Tuesday, 2015-11-24

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rohitksingh@mithro: Happy B'Day! :) Have an awesome day!04:47
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ysionneaumithro: happy bday! I think you're right about the simulation / unit testing approach.11:32
xfxfmithro: indeed, happy birthday11:45
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_florent_mithro: happy birthday :)15:46
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mithroysionneau: BTW, did you get your miniSpartan6+?22:11
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ysionneaumithro: not yet22:32
ysionneauI received the shipping email yesterday22:33
ysionneauit's in Los Angeles right now, according to tracking22:33
shenkii think it would be quicker to buy a newone than find mine22:37
ysionneauheading to bed22:41
mithroshenki: ha, maybe. Having two isn't a bad idea.23:21
mithroThanks for the birthday wishes everyone! Best birthday present is pull requests ;-)23:23
mithroshenki: any chance to look into upstreaming the exart stuff?23:26
shenkimithro: i'll take a look today23:28
shenkimithro: i'll need something relaxing after revewing this... suboptimal code ive spent my morning on23:29
mithroAwesome. I forget where we got up too?23:29
mithroSomething to do with the pl something hack...23:29

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