Sunday, 2015-11-22

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mithroCarlFK: Does "smartparse" parse that?00:14
CarlFKmithro: what is smartparse?00:15
CarlFKwhere do I get datetime_tz ?00:18
CarlFKpip install python-datetime-tz00:25
mithroCarlFK: sure00:32
mithroI'm just getting on a plane00:32
mithrowill be back in about ~3 hours00:32
CarlFK>>> datetime_tz.datetime_tz.smartparse("UTC 2015-11-14 02:42:41")00:34
CarlFKValueError: Unknown string format00:35
CarlFKgot it.  >>> datetime_tz.datetime_tz.smartparse("2015-11-14 02:42:41 UTC")00:36
CarlFKdatetime_tz(2015, 11, 14, 2, 42, 41, tzinfo=<UTC>)00:36
CarlFKhave a good flight00:37
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tumbleweedCarlFK: ooh, that's a beauty04:20
tumbleweedCarlFK: dateutil.parse - that thing is magic04:21
CarlFKtumbleweed: know anything about writing gstreamer python code?04:23
CarlFK(09:01:52 PM) thaytan: CarlFK, run your gst-launch line with '-t' to show the tags that are being emitted04:23
CarlFK(09:02:41 PM) CarlFK: FOUND TAG      : found by element "autovideosink0-actual-sink-xvimage".          datetime: 2015-11-14 02:42:41 (UTC)04:23
CarlFK(09:06:07 PM) thaytan: CarlFK, In an app, the tags arrive as messages on the bus to your app04:23
CarlFK(10:13:01 PM) thaytan: CarlFK, you can see the tags using gst-launch as you have04:24
CarlFK(10:13:14 PM) thaytan: but to interact with them or draw them as an overlay, you'll need some code04:24
CarlFKI want that time stamp rendered on the previews04:24
tumbleweedno expenience in that (phew) :)04:25
tumbleweedI take it you got the hard drive, then04:25
* CarlFK crys04:26
CarlFK2 of them...04:26
tumbleweedwith what on them?04:27
CarlFKrsync... usb1/Sunday Afternoon GFX/Clip1ATK725.mov04:27
CarlFK100,413,616,175 100%   64.75MB/s    0:24:39 (xfr#36, to-chk=8/57)04:27
CarlFKgreat big files.  (most are only 30 gig)04:27
tumbleweeddoes that mean they cut between talks?04:28
CarlFKi think so04:29
CarlFKthe 1080i camera footage started out wide so I could see the plenary room's screen.  the .. content.. was also in the middle of the screen with the same unused space around it like that image04:30
tumbleweedso, they knew what they were doing :P04:31
CarlFKat least I can decode the video04:36
CarlFKSaturday Morning GFX$ mediainfo Clip1ATK653.mov04:39
CarlFKFile size                                : 63.8 GiB04:39
CarlFKDuration                                 : 1h 15mn04:39
CarlFKEncoded date                             : UTC 2015-11-14 02:42:4104:39
CarlFKWidth                                    : 1 280 pixels04:41
CarlFKso 720p... just like ours.. only 10x as big or something04:42
CarlFKsent 1,275,310,588,552 bytes  received 940 bytes  69,927,928.14 bytes/sec04:54
CarlFKtime says real    303m57.377s  user    92m9.973s sys     56m37.682s04:55
CarlFKthats like 5 hours!04:55
thaytanCarlFK, still considerably faster than real time :)04:59
thaytan70 MB/s or so05:00
thaytanwhat is it, 70-80 hours of footage?05:00
CarlFKlets see.. 7 hours on Sat, 6 hours on Sun.  x2 cuz one camera and one ... whatever they used to grab the projector feed05:01
CarlFKso 26 hours total from that drive05:02
CarlFKthe 7 and 6 are end - start time, so that includes lunch and breaks.05:03
thaytanwow, then that's quite a high bitrate for the footage05:06
thaytan109MBit/s, really??05:07
CarlFKBit rate                                 : 118 Mbps05:07
thaytanthat's... overkill05:07
thaytanI guess if it's intra-frame only for editing it's OK05:08
CarlFKthat's from the camera is 1080i. the frame grabber is 720p, but look at this!!!05:08
thaytanbluray @ 1080p maxes out at 54MBit/s05:08
CarlFKyeah, and black bars all around?!05:09
thaytanCarlFK, is that a HDMI @ 720p?05:09
thaytanfrom VGA I'd accept such blur05:09
CarlFKwell. I can't say for sure it is hdmi.  but I can say a mac laptop was plugged in05:09
CarlFKwho knows what ... /me crys.05:10
CarlFKbtw, that was all "the school has HD recording equipment.  I'll send you the files"05:10
CarlFKhere is the the Atlys .. the oval is what I zoomed in on to show a problem05:11
thaytanmuch better, just some JPEG artifacts05:12
thaytanI'd suspect that's 720p through a VGA cable to the grabber05:12
thaytanthe blurry one05:12
CarlFKthats from the camera.  but it shows the area of the projector screen being used05:13
CarlFKwhich looks about the same as that image05:13
thaytanand yeah, looks like the Atlys has a horizontal off-by-one every 8 pixels or so?05:13
thaytanurk, and interlaced05:13
thaytan1080i should be banned ;)05:13
CarlFKyeah, there is lots of.. whats that artifact called?05:19
CarlFKhere we see interlaced and the presenter not talking into the mic and so the audio level drops considerably05:20
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CarlFKmithro: tested with unstable, no more bumps.08:24
CarlFKmithro: I don't mind promoting it to testing.  we can work on the procedure for that later.  I need to sleep and catch a plane to my mom's.10:18
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mithromorning everyone23:18
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