Saturday, 2016-01-02

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mithroxfxf: ping?05:20
xfxfMiguel: pong, sort of - in 15 mins I'm driving back to Melbourne and won't have a phone06:04
mithroxfxf: back from where?06:05
xfxfwoo phone06:05
mithroAhh, okay06:05
mithroI hope you haven't moved06:05
xfxfBut I'm intending on working on some of the LCA stuff tomorrow arvo06:05
xfxfHaha. I can't see myself ever moving back to Adelaide06:05
xfxfEnjoy visiting, that's enough :)06:06
mithroxfxf: no - I just got like 10 packages sent to the address I had for you06:06
xfxfwhat postcode was the address?06:06
xfxfBecause I did move a year ago06:06
mithroUpper Ferntree Gully, 315606:06
xfxfAh, good, current one06:07
xfxfWhat'd you send?06:07
mithrosee other email06:09
mithroxfxf: did you have a tracking number of the package to florent?06:09
xfxfI will back in Melbourne06:10
xfxfI gtg - talk tomorrow06:11
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