Saturday, 2015-11-14

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mithroWell, I'm in Adelaide for the next week and a bit04:44
mithroCarlFK: ping?04:47
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CarlFKmithro: pong05:19
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seaLnemithro: re fixed 4x marker is there some git way to get the new version or do i basically just copy it from
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-TOFE-kicad-template/libraries at for-kicad-4.0.0rc1-BZR-6188 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-TOFE-kicad-template · GitHub (at
mithroseaLne: should just be able to merge and fix conflicts12:04
seaLnemithro: merge iwth (or my fork)?12:11
tpbTitle: timvideos/HDMI2USB-TOFE-kicad-template · GitHub (at
seaLnes/or my fork/then to my fork/12:18
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mithroseaLne: merge the template13:27
mithroseaLne: I realize now that the library should probably be a submodule13:27
Bertlmithro: did you ever see a schematic/board design (or even gerbers) for the Titan FPGA board?14:25
mithroBertl: yes - they are up on GitHub14:25
mithroBertl: they are sadly done in Alitum14:25
Bertlokay, obviously I'm not even able to find that ...14:26
Bertlall I found on the c-e-s github are the extension boards14:26
tpbTitle: thesourcerer8/altium2kicad · GitHub (at
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CarlFKtumbleweed:   um... here!16:25
tumbleweedCarlFK: hi16:25
tumbleweedCarlFK: you said something about ntp fro your camera?16:26
tumbleweedoh, I've already lost some footage :P (first 2 mins - I double-tapped record, to mark the start, but it didn't start, and I only noticed later)16:26
CarlFKmy camera, not your camera :D16:26
CarlFKmaybe your camera.   sorry future me :p16:27
CarlFKstanding room only here16:28
tumbleweedyeah here too16:28
tumbleweedwith people at the back facing the rear projectors - it's fucking weird16:28
CarlFKmore weird: I put the condinser mic on stand near podium, drop xlr on floor around the side of the room into camera16:31
CarlFKheadphones into camera16:31
CarlFKI can hear great16:31
CarlFKI take the headphones off, can hardly hear him16:31
tumbleweedyour mics are good :P16:31
CarlFKthat pic makes my head hurt16:36
tumbleweedI love the guy in the middle facing forward16:37
CarlFKoh wow...16:38
CarlFKit's like Echer in real life16:38
tumbleweedCarlFK: are you going to try capture questions on the camera?16:48
tumbleweedI'm reckoning not worth it16:48
CarlFKyeah.. this one very quickly desolved into people millng about and making noise...  I might have gotten 1/2 of the question16:51
CarlFKthis presenter was hip to edit his talk later16:51
tumbleweednobody asked questions :)16:58
tumbleweedlooks like the atlys video is about 5G per talk16:59
CarlFKsounds about right17:01
CarlFKtumbleweed: do you have a cf card slot on your laptop?17:40
CarlFKright.. no recording mixer laptop, so no obvious machine for you to dump the camera files too17:40
tumbleweedCarlFK: I do :)18:37
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CarlFKstarting in... um.. don't forget to hit Record19:00
tumbleweedCarlFK: recording :)19:01
tumbleweedCarlFK: we started early19:01
tumbleweedalso, your SSD isn't big enough :P19:01
CarlFKI wonder if we can rsync over the wifi :D19:02
tumbleweedCarlFK: ah, because when I killed the record script earlier, it didn't kill the gst19:03
tumbleweedI forgot to check19:04
tumbleweedthe ghosting on the central screen here is just horrific19:05
tumbleweedand the speaker has "hi-res" slides19:05
tumbleweedgood luck to anyone reading any of it19:05
CarlFKI was noticing that19:05
CarlFKoh well19:05
tumbleweedCarlFK: try over the wifi if you want :P
CarlFKis that trist or you?19:09
tumbleweedI think I've got everything that matters to fit19:09
CarlFK     24,215,552   1%    1.77MB/s    0:14:1519:17
* tumbleweed renices your rsync19:17
tumbleweedI got all the morning talks on, btw19:18
CarlFKtumbleweed: let me know when you hit ^ and I'll rsync that file19:29
tumbleweedCarlFK: ack19:32
tumbleweedCarlFK: putting a sleep 0.5 after the gst-launch means you can kill recording with a double ctrl-c19:39
CarlFKgood idea19:51
tumbleweedCarlFK: ctrl-Ced20:15
tumbleweedCarlFK: but I can also bring them to you, on my laptop20:15
tumbleweedCarlFK: whoops, left the SD card with you20:40
* tumbleweed uses another one20:40
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CarlFKI need a veyepar bot21:15
CarlFKwait.. I think mithro has a bot... or something21:15
tumbleweedCarlFK: where should I be putting times?21:17
tumbleweedCarlFK: into ?21:17
tpbTitle: Log in | Django site admin (at
tpbTitle: veyepar - Show: Nodevember Nodevember15 (at
tpbTitle: veyepar: Eliminate Javascript Code Smells (at
CarlFKclick the first "show more"21:18
CarlFK"end" needs work21:19
CarlFKend really21:19
tumbleweedit has 571 in there21:20
tumbleweedwhat do I replace that with?21:20
tumbleweedoh, no, found it21:21
tumbleweedshow more, then show more again21:21
tumbleweedno, just actually the first noe21:22
tumbleweedfirst one21:22
CarlFKand I need a button or something to re-calc that "cut raw here" cuz it only sets that the first time and then doesn't step on it after that21:23
tumbleweedCarlFK: inputted21:34
CarlFKhow did you do "end"  datetime math in your head ?21:34
tumbleweedhead, trial and error, and ipython21:35
tumbleweedprobably needs tweaking21:38
CarlFKprobably need to never do this again21:43
CarlFKor my .save_pre() should check for duration/end is None and calc it based on the other21:48
CarlFKend trees21:58
tumbleweedCarlFK: what's your plan for leaving kit here?22:02
tumbleweedvenue guy says he'll leave stuff if we leave stuff :P22:02
CarlFKend trees really....22:03
CarlFKleave it all22:04
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