Monday, 2015-12-21

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mithroysionneau: Are you around at all? I'm guessing you are asleep..00:57
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tpbTitle: Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free. (at
shenkimithro: ping03:38
shenkimithro: should you have the persons name on the form?03:38
shenkiand/or email03:38
mithroshenki: They should be collected as part of the response automatically03:38
shenkimithro: cool03:38
mithroshenki: fill it out and I'll see :P03:39
mithroshenki: hrm - maybe not...03:39
mithroshenki: can you see if you can edit your response? :P03:41
shenkimithro: i have stuff on in the first half of the week03:42
shenkiso i'll come for the second half03:42
mithroshenki: okay03:42
apsmithro: Hi. I guess there's no sponsorship for non-students to attend LCA?05:04
mithroaps: There isn't really any sponsorship this year, except "Tim's bank account"05:05
apsI guess I can help remote too. Let's make a list of DevOpsy and Pythony tasks :P05:07
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travis-ci[mithro/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/opsis-shipping#56] (d11c9e9): The build passed. (
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ysionneaumithro: I'm online for a few minutes08:25
shenkihrm found a bug09:40
shenkithe whole show froze09:40
shenkiwhen someone kicked out the power supply09:42
mithroysionneau: I've been trying to integrate your I2C stuff and ran into a problem - I'm not sure what the best solution is yet09:51
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shenkimithro: what does this mean:10:00
shenkiHDMI2USB>debug edid port has no EDID capabilities10:00
mithroshenki: look at the code?10:00
shenkimithro: oh. we only do edid debugging on the output ports10:04
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ysionneaumithro: maybe drop me an email?10:04
mithroshenki: Really its more "debug edid dumping" or something10:05
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shenkimithro: ok10:10
shenkimithro: mplayer says we're at 15fps10:10
shenkimithro: is that true?10:10
mithroshenki: not really10:10
mithroshenki: I haven't merged all the work I've done in fixing up the fx2 firmware yet10:11
shenkiwe need to do a better job at telling the user when the resoulution is out of supported ranges10:11
shenkii just plugged a gopro in10:11
shenki[email protected]10:11
shenkiand it reported a strange reslution10:11
shenkiand just didn't work10:11
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xfxfshenki: hi, mithro has requested i poke you about the vizzini serial driver for hdmi2usb :)11:24
xfxfstill having headaches with it, can't read from it at all using pyserial or minicom11:25
xfxfcan write to it fine, though11:25
xfxfi believe mithro is heading home to attempt with his board but apparently you may know more?11:26
xfxfmithro: may as well continue in here instead of private message - pyserial comes with an example wx-based terminal, that doesn't work either11:27
xfxfflterm works fine though11:27
xfxf115200,8,N,1, rtscts = False, dsrdtr = False11:28
xfxfmithro: is it insane me trying to install the windows drivers for the XR21V14101 and trying the script there?11:30
xfxfin theory it's cross platform, given python/pyserial/wx11:30
mithrobtw you need to be super careful about having Opsis and Atlys boards together - the power plug is the same size and the 12V the Opsis uses will fry the Atlys11:31
xfxfthat's... good information to know, thanks!11:31
xfxf(watch me blow one up in a month)11:31
mithroI believe that is why _florent_ no longer has a working Atlys board11:32
mithroshenki: I was hoping that the cr guy was going to work on that11:32
mithroshenki: the first step is getting better frequency counters11:33
xfxfmithro: plugged it into my windows machine, windows 10 already had drivers for the UART, opened up putty, connected to the com port, working fine11:44
xfxfmithro: okay, there seems to be a genuine issue with the getOutput() function in your version of the script, but i'm getting a lot further with this plugged into a windows box12:17
xfxflike, if i comment out any getOutput() lines, i'm now able to control the HDMI2USB fine from windows12:18
xfxfif i do that on linux, nothing still happens12:18
mithroxfxf: I'm just not getting anything back from the serial port at all12:19
xfxfyeah, the driver on linux definitely seems to be buggy12:19
mithroser.inWaiting() never returns anything > 012:19
xfxfthe example i'm looking at uses in_waiting12:20
xfxfis that the same method?12:20
xfxfnope, nm, i'll report when i have something useful12:22
mithroxfxf: well I need to sleep12:33
xfxfmithro: no worries, ta for the help12:33
mithroxfxf: you can continue development with windows - but it means you can't do the gstreamer side?12:34
xfxfthat's correct12:34
xfxfbut at least i can do something12:34
xfxfnot sure if you/shenki could look at the drivers in the next few days?12:34
xfxfi'll have a bit of time after xmas, will be in adelaide, like there's anything else to do there ;)12:35
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mithroxfxf: Go poke shenki in person is something you can do in Adelaide ;)12:42
xfxfsomething tells me the last thing he wants on his holiday break is to be poked by me asking him to do things :)12:43
shenkimithro: okay13:02
shenkixfxf: which driver are you using?13:02
xfxf21:46:20 <xfxf> [email protected]:~/voctomix/example-scripts/gstreamer$ dpkg --list|grep vizz13:02
xfxf21:46:20 <xfxf> ii  vizzini-dkms                                  1.0.0-5~ppa3~ubuntu14.04                   all          Kernel driver for Exar XR21V1414 USB UART13:02
xfxfmithro asked me to uninstall/reinstall that package, did that, no difference13:07
xfxfflterm works, nothing else seems to, hangs when trying to read from the port13:07
xfxfi seem to be able to write to it no problems using pyserial though (have a basic script where i push a button, it sends commands to the device to change input)13:07
xfxfand as per above, i've just plugged the device into my windows machine where i now seem to be able to read/write to it fine13:08
xfxfso something def funky going on with the driver13:08
shenkiit's a pos13:09
shenkithat source package doesn't appear to indicate what version it came from13:10
shenkixfxf: do you know where the bug is that tracks this stuff?13:13
xfxfyou mean the bug against this issue in the hdmi2usb repo?13:14
tpbTitle: #804350 - ITP: vizzini -- Kernel driver for Exar XR21V1414 USB UART - Debian Bug report logs (at
xfxfi'm not sure there is one, want me to create one?13:14
xfxfi mention it in #41 as a blocker but that's hardly a dedicated issue13:15
tpbTitle: Git - exar-uart-driver.git/summary (at
xfxfis that worth trying?13:16
shenkibut it wont work13:16
shenkii have a patch that makes it work13:16
shenkitrying to find where i put it13:16
shenkiok, here it is
tpbTitle: shenki/linux at vizzini · GitHub (at
shenkithat's a kernel tree13:19
xfxfi started creating a bug against the hdmi2usb-misoc-firmware but that's probably a poor place to put it given the README links to your repo as the source13:19
shenkii will make a dkms module for us13:19
xfxfright, ta13:20
shenkiwell, -misoc-firmware downloads and installs that deb13:20
tumbleweedshenki: have you sent the patch to bwh?13:20
shenkitumbleweed: no. that's what i'll do now13:20
shenkiafter i test it again. i think it worked13:20
xfxfshenki: okay, so it is a suitable place for a bug?  just don't want to confuse anybody more than required13:20
shenkii thought we had to make a change to the generic code to get it working, but it appears that's wrong13:20
shenkixfxf: even if it's just a pointer, so i don't lose my fixes later13:21
xfxfyeah, no worries13:21
tpbTitle: vizzini driver (Atlys) for Exar XR21V1414 USB UART is not reliable · Issue #146 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
xfxfif that's technically erroneous, feel free to edit13:23
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shenkilgtm, thanks13:29
xfxfnp, ta for looking into this13:30
shenkino worries13:32
shenkiDate:   Sun Nov 15 17:30:19 201513:32
shenkithat patch has been laying around for a while, it's good to get it out there13:33
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xfxfmithro: i discovered by accident last night that the hdmi2usb video capture actually works on windows, but with two caveats21:48
xfxfone, it shows as no driver installed, but AMCap (software bundled with many webcams) seems to not care and allow it to be selected21:48
xfxfand two, it's always reporting as 1024x768, so that's the only res that works - if i set it to 720p then i see nothing in AMCap21:48
xfxfactually, nope, 720p works, i just had to go to the camera settings and set it to that21:49
xfxflocked to 15fps though, but assuming due to earlier identified firmware bug21:53
CarlFKxfxf: how far did you get with voc?21:57
xfxfCarlFK: i have input coming from usb2hdmi now, but it's exceeding cpu significantly on my laptop21:58
xfxfi have a feeling vocto is going to require a desktop PC for the core21:58
CarlFKcan we make a git repo somewhere to collect this work?21:58
xfxfyeah, i already started21:58
xfxfthat said21:58
tpbTitle: 0bin - encrypted pastebin (at
xfxfuse that21:59
CarlFKum, wheres the repo?21:59
tpbTitle: xfxf/video-scripts · GitHub (at
xfxfit's not very organised yet21:59
xfxfalso you're the one who is supposed to be driving this side of things, not me :)22:00
CarlFKthat's fine - just check your stuff in22:00
xfxfyeah, will do, will hack on it more tonight22:00
xfxfi've got some half completed stuff on my windows machine at the moment - see above, only way i could get my computer talking to hdmi2usb's serial port properly with pyserial22:01
CarlFKdamm it22:01
CarlFKglad to see you are only 1/2 working on voct22:01
xfxfthis is so we can programatically have a script that puts the hdmi2usb into the right mode22:01
xfxfwe're not telling volunteers to go to the serial console directly22:01
CarlFKdc seems to have already solved that with a bash sript22:02
xfxfso as requested, could you please start putting a solution together?22:02
CarlFKand really I we should figure out the settings and have the be the default22:03
CarlFKdo you like the idea of having the firmware default to that ?22:04
xfxfif you're solving this problem, then that's your judgement22:05
xfxfif i am - which i'm doing - then i'd prefer the firmware is left as per upstream and we use something to poke it to the settings we want22:06
CarlFKtim seems against it, so im not going to push it22:07
xfxfi would prefer you are the one solving this :)22:08
tpbTitle: debconf-video/debconf-video - debconf-video pacakge (at
xfxfmultiple people taking responsibility for one thing = nobody responsible22:08
xfxfsure, random scripts don't help us get a repeatable process in place though, could you collect everything in a way that you can get a workflow operating, and then i can test/try to replicate here?22:09
CarlFKeverything, no.22:13
CarlFKI am not confidant in any of this working out22:14
xfxfi would appreciate you attempting?22:14
CarlFKand I don't want to spend a bunch of time on my own22:14
xfxfyou're not22:16
CarlFKI wanted to keep working on vocto, but I had no idea what you hand done.22:16
CarlFKwhen I hit a problem, I want someone to be around to talk to about it22:18
CarlFKand I want that person to be working on it too so there isn't the "whats going on?" catchup22:19
xfxfyou're genuinely confusing me, CarlFK, and to be open, i'm starting to get very erked22:20
xfxfi've communicated to you what i've done, i'm around here if you need to talk to me22:20
xfxfi genuinely don't understand why you're refusing to work on this22:20
CarlFKI dont understand why vocto isn't a higher priority22:26
xfxfthat's what i've spent most of my time on, yes.  you're in the same IRC rooms I am where I've been asking questions22:27
xfxfboth of us working on the same thing isn't going to work out particularly well, one of us needs to be doing this and touching base with updates periodically22:27
CarlFKI think it will work out better than no one working on it22:32
xfxfso I understand your perspective, can you spell out how exactly you want this to work?22:32
xfxfexactly how*, rather22:33
CarlFKlet me know when you can work on it, I'll very likely join you22:33
xfxfI don't think that's reasonable of workable given timezone differences. I'm more than. happy to componentise this down to smaller specific subtasks and we work on bits each and liase often, would you be happy to do that?22:47
CarlFKa few days ago you told me to write up docs/scripts on using dvswitch22:57
CarlFKthe a day latter said you had no intention of using dvswitch22:57
CarlFKthat sucks22:58
CarlFKright now it sounds like vocto needs more cpu than the lca machines have22:58
CarlFKI need to know if thats a real blocker and what the options are22:59
CarlFKwithin minutes of  when that issue is discovered,23:00
CarlFKnot hours or days later23:00
CarlFKgive me commit privs to
tpbTitle: xfxf/video-scripts · GitHub (at
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