Wednesday, 2015-12-23

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CarlFKmithro: pattern -> encoder q85 -> mplayer shows the "column of dots" that I often see in places I don't expect it05:49
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mithroysionneau: ping?11:49
ysionneaumithro: pong!11:53
mithroysionneau: did you see my email?11:53
ysionneauyes, thanks for the explanations11:53
ysionneauthose days I have very few time to work on anything...11:54
ysionneauI'm in a pretty bad situation on several regards...11:54
ysionneauI've given a bit of thoughts on your point 1°) however11:54
ysionneauI can see 2 solutions11:54
ysionneau1°) make the fx2 fw toggle some pin when booting so that the lm32 code can know it has booted and can stop the bootloading process11:55
ysionneau2°) just assume in the lm32 code that when the fx2 has requested the last byte of data, we stop11:55
mithroysionneau: if you can get a moment to reply with some more details on how to replicated your slave set up - I'll give try and see if the third thing works or not11:55
mithroysionneau: one thing I think I also identified was - your code only deals with 8 bit addresses right?11:57
ysionneauthe I2C addresses ?11:58
mithroEEPROM addresses11:58
ysionneaufor the fx2 loader, it needs to handle 2 bytes addresses, and that's what it does11:58
ysionneausince the fw is 16 kB size11:58
ysionneauit could'nt have worked with only 1-byte address11:58
mithroysionneau: oh - I must have misread11:58
mithroysionneau: can if you can fit the firmware in 256 bytes :P11:59
ysionneauyep, but so far I only tested with big firmwares11:59
ysionneauand I think the fx2 will anyway issue 2 bytes addresses11:59
mithroysionneau: it depends on the address of the EEPROM11:59
mithroWith address 000 it will use 1 byte, with 001 it will use 2 byte12:00
ysionneau < that's where I load the 2 bytes address12:00
tpbTitle: i2cslave/main.c at shift_register_complex · fallen/i2cslave · GitHub (at
ysionneauah I didn't test with the other eeprom address12:00
ysionneau12:52 <@mithro> ysionneau: if you can get a moment to reply with some more details on how to replicated your slave set up < the setup I used to validate that my code work ?12:01
mithroysionneau: yeah - you where using the pipstrello connected to the FX2 dev board and an analyzer or something?12:02
ysionneauyes exactly12:02
mithroysionneau: how did you write them together?12:03
ysionneauI used the SCL and SDA pins on the fx2 board12:03
ysionneauconnected those to
tpbTitle: i2cslave/ at shift_register_complex · fallen/i2cslave · GitHub (at
ysionneauwhich are C14 and c15 of the pipistrello if I'm not mistaking12:04
ysionneauI added some 2k pull-up resistor on a breadboard12:05
ysionneauon the sda and scl lines12:05
ysionneauand I just boot the pipistrello with the i2cslave design before booting the fx212:05
mithroyou also had a bunch of debugging lines?12:06
ysionneaudepends on what I was testing for12:06
ysionneaubut lastly I was just dumping the SDA / SCL lines12:06
ysionneauby adding 2 wires on the breadboard and connecting those to the logic analyzer12:06
ysionneaualso, I didn't want to unsolder the EEPROM chip on the fx2 board, so I removed the jumper which handles eeprom address12:07
ysionneauthe one with J2 marking12:07
ysionneauit's a bit hackish because it makes the eeprom have the same address as the virtual fpga eeprom, but since the onboard eeprom is empty, it will always answer 0xFF which is a loser in I2C protocol12:09
ysionneauthe best would be to unsolder the eeprom chip to make sure it doesn't say anything12:09
ysionneaubut I'm not very gifted with soldering, not telling about unsoldering :)12:10
ysionneauto check the fx2 was indeed booting the fw, in the fx2 fw I've put some led blinking (or lighting I don't remember)12:10
ysionneauyou can wire an LED to the PA0 pin of the fx2 board to see if it boots12:11
ysionneauan LED or a scope of a logic analyzer etc12:11
ysionneau+ I obviously connected GND from the two boards (fx2 and pipistrello) together12:11
ysionneauif you need more info I can send you a mail, but that would be during the week-end I think12:15
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