Monday, 2015-12-14

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shenkimithro: hello10:42
shenkimithro: thank you for the gift10:42
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mithroshenki: much harder to loose a hot pink thing :-)11:06
shenkimithro: :D11:06
shenkimithro: did you print that yourself?11:07
shenkiit came out well11:08
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tumbleweedmithro: FYI, booked for LCA - I'll arrive on the Monday before (or maybe the Sunday, depends if I visit family...)17:04
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CarlFKtumbleweed: where are you now?17:39
tumbleweedCarlFK: only just left SFO. Heading to SEA -> AMS -> CPT17:47
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mithrotumbleweed: make sure xfxf knows21:04
tumbleweedI guess he does now :)21:05
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mithrotumbleweed: the Monday before is the 25th21:53
mithroMaZderMind: ping?21:58
MaZderMindmithro: pong21:58
mithroMaZderMind: so it sounds like voctomix is going pretty well?21:58
MaZderMindit has its problems, most of them come from the still-broken inter*elements21:59
MaZderMindi started rewriting them22:00
MaZderMindbased on your work on the camp22:00
mithroMaZderMind: sounds like you've been pretty busy with work?22:00
MaZderMindI'm currently more of a consultant thing then a developer, which means sitting more time in meeting rooms than in front of a computer22:01
MaZderMindbut it's making its progress22:01
MaZderMindwe worked a lot on minor tickets: documentation, repo structure and stuff22:01
MaZderMindbetter GUI concepts22:01
mithroMaZderMind: do you have kind of a "roadmap" or something similar somewhere?22:02
MaZderMindbasicly nothing more then the github issues22:03
MaZderMindi might assign some of them to a 0.2 milestone22:03
MaZderMindi might actually do that now22:03
mithroMaZderMind: okay cool22:04
mithroMaZderMind: at the moment we'd love to try and use voctomix for LCA2015 - but we are making sure to have strong backup plans22:04
MaZderMindmithro: we will a complete hall on 32C3 with voctomix22:05
mithroMaZderMind: okay cool - you won't be at 32C3?22:05
MaZderMindno, unfortunately i'll be drunk under the christmas tree watching the livestreams22:06
MaZderMindor something in that direction22:06
mithroMaZderMind: :-)22:06
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