Thursday, 2015-12-03

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shenkimithro: does hdmi2ethernet currently work on the atlys?03:32
mithroshenki: define, "work"?03:33
shenkimithro: can i stream 1080p30 from a HDMI cable to a PC?03:36
mithroshenki: no03:36
shenkimithro: what are the details?03:36
mithroshenki: I think it brings up the ethernet04:05
mithroshenki: and the HDMI side should work04:05
mithroshenki: no idea about if anything comes out the ethernet port04:05
mithroshenki: no idea if works at all04:06
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/ at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Make the HDMI2Ethernet SoC stream proper RTP packets that can be received via gstreamer · Issue #23 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
shenkii will have a play04:16
mithroshenki: really the way it should work is that we have a "header buffer" and a "payload buffer"05:24
mithroshenki: we should generate the header in the C firmware probably05:24
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shenkimithro: ive got a friend who needs to get footage from a gopro into computer07:28
shenkimithro: so HDMI -> ?? is the way to go07:28
shenkimithro: with ethernet being the best for large frame and rate07:29
shenkimithro: what did i do wrong here?
mithroSee logs07:33
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
shenkithe i2c clocks are conflicting?07:37
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shenkicommit 4f9e1e1fc599d5333ff0df765450dba45f19ab8f07:38
shenkiAuthor: Yann Sionneau <[email protected]>07:38
shenkiDate:   Tue Dec 1 08:26:34 201507:38
shenkiAdd command to dump monitor EDID. Fixes issue #3507:38
shenkithat's the HEAD~1 commit07:38
shenkiand it fiddles with the i2c lines07:38
shenkiysionneau: ping07:39
shenkioh, did you mean irc logs? You have already pinged ysionneau about htis07:39
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ysionneaushenki: pong10:08
ysionneauyes I'll fix that today10:09
ysionneausorry for the regression10:09
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shenkiysionneau: hey! no worries10:15
shenkiysionneau: i was poking around; why did your change cause a bug?10:15
ysionneaubecause sda and scl pins are shared between hdmi in and hdmi out port10:16
ysionneauand I didn't see that10:16
shenkiah ok10:16
ysionneauand I uncommented the scl/sda pins from the hdmi_out port description because it was needed for my edid dumping stuff10:16
ysionneaubut the Xilinx toolchain didn't like very well my using twice the same balls of the BGA :)10:16
ysionneauso I guess I should just revert that the way it was before10:17
shenkiysionneau: what have you been working on?10:43
ysionneauthese last commit allow you to dump the EDID of the monitor connected to hdmi_out0/1 port10:44
ysionneauby just typing "debug edid 0" or "debug edid 1" in the console10:44
ysionneaubasically it's issue #3510:44
ysionneau(edid is retrieved via I2C)10:45
ysionneauand you shenki what cool stuff do you do? you are working on the minispartan6 port aren't you?10:45
_florent_ysionneau: this should fix the issue:10:50
tpbTitle: edid debug: some cleanup · timvideos/[email protected] · GitHub (at
ysionneauah thanks, sorry you had to do this10:51
shenkiysionneau: yeah, when mithro was over at my place we did some hacking on the minispartan10:58
shenkiysionneau: it's stalled as I can't find where I put my minispartan!10:58
ysionneauoh too bad10:58
shenkiysionneau: i've moved house since buying it, and it's in a box somewhere10:59
ysionneauI should receive mine today or tomorrow10:59
shenkii have a friend who is working on a project that could use the hdmi2ethernet functionality10:59
ysionneauIt's your wife or husband who is hiding it so that you don't spend time on it :)10:59
shenkiso i'm going to take a look at the state of that10:59
shenkiheh, my girlfriend, yes, she may have done that ;)10:59
shenkiysionneau: where are you from?11:00
shenkiAdelaide, Australia11:00
ysionneauheh, irc packets are going a long way11:00
shenkiindeed :)11:01
shenkiwhat timezone is paris?11:01
ysionneauUTC+1 now11:02
ysionneauin spring it's +211:02
shenkimidday then11:03
ysionneauyep exactly11:03
ysionneauAustralia has several timezones, right?11:03
shenkiyeah, we have three11:03
shenkieastern, central and western time11:03
* ysionneau not used to that11:03
shenkiI'm ACDT +10.511:03
shenkimithro is at +11 iirc11:03
ysionneauabout the build issue, I think _florent_ fixed it, so you can try again11:04
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at
shenkicool. i will grab it in a sec11:05
mithroysionneau: it's mostly _florent_'s fault for merging a pull request with a travis failing :P11:13
mithroysionneau: you don't have the full travis setup on your repo11:14
ysionneauah that might explain, because I remember seeing the pull request going all green :'11:14
ysionneauI should add some hook?11:14
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ysionneaumithro shenki _florent_ : I just received the miniSpartan6+ o/13:31
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travis-ci[timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/master#306] (480cd42): The build has errored. (
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