Saturday, 2016-01-16

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xfxf"the dog ate my homework"01:15
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MaZderMindxfxf: do you have a dedicated lca irc? how are your preparations going on?08:54
xfxfMaZderMind: we do, #lca-av, but most of the discussions are here + in #voctomix08:55
xfxfa bunch of the work will be at a 'hackfest' before LCA, but we're in a pretty good position - all equipment ordered/on hand, we have a working voctomix loop08:55
xfxfmost of the work is getting the cut / post-production all tested+working, and putting the voctomix bits + pieces into a much more production grade monitoring solution08:56
xfxfCarlFK is working on the former, I + a few others working on the latter08:57
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