Friday, 2016-01-15

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CarlFKmithro: did the default encoder quality change?  I am seeing 50, I was expecting 8502:38
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CarlFK6' hdmi $1 ... and I think they are a thinner cable than the $3 cables16:30
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CarlFKif anyone wants those cables, let me know how many and I'll bring them to lca18:25
CarlFKstatic test pattern of lines.18:26
CarlFKmithro: even at quality 100, there are little dots floating around.  seems odd.18:26
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CarlFKmithro:  xfxf: is there a doc for listing what equipment each of us are bringing ?20:45
cr1901_modernM1thro's gonna have a nice backlog when he gets back XD20:47
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xfxfCarlFK: we already have most of what we need, only have asked for minimal additions.  be good to have a doc though, feel free to create one + link to trello22:59
xfxfdeeprave will be bringing an extra xa2022:59
CarlFKxfxf:  I would rather you or mithro manage the permissions - otherwise I'll just create my own local text file23:00
xfxfokay, message me what you're intending on bringing then23:01
xfxfCarlFK: i already bought a bunch of live-equipment grade HDMI cables, but certainly more wouldn't hurt i'll happily grab 10x of those $1 cables23:02
CarlFKI should bring my Atlys' board, right ?23:02
xfxfwe'll have more than enough Opsis's, but it won't hurt23:02
xfxfeven if because I'm yet to actually receive the Opsis's23:03
CarlFKare you sure they will arrive in time?23:03
xfxfi *should* early next week, but having backups is sane23:03
CarlFKI leave for CA in 24 hours.. so need to figure it out now23:03
CarlFKso I'll bring it23:03
xfxfyeah, bring that for sure23:03
xfxfand the tags i ordered23:03
xfxfif you have spare external HDD's they probably won't hurt to have23:03
CarlFKtags are at mom's house.  moms dog chewed on the box - LOL!!!23:04
xfxfnot sure if anything else is needed23:04
xfxfoh dear lol23:04
xfxfhopefully tags are OK - i'm probably bringing like ~70 bits of equipment to LCA hence tagging everything23:04
CarlFKthey are fine - just teeth marks on the box23:05

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