Sunday, 2015-12-20

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xfxfany voctomix experts around?04:42
CarlFKI am sad.. I don't see a time stamp in the metadata of the file04:44
CarlFKnot a show stopper04:45
CarlFKand I may be missing something04:45
CarlFK5am in Berlin04:47
xfxfhmm, on launching voctocore on debian04:47
xfxfi'm getting04:47
xfxfGLib.Error: gst_parse_error: could not link intervideosrc0 to queue1 (3)04:48
CarlFKdid you add in the repo they use?04:53
xfxfsure did04:57
xfxfhave it running on ubuntu04:57
xfxfmanaged to get a v4l device coming in04:57
xfxfbut only see it in preview04:57
xfxfvideo card is just an intel, is that ok?04:57
CarlFKheck if I know...05:02
CarlFKxfxf: did you use the config.ini that drops the res?05:05
CarlFKI'm using intell too [email protected]:~/lca/voctomix$ lspci |grep VGA05:09
CarlFK00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)05:09
xfxfyeah i don't think i can progress anymore06:16
xfxfi'll wait until somebody is around to help06:16
xfxfand yes tried a few different ini configurations after poking through the code to see what they do06:16
CarlFKhows your ffmpeg?06:17
tpbTitle: voctomix/ at master · voc/voctomix · GitHub (at
CarlFKwondering if that should be putting a start time in the header06:17
xfxfi'm willing to bet yours is better than mine given you hack on veyepar more than i do06:18
xfxfoh i do have a patch for your SD recording regarding webm btw, i reckon you can half your target video bitrate for SD, it's about right for 720p tho06:19
xfxfbut, that's a different topic :)06:19
CarlFKswell.. more parameters to store somewhere :p06:20
xfxfyou were abstracting out HD/SD recording i thought with the seperate mlt files?06:20
xfxf(because you're gonna need that for LCA definitely - mix of HD and SD recording, latter being one room at least)06:21
CarlFKnot really06:21
CarlFKI think I just spit out 720 for everything06:21
xfxfi know, and it looks worse now06:22
xfxfi don't think you should be doing that06:22
CarlFKim not sure where to store that setting06:23
CarlFKim not even sure what that setting is06:23
xfxfthe setting is being able to encode to different bitrates/target resolutions per-room06:23
xfxfyou could also do it based off the metadata of the incoming file formats but that's much tricker, per-room would be absolutely sufficient06:24
CarlFKI get the concept for this case06:24
xfxfi'd just add new items on the room model06:24
CarlFKso for per room, thats the location table.  whats the field name?06:24
xfxfand your encode scripts either use a default, or use those06:24
CarlFKthose plural?06:24
xfxfit's been a while since i've done django, can you store a serialised dict into a column easily?06:25
xfxfor a json data type or something?06:25
xfxfotherwise it'll be ugly - webm_video_bitrate, webm_audio_bitrate, etc06:26
CarlFKoh.. that..06:26
xfxfactually, relational orm, just make another model that defines all of that06:26
xfxfand link to it from the room name06:26
xfxfoptional/nullable field06:26
CarlFKand the next show we will find we need it per talk06:27
xfxfno, i am willing to cut the line there, fuck that06:27
xfxfper room is fine06:27
CarlFKim happy with the line where it is.. per show.06:27
CarlFKthe vga room looks like crap.06:27
CarlFKof course it does.06:27
xfxfi'd like per room, i've been bitten by this before, i solved it by running 2x copies of veyepar, it was ugly06:27
xfxfokay, it doesn't just look like crap, it looks much crapper than before06:28
xfxfgo and look at something you've done in SD this year versus 2 years back :)06:28
xfxfon youtube, specifically06:28
CarlFKit's going to look different from the hd stuff06:28
xfxfof course it will, i just think it should look as good as it was before06:28
xfxfbecause upscaling to 720p and then giving it to youtube to retranscode makes it look garbage, honestly06:28
CarlFKwhen we get everything else working, come back to this06:29
xfxfand as much as i dislike SD we're still gonna be dealing with it for a bit06:29
CarlFKwhich will be about March06:29
xfxfwe need this for LCA...06:29
CarlFKit isn't a show stopper06:29
CarlFKthe hdmi2usb ->dv  looks better than the twinpact06:30
CarlFKno one will care or even know that it could have looked a little better06:30
CarlFKGLib.Error: gst_parse_error: could not link intervideosrc0 to queue1 (3)06:31
CarlFKis that where you are stuck with voc?06:31
CarlFKcuz you should put that sort of detail in your call for help06:31
CarlFK(12:42:22 AM) c_14: If yes, I don't think mpegts supports that.06:55
CarlFKwe can use the same filename thing just like always06:56
xfxfCarlFK: i need help on more than that07:11
xfxfand yeah just do filename, it's known, we know how to deal with it.  my intention is just to get HD working with the same amount of complexity than now, then we can make it more complex/do fancier things07:11
xfxfwhat i care about from your perspective is having a loop that lets you take video in from multiple video sources and have veyepar output a final HD encoded file from that07:13
xfxfyou'd appreciate making that happen contains hidden complexity in the full workflow07:13
xfxfwe've seen what happens when other teams rock up with a video recording solution that lets them do basic recording out to a file but haven't planned for how it'll work at scale :)07:14
CarlFKaccurate clocks and recording sheets07:15
CarlFKand someone in the room to note on the sheet when the talk started07:16
xfxfi think years of using a repeatable system has made you forget all of the intricate bits that make that actually work :)07:19
CarlFKNode last month brought that all back07:21
CarlFKthe school AV did 2 rooms, gave me files07:21
CarlFKnothing was consistent07:22
CarlFKsome had a dir called /Sunday Morning/07:22
CarlFKsome had /11:14/  (where I learned again that colons cause problmes)07:23
CarlFKthe screen grab was crap.  it put big black bars around all 4 sides07:25
xfxfnot surprised07:25
xfxfbeing the post-production crew for AV companies must seriously be the worst job07:25
xfxfgiven it's usually a separate team07:25
xfxfit's why i like the full loop and live mixing, it creates a feedback loop of actually giving a shit about quality during the event07:25
xfxfnot 'we'll just edit it later'07:25
CarlFKand at one talk, the schools AV display stuff went bonkers .. durring the vid the presenter turns around "what's going on with the screen?"07:26
CarlFKand that's when the screen recording file was cut into 12 files with 15 second gaps07:26
CarlFKlucky it was all static, so didn't matter!  it makes me laugh and cry at the same time07:27
CarlFKxfxf: have you seen
mithroVoctomix might be using custom versions of the inter elements - I'm unsure07:40
CarlFKseems to work for me with just wily repo07:42
xfxfyeah, it's loading for me fine on ubuntu 15.10 now, but not working on debian following their instructions, which is bizarre07:42
xfxfbut i'm not able to get two v4l devices into it and mix, but i may be misusing it07:43
xfxfi can infer how it works from looking at the scripts07:43
CarlFKxfxf: how did you do v4l?07:49
xfxfi modified the mjpg script07:49
xfxfbut as mentioned it's not really working properly07:49
xfxfjust used /dev/video0 instead of the ip:port07:49
CarlFKmjpg script07:50
CarlFKwhat mjpg script  ?07:50
CarlFKah.. source-mjpg-framegrabber.sh07:51
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CarlFKxfxf: how working is working?09:50
xfxfthat's all i did09:50
xfxfi am sure it needs more to actually be usable09:50
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CarlFKmithro: does the opsis have a 2nd usb out that could stream the same data?  (and then a pi + drive could capture it )11:06
mithroYes but it doesn't work yet11:07
mithroThere is a lot the board can do if we had software written11:08
xfxfmithro: i haven't used my hdmi2usb in about a month; i've just gone to build the firmware on a new laptop and i'm genuinely confused as to which repo i'm meant to be using11:08
xfxfgoogling 'hdmi2usb' seems to show a repo that hasn't been updated in a few months, i'd imagine that might confuse/mislead people11:09
xfxf(is the one i'm supposed to be using?)11:09
xfxfi'll assume yes - that's the last one i built iirc11:10
xfxfwe might want to get some clearer documentation around this for the opsis release11:12
mithroI will fix that after LCA11:12
xfxfi got a bit confused then and i've committed to the project ;)11:12
mithroThe Opsis stuff links elsewhere11:12
xfxfjust pointing it out as it's clear to me now - once i'm familiar with it again it won't be an evident problem11:12
mithroGah, I'm coming down with a cold :(12:06
xfxfmithro: why would v4l-info be telling me the hdmi2usb video capture width/height is 1024x768, when 'status' on the console tells me everything is set to 1280x720?12:12
xfxfmithro: and, ugh :(12:12
mithroxfxf: because I havn't merged the branch which fixes that12:12
xfxfokay, would that be causing the issues i'm reporting in #voc-lounge (namely ffmpeg not processing anything from /dev/video0)?12:13
mithrosorry, NFI12:15
mithroI haven't used ffmpeg with the HDMI2USB12:15
mithrogstreamer and mplayer both seem to be reasonably happy12:16
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xfxfmithro: do you have a link to the version of my script you altered to read from the device?12:30
xfxfthe local copy i have isn't even starting, i may have altered it12:31
mithroxfxf: no - check logs12:36
xfxfmithro: hmm the HDMI output of my hdmi2usb is flicking every so occasionally12:41
xfxfmight be the display itself, but i don't remember it doing that12:41
mithroxfxf: what setup are you using?12:41
xfxfgateware/firmware from default branch on repo as of 2 hours ago, inputs/outputs all set at [email protected], output0 going to my HDMI monitor, output1 disabled, input0 my video camera, input1 a laptop12:42
xfxfokay, i found your original script, indeed i'd changed it12:55
xfxfbut, i've never got it working12:55
xfxfthis just stops after "Initalising /dev/ttyVIZ0"12:55
xfxfmy older script that doesn't attempt to read from the device still works perfectly12:56
xfxfso i assume this is the same bug12:56
xfxfmy existing capture scripts don't seem to be working anymore13:06
xfxfthe current firmware/gateware definitely works?13:06 is showing me green13:07
xfxfokay, brick wall, getting nowhere. giving up13:15
xfxfno longer seem to get capture out of gstreamer anymore :/13:15
xfxfah, i think it's minor gstreamer changes (i upgraded ubuntu)13:21
xfxfi can get xv output working if i shove in a jpegdec in there, but not what i want for capture13:21
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