Saturday, 2015-11-21

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mithroCarlFK: ping?03:48
CarlFKmithro: pong03:48
mithroCarlFK: I have a job for you03:48
CarlFKwhat's up?03:49
mithroCarlFK: can you see if you can reliably reproduce the stuff in
CarlFKmithro: sure....03:51
CarlFKmithro: I see the same white bumps every ... looks like 8 rows.
CarlFKIs that what you are interested in?04:13
mithroCarlFK: yes, which firmware are you using to get that?06:48
CarlFKmithro: that was from last weekend, using testing.  mainly to confirm what I was trying to produce06:48
CarlFKmithro: did you want me to try with some other version?06:49
mithroCarlFK: can you try from the latest unstable - v0.0.0-465-g74f5a8f06:49
CarlFKmithro: ok.  will it make much difference if I do it in the next 30 min or in about 12 hours ?06:55
mithroCarlFK: no06:55
CarlFKk - 1am, about to head to bed06:56
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CarlFKtumbleweed: look at this great quality of the screen grab from schools system
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CarlFKmithro: how do I convert "UTC 2015-11-14 02:42:41" to chicago time (using your lib)22:11

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