xfxfwindows seems to see the display but doesn't give any resolutions12:00
mithroxfxf: It is really hard to debug Windows12:02
mithroxfxf: they should have all been tested btw12:02
xfxfokay, i can plug it into a linux box, what can i do to get you info?12:04
mithroeverything from dmesg and xrandr12:04
tpbTitle: Elphel/gtxe2_gpl (at
xfxf[857932.546185] EDID block is all zeroes12:07
xfxf[857932.546205] i915 0000:00:02.0: HDMI-A-1: EDID block 0 invalid.12:07
_florent_mithro: hi, I saw that, that's cool12:08
mithroxfxf: can you compare to another cable, another input and another board12:08
xfxfi just reset the board again and now both inputs are working12:08
mithroxfxf: can you also provide a picture of the other side of the opsis board?12:08
xfxfthis is the same cable i've been testing with the past week12:08
mithroxfxf: (not the sheet)12:09
mithroxfxf: yes, but please try as anyway12:09
mithroxfxf: it helps see if it is a marginal signal problem or something else12:09
mithroxfxf: the fact that both works after reset seems to indicate a firmware problem12:09
mithroxfxf: but its useful to find out more12:09
xfxfto be clear, i had reset the board twice already12:12
xfxfnow it's working fine, so is another board12:12
mithroxfxf: yes, but I'm unclear what you have been doing12:13
xfxfwhat are you unclear on?12:14
mithroxfxf: What exactly you did and how you got into a state were you needed a reset12:14
mithroxfxf: if you can reproduce the problem, please do log an issue12:15
xfxfpowered board up, send it the same commands my script does via flterm (my script isn't working for some reason, yet to debug, and minicom is unusable with default settings - all text is on the right of the screen)12:15
mithroxfxf: great12:16
mithroxfxf: those QR codes are unique for each board12:16
mithroxfxf: so we should create a tracking spreadsheet which stores information about each board12:17
mithroxfxf: did the package contain extra QR code labels?12:17
xfxfnot that i've seen12:17
mithroxfxf: hrm... they should have :(12:18
xfxfthere's a QR code label stuck on the anti-static bag each board comes in12:19
xfxfah, there's an extra one in each box too12:19
mithroxfxf: great! We'll put that on the external of the case12:20
mithroxfxf: it gives us an easily scanable tracking number12:20
xfxfthese power adapters i've got are a bit annoying12:20
xfxfthe cable is like 0.7m long12:20
mithroxfxf: pics?12:20
xfxfi'd order more but we won't get them in time12:20
mithroxfxf: regarding the 1A verse 2A, my calculations say we only need 1A - the Numato guys wanted a bigger margin, so we went with 2A in the docs12:24
mithroshenki: need to change the opsis docs to work like the website and use travis rather then github12:30
mithroshenki: job for tomorrow12:30
shenkimithro: ok12:31
xfxfok, i'm now having trouble with the encoder12:42
xfxfit's at 0fps no matter what i try12:43
xfxfencoder: 1280x720 @ 0fps (0Mbps) from input1 (q: 85)12:44
xfxftrying to use the v4l device fails12:44
xfxf[860330.960925] uvcvideo: Failed to set UVC probe control : -110 (exp. 26).12:44
xfxfdmesg is full of those12:44
xfxfi've had zero problems with my atlys the past week, why is this so problematic12:46
xfxfis this an older firmwre?12:46
xfxfunplugged, replugged back in, encoder briefly showed some data then has gone back to 0 agin12:47
xfxfsorry for missing letters, keyboard on this laptpo is horible12:47
xfxfERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstV4l2Src:v4l2src0: Device '/dev/video1' cannot capture at 1280x72012:49
xfxfAdditional debug info:12:49
xfxfgstv4l2object.c(3235): gst_v4l2_object_set_format_full (): /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstV4l2Src:v4l2src0:12:49
xfxfCall to S_FMT failed for MJPG @ 1280x720: Input/output error12:49
mithroxfxf: this is a newer firmware12:51
xfxfokay, because i'm currently unable to use this12:51
xfxfjust trying to get video into vocto as i have been doing the past week using the atlys12:52
xfxfgoing to try a diff board12:52
mithroxfxf: I need a lot more information about the above, I need dmesg and full gstreamer output at high debug levels12:52
mithroxfxf: is it working with mplayer?12:52
mithroxfxf: we have been testing with mplayer and skype12:52
mithroxfxf: not gstreamer, so maybe we have introduce some bugs somewhere12:54
mithroxfxf: the encoder FPS tells you how many frames the receiver is pulling12:55
mithroit will only go up when you have something receiving on the host12:55
mithroxfxf: and it sounds like you have the serial port working now?12:55
xfxfyes i know that, i'm doing this when i'm trying to use the v4l device12:56
xfxfmplayer works12:56
xfxfgstreamer doesn't12:56
xfxfmplayer as in your script12:56
xfxfand no, same serial port problems12:56
xfxfmy script doesn't work, haven't debugged it yet12:56
xfxfminicom looks terrible12:56
xfxfi'm just using flterm on my dev box12:56
mithroxfxf: "minicom looks terrible"?12:57
xfxfoh hmm12:57
mithroxfxf: doesn't really help me :P12:58
xfxfi run the script12:58
xfxfnow gstreamer works12:58
mithroxfxf: so, can you see if you can get a reliable repro case for things breaking?12:59
mithroxfxf: IE - something I can follow and reproduce the same results13:00
mithroxfxf: does it look like minicom isn't doing newlines properly?13:00
mithroxfxf: if so, you need to change one of the minicom settings - Can't remember which one.....13:01
mithro_florent_: we should make the firmware always return '\r\n' instead of just '\n'....13:03
mithroxfxf: Did you see the spreadsheet I linked in the other channel?13:03
_florent_mithro: ok we'll do that13:03
mithro_florent_: is it better to just do a search/replace on the firmware - or a hack in the printf code?13:04
xfxfmithro: it's more than newlines, all the text is squished into the last character in the terminal13:04
mithroxfxf: that doesn't really mean much to me?13:04
_florent_mithro: just saw you mail about the accomodation, cool :)13:04
mithro_florent_: Don't know the weather yet, but it is frequently hot13:04
xfxfalso sure i can try and get a reproducible case but not tonight, it's too late, i need to go to bed13:04
_florent_mithro: I was wondering about renting a car at the airport13:04
xfxfalso the encoder is only running at 15fps13:04
xfxfwill need to continue to debug tomorrow sorry13:05
mithroxfxf: no worries13:05
_florent_so if you need a second car, I can rent one13:05
mithroxfxf: can you make sure that you keep track of what you try on which boards13:05
mithroxfxf: incase there is some manufacturing difference or fault (there shouldn't be, but it will save time)13:05
xfxfmithro: nod, having a faulty usb cable doesn't help, makes me question the quality of all of them i bought13:09
xfxfbut this is definitely not that13:09
xfxfreproduced issue on two boards so assume firmware thing triggered by certain steps13:10
mithroxfxf: we should build kits13:10
xfxfthat said13:10
xfxfi really want to capture overnight13:10
xfxfi can get it into voctomix doing some things i didn't have to do on the atlys but why is the encoder claiming 15fps and not 30?13:11
xfxfi believe it, the video looks like 15fps13:11
xfxfi'm doing the exact same things i've been doing on the atlys to get 30fps video13:12
xfxfboard is set to [email protected] mode13:12
xfxfthe 'things i didn't have to do' refers to having to try your mplayer line before attempting gstreamer + using the hdmi2usb console using flterm instead of my script13:13
xfxfsame hdmi2usb console commands, same vocto scripts13:13
mithroxfxf: I don't know why it would be running at 15fps not 30 - but if you can give me test instructions I can look into it13:14
mithroxfxf: the cases are in Australia and clearing customs13:14
mithroxfxf: they ended up in 3 seperate packages13:15
mithroxfxf: I have stand offs heading to you, but they won't arrive till next week apparently13:16
xfxfmithro: 1) plug computer/monitor into input0/output0.  2) use flterm to do the 'INIT' and 'CAMERA' lines (but video_mode 9, not 10) in
tpbTitle: video-scripts/ at master · xfxf/video-scripts · GitHub (at
mithroxfxf: the ones I ordered for me were suppose to arrive today but didn't13:16
xfxf3) try to run a variant of (that doesn't require voctomix)
tpbTitle: video-scripts/ at master · xfxf/video-scripts · GitHub (at
xfxfthat's cool, i'm not sure how much time i'm going to get to assemble things before fri - in fact i'm pretty sure i won't13:17
xfxfi just want to test a pair of the devices now13:17
xfxfto ensure no issues13:17
mithroxfxf: yeah, I was hoping you'd get them before the weekend :(13:17
xfxfi.e. leave two devices with an external sound card capturing while i'm at work13:18
xfxfalso re the last script, i saw your hdmi2usb detection stuff in your scripts, will use that13:18
xfxfjust trying to get 30fps video capture now to leave overnight13:19
xfxfencoder: 1280x720 @ 15fps (131Mbps) from input0 (q: 85)13:19
mithroxfxf: we can also setup udev scripts to always make it /dev/hdmi2usb/video and /dev/hdmi2usb/control or something too?13:21
mithroxfxf: is that lying?13:22
xfxfthe video actually looks like it is 15fps13:22
xfxfthis is why i investigated to see what the encoder said13:22
xfxfi'm testing with movies/videos13:22
xfxfas it's the best way to dertermine sync issues (even 1 frame out with lipsync is noticable as hell) + ensure it's running at a smooth 30fps13:22
xfxfam using the *exact* same gst-launch line that gave me 30fps on the atlys13:23
mithroxfxf: it's better to use a test source which has each frame a different color and then looking for the colors on output13:23
mithroxfxf: I'll investigate further tomorrow13:24
xfxfcool, ta - going to head to bed for real now13:25
xfxfmay as well let it capture at 15fps overnight13:25
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cr1901_modernSo like where is everyone going?17:36
cr1901_modernI see a lot of planning/travel arrangements17:36
seaLnei think its lca stuff they are talking about17:53
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xfxfdoh, power went out overnight21:46
xfxfi thought it was the hdmi2usb but appears the whole house, phew :)21:46
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mithroseaLne / cr1901_modern: yes Linux.conf.au23:55

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