Sunday, 2015-11-15

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jameshso it looks like voctomix's ControlServer class busy waits on the command queue: it has an idle handler that checks if anything has arrived04:44
jameshalso a bare try/except block04:51
tpbTitle: emqual/titan ยท GitHub (at
mithrojamesh: It's been a while since I've look at the voctomix code - MaZderMind is the expert on that here05:25
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Bertlmithro: thanks a bunch!14:28
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tpbTitle: Encoder PC [CCC VOC] (at
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mithroBertl: what is your thoughts on the Titan?14:54
CarlFKtumbleweed: neat14:54
tumbleweedor, of course,
Bertlmithro: it looks interesting, especially as the Lattice chips seem to get a lot of attention from the open source community14:57
mithroBertl: It would be nice for the FOSS community to write some better tools, because their proprietary toolchain are pretty bad even as  FPGA toolchains go14:58
Bertla friend of mine is doing project ICEstorm (you might know that one)14:59
tpbTitle: Project IceStorm (at
mithroBertl: ahh cool! I've been following the icestorm stuff15:01
Bertlso there are effords to address the 'proprietary toolchain problem'15:01
mithroBertl: yeah15:02
BertlI was hoping that Microsemi would decide to open up their bitstream documentation ... we had a discussion with them some time ago, but unfortunately they didn't make that happen15:02
Bertlit would have been the first FPGA company to allow for fully open source tools15:03
mithroit's kind of strange that they FPGA companies think it's some type of super secret sauce that makes their stuff awesome15:04
BertlI guess it is more a legal issue, they have probably copied a lot from eachother :)15:05
tumbleweedI'd assume mostly fear of the unknown. They invest a lot in their toolchains, and so they assume this gives them an advantage15:09
mithrotumbleweed: where their toolchains are actively a thing holding them back :-P15:10
Bertlespecially the Microsemi tools are really bad15:28
Bertl(the FPGAs are great though)15:29
tumbleweedCarlFK: shall I bring you coffee?15:39
CarlFKtumbleweed: yes please!15:39
* tumbleweed does so15:39
CarlFKwhy is my room filling up with people?15:52
CarlFKit must be my fascinating clock.15:53
tumbleweedso, our atlys stopped working overnight16:02
tumbleweedit was totally screwing up the picture16:02
tumbleweedbut responding to commands, and negotiating the modes16:02
tumbleweedhad to reflash to get it to behave16:03
tumbleweeds/reflash/cold reboot/16:03
CarlFKRay is sick so he and Brian are heading home16:04
tumbleweedour central projector's quality somehow got worse overnight :P16:07
CarlFKlol /me crys I don't care!!!16:09
tumbleweedyerp "This projector really is awful" is my response to the presenters16:09
tumbleweedCarlFK: while read; do date; done - that should mean some more useful times from me16:09
tumbleweedpoor AV tech next to me is trying to talk someone else through "seeing if it's recording"16:10
tumbleweed(over the phone)16:10
tumbleweedI have high hopes for your recorded video :P16:10
tumbleweedhe's got to the "turn it off and on again" point16:10
CarlFKoh.. my...16:11
tumbleweedoh, the thinkpad here is out of ntp sync16:11
CarlFKI am not sure who to root for16:11
tumbleweedyou aren't running an ntpd16:11
* tumbleweed quickly adds one16:11
CarlFKyeah sure16:12
tumbleweedah, you're safe, it was his church16:15
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CarlFKend testing.16:48
tumbleweedoh, did you have an empty slot?16:50
CarlFKno, the talk title  was "testing..." :)16:50
tumbleweedthis speaker wants to have the lights off16:59
CarlFKstart... a while ago...17:06
tumbleweedwelcome to my world :)17:08
CarlFKmy presenter is walking around, includig to the big lcd and touching it17:08
CarlFKoh right.. that means he was on the wrong side of the mic... oh well17:10
CarlFKhe has a strong voice, should be fine17:10
tumbleweedthis guy just decided to run into lunch :(17:37
CarlFKsee my comment in dc-video17:38
CarlFKtumbleweed: still running ?17:55
tumbleweedhe's said "I'm really about to end now" several times17:57
tumbleweedhis wife is sitting next to me, and looks like she'd like him to finish soon, too17:59
tumbleweednow she's standing up :P18:02
tumbleweedyay, we're done18:02
tumbleweedshe apologised on his behalf :)18:07
CarlFKtumbleweed: what is trist ip?18:11
CarlFKnm found it18:13
CarlFKso don't bother with that 20g thing18:13
CarlFKstarting... now19:01
tumbleweedurgh, this speaker walks around19:10
CarlFKturn the mic up till it feedback and tell him to stop walking around19:11
tumbleweedhe got a lavalier, specifically so he could do this19:12
tumbleweedI was hoping he'd forget19:12
tumbleweedooh, he's going to demo. That should keep him by his laptop19:14
tumbleweedanother walker19:51
tumbleweedI swear they get ideas from each other19:51
CarlFKmy talk is canceled :D20:01
tumbleweedI am falling asleep :(20:08
CarlFK  clock on node youtbe chan..   cuz I got auth now.20:09
CarlFKand the lap and cam are not in sync like I thought20:09
CarlFK2 or 3 secconds off20:09
CarlFKbut the red/black flip is in sync20:09
tumbleweedalso, you have an character set problem :)20:10
CarlFKthe 1024 size of your mkv causes the "find data to put here" on the side20:10
tumbleweedaudio operator is snoring20:12
tumbleweedso I guess it's not me, it's the talk20:12
tumbleweedcoffee time20:23
CarlFKme too please :_20:23
CarlFKstarting Test now20:47
tumbleweedpresenter just had trouble using mini-DP -> HDMI adaptor21:06
tumbleweedbut he also had a built-in HDMI port (that he said never works) that worked21:06
tumbleweedapparently there are both active and static DP->HDMI adaptors. Anyone seen this?21:06
tumbleweedI suspect mine are passive21:08
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CarlFKend text... now?21:12
CarlFKend text... now.21:15
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CarlFKstarting Native21:32
tumbleweedjust had another one where I had to cold reboot21:32
CarlFK[ 4838.666449] CPU2: Core temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 1)21:41
CarlFK[ 4838.667484] CPU2: Core temperature/speed normal21:41
CarlFKthats kinda quick...21:42
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tumbleweedacpi -V may tell you how hot it is21:47
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CarlFKend  Native... now?22:01
tumbleweedwe're done22:04
CarlFKmithro: ping22:23
CarlFKmithro: what the venue does with pattern
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