Wednesday, 2015-12-30

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mithrohey tija06:32
tijamithro: Hey How are you?06:42
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mithrotija: busy07:07
tijamithro: haha! I knew.08:06
mithroOpsis boards have started production so I'm dealing with issues related to that...08:09
mithroxfxf: Camera + Case received08:51
mithroxfxf: one the HV30 from eBay also turned up08:51
xfxfrad.  bring it with you to LCA, i won't need it until then at the absolute earliest08:52
mithroxfxf: The case has some positives and negatives08:52
mithroxfxf: One primary negative is that it doesn't actually prevent spills from getting into the case08:53
xfxfwell, most won't, they'll have holes for air given it's a small case08:53
xfxfcould you look at trying to print a 3d case for it, given you have a printer + there are existing mini ITX designs available?08:54
mithroxfxf: The power supply thingy inside doesn't add much either08:54
xfxfi'll ask around to see if i can find somebody to help, but i can't guarantee it08:54
xfxfmithro: how do you mean it doesn't add much?08:54
mithroxfxf: The opsis could just take the power directly from what ever plugs into that08:54
mithroIE it just needs 12V08:55
xfxfi'll need to know where to order reliable power sources though, i've had bad experiences buying power supplies off ebay08:55
xfxfyeah i know that, but i'm dubious on ebay quality08:55
mithroThat power supply provides 3V3 and 5V, etc08:55
xfxfyeah, nod, it's meant to power standard ATX boards08:56
xfxfmy understanding is the opsis has a ATX power connector08:56
mithroIt has a 12V PCI-E header08:56
xfxffor powering other things, or being powered?08:57
mithrobeing powered08:57
xfxfso what do you recommend we do regarding cases.  i'm not comfortable making calls on the hardware on my own given this is all new08:58
mithroxfxf: well, I haven't had much luck with people designing cases for me08:59
mithroxfxf: it's much harder then it seems at first08:59
mithroxfxf: but the 3d printed cases for the miniSpartan6+'s I have are awesome08:59
mithroxfxf ->
mithroxfxf: that is much smaller though09:01
mithroxfxf: Power supply quality doesn't matter all that much - it just needs to provide somewhere in the vicinity of 12V (IE things should still work if it was providing 9V or 14V)09:02
xfxfoh those 3d printed cases are cool09:11
xfxfyeah the problem is all of the cases without PSU's i looked up are about $100 AUD ea by the time they get here09:11
xfxfthen plus a power supply09:11
xfxfplus previous comment too about those existing cases being big and bulky and not something i'd take on a plane with me or to a user group09:12
xfxfre the PSU09:12
xfxfi'm not clear on the barrel size, polarity, etc09:12
xfxfcan you provide those specs?09:12
xfxfi'll try to find a bunch now to order09:12
mithroxfxf: I recommend ordering inline brick style rather than wall-wart style09:15
xfxfi'd agree with that09:16
xfxfi've just had wonderful experiences with ebay adapters blowing up out of nowhere09:16
xfxfbut get me the specs and i'll figure it out - '12v barrel' is insufficient09:16
mithroxfxf: this style ->
xfxfyep, nod09:16
xfxfmithro: those style are geared for much higher watts/amps09:22
xfxfmithro: i assume the device won't care if >1a is supplied?09:22
xfxfcurious, why are you against wall warts again?09:36
xfxf(it's what the twinpacts use)09:36
xfxfmithro: any answer on polarity + size of barrel size?09:49
xfxf(i'm downloading kicad now to see if i can figure it out, but if you know, would be helpful)09:49
xfxfmithro: what's the 'do not populate' Conference 12V all about in the power diagram?09:56
xfxfmithro: the hardware schematic doesn't seem to say a part number, only 'barrel_jack'; from that should I assume you're not sure what the polarity/barrel size is as it's up to the manufacturer?10:01
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CarlFKxfxf: twinpact ps is inline.16:54
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